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    ASTROLOGY=STAR TALK Greek "astron" meaning star. And "logos" meaning word or speech

    Astrology Zodiac Man Wheel

    Using the information revealed by casting a horoscope Astrologers have been offering their knowledge for centuries. Today Astrology can help you in your life.


    On these pages you can.....



    AstrolabeUsing the age old techniques of medieval astrology a specific question can be answered, sometimes with shocking accuracy. This is called Horary astrology.»

    The very best way to start making use of Astrology is to have a one to one consultation with a professional Astrologer. Unless of course, you want to learn it for yourself!

    By means of both traditional methods and modern systems I can offer a full range of Astrological Services to suit your needs.


    Astrology ....

    More than a Sun Sign!


    Zodiac SignsAlmost everyone knows whether they are a Pisces or Taurus. What that means is that when you were born the Sun was in the zodiac constellation of Pisces or Taurus etc. covering a time period of about 30 days! Sun Sign Astrology, as we call it, found in the newspaper Horoscope columns, has only really been popular since 1930 in the western world.

    Modern Astrology evolved out of a revived interest during the late 19th Century in the Western world. Astrology had gone “underground” during the previous 200 years and many techniques and methods were forgotten. This renewed interest included the transpersonal planets, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto, as they were discovered, and later Chiron in the late 1970’s. The modern approach could be defined as Psycho-Spiritual which focuses on the application of Astrology to assist the personal & spiritual development of a person.

    Traditional Astrology has its roots in the ancient world when astrology and astronomy were the same science. Astronomical data has been found on clay tablets dating from around 3800BC and the first known personal horoscope was drawn up in 410BC. In these ancient times it enjoyed general acceptance, and was practiced by the Chaldeans, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and Arabs. It flourished in Europe during the 14th and 15th centuries. It was once termed Astromancy -- divination by the stars. Traditional methods are frequently used for predictive work and provide accurate readings for specific events.

    The 12 zodiac constellations (sun signs) that we are familiar with in the West, are attributed symbolism from the myths and archetypes of ancient Babylon, Egypt and Assyria, each one represents significant associations & personality characteristics for the astrologer.

    So, when you add to your personal astrological map, (your horoscope) the Sun (which is in fact the only true star used commonly in modern astrology) our Moon, the five 'traditional' planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn and the three modern planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Then also other minor and hypothetical bodies, the newly discovered 'planet' Chiron etc. each falling in a zodiac sign, you may well realise that your Sun sign is only the tip of the complex astrological iceberg!


    Calculating Your Personal Horoscope

    An astrological chart is calculated from the time and place of your birth. For other branches of Astrology, the "birth" time and place of the idea, event, question, country or organisation is used.

    Planet clockAlternative names for this map include astro-chart, natal chart, birth chart, celestial map, radical chart, radix, chart wheel, star-chart, sky-map, cosmogram, or simply "chart".

    Using the information revealed in this chart I can describe your personality & potential, spiritual path, life challenges, present trends, future influences and much more!

    To calculate an accurate chart it is necessary to know not only your date of birth but also the place, & specifically the time of birth.

    A chart can be drawn up for an unknown time but this will leave the more detailed analysis incomplete. The more information you want from your interpretation the more accurate the time of birth has to be.

    All is not lost though & there is still a vast amount to be gleaned even without the correct time.

    It is possible to have your unknown birth time calculated through a process of chart rectification. This process analyses significant events in your life until a satisfactory indication of the time of birth is achieved. This is a complex and specialised area of astrology but it may be worth considering if you intend to use astrology frequently or for precise timing of predictions.

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