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I hope that these pages provide an informative and enjoyable guide to Astrology in general as well as the services I offer.

There is an enormous amount of astrological information on the web if you search for it. Some of it is questionable or even misleading, but fortunately there are many dedicated astrologers, researchers and writers who have made a huge contribution for the serious student through their willingness to publish work on the internet. For many years I have found the internet a wonderful resource.

My own contributions can be found on my Blog: Cafe Kakabel »

Please use the comment facility at Cafe Kakabel to ask questions or give feedback. For Consultations, Reports or Horary questions please use the contact form on this site.

My Story.... so far!

Birth ChartThe study of Astrology has been a consistent thread running through what has been a diverse and sometimes disjointed adult life. Interested in everything from an early age I pursued several potential “careers” and I learned numerous practical and useful skills. But nothing I tried held my interest or challenged me long enough for me to become a fully qualified "something". More useful than anything else though, has been my experience of life’s ups and downs, the struggles and the joys, and seeing the variety of choices people make as they unravel their own destinies. Astrology has been the exception to all the possibilities I've sampled and subsequently discarded. So now, after 30 years I am still studying to become "an adept" in the art! 

Since 1995 I have lived in West Cork, Ireland. Over the last two decades I have gradually been developing my Astrological Consulting and Teaching practice. I offer personal, one to one and telephone readings as well as holding workshops, forums and classes. I write a regular Astrology column for a newspaper and occasionally other articles.

I'm truly grateful to the many inspiring teachers, friends and foes, who have helped me on my way.