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Personal Consultations

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Horoscope Readings

A horoscope chart is calculated from the time and place of your birth or the time and place of an event.

Using the information revealed I can describe your personality & potential, spiritual path, life challenges, present trends, future influences and much more! With so much to explore it may be most helpful to concentrate on one or two main areas and further appointments can be made for follow up sessions. You can decide what type of consultation you want.

When you contact me to make your first appointment I will need your birth data (and that of partner, child or other relevant person if they are to be included) so I can prepare & read the charts beforehand.

I'll want to discuss briefly your reason for wanting a consultation. This helps me to determine for which specific areas of life you need information i.e. relationship, life path, personal crisis etc. I find it helpful to gather some background information to provide at least a starting point for our consultation. My way of working is very intuitive & guided so it can often happen that I'll also focus on an area you may not have mentioned but which we discover is in fact of deeper significance!

If you are unfamiliar with Astrology and perhaps been led to believe in it as "fortune telling" you may expect that "all should be revealed" to you as a psychic would, without any prompting on your part! It is very possible to learn much from a chart with no prior knowledge of a person. But for you to get the most out of your reading you should be prepared for a two way dialogue. In the same way that when you visit a Doctor it's usual to describe some of the symptoms before being given a diagnosis and then discuss the possible remedies so it is with your chart reading. You can contribute to the quality of your experience!

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Our meeting at your appointment is your opportunity to gain a greater understanding of yourself through the interpretation of your unique Astrological blueprint. To calculate an accurate chart it is necessary to know not only your date of birth but also the place, & specifically the time of birth. A chart can be drawn up for an unknown time but this will leave the more detailed analysis incomplete. The more information you want from your interpretation the more accurate the time of birth has to be. All is not lost though & there is still a vast amount to be gleaned even without the correct time.


Asking a Specific Question

Asking a Horary question can give a very direct response. It is a very reliable tool and can be used to answer yes or no questions, describe the outcome of a matter, find lost items and give a strong indication of timing.

The chart is drawn up for the time (or birth) of the question. This is the time that you communicate it to the Astrologer rather than when you first think of consulting on the matter.

Horary chart interpretations can be given easily in a written email response, discussed over the phone or as part of a personal appointment.


Relationships & Compatability

Relationship Astrology is also known as synastry or compatability. The birth data of two (or sometimes a group of people or family) people is used. The relationship can be a business partnership as well as a lovers relationship. Charts of friends or family members can be considered. This type of reading is also used in business or group situations to assess the working relationships between people. In a relationship compatability reading the individual charts are read to see the dynamics between people, the attractive elements that pull you together and the challenges involved. In synastry it is very important to look at the individual charts to see what each persons relationship potential is in general. This is an in depth process which requires a full examination of both charts. The chart reading considers differing levels of communication, physical, emotional and intimacy needs. The need for autonomy and dependency patterns will be investigated. A combination chart can be cast to describe the nature of the relationship. The life phase, transits and progressions of individuals are examined for signs that this is an unsettled period where commitment is unlikely or if it's a time in life where something long term is sought. This in depth analysis of a relationship is helpful as part of a relationship counselling or reconciliation process. In this case it is preferable for both people to be involved. The relationship between a parent and child can also be investigated using synastry charts. This is often helpful when a parent is unsure about how best to guide and encourage a child when there seems to be a personality clash or breakdown in family relationships. For "young lovers" of any age, embarking on a new relationship a compatibility report may be a good first option. The synastry report will describe the traits of each person when in a relationship and the strengths and challenges between two people. Read more here

Guidance & Life Coaching

If you need to know which direction to take at this point in your life or want to understand more about your soul's journey and purpose and how it blends with your personal resources and talents, then a study of your chart might be enlightening!

Knowing your strengths & weaknesses and learning how to address your personal challenges is very empowering. By studying the astrological patterns which create stress and adversity in our lives we can learn that these experiences are given to highlight those aspects of character which need to be developed in order that we become a more whole & integrated being. Through understanding that we are not a victim to negative planetary influences or outside forces we can begin to express our true self more positively and experience a greater sense of purpose & fulfilment.

With the help of the astrological knowledge given in the chart we will look at the current phases and lifecycles of change and growth. Along with a review of your past and a preview of possible future trends we establish a greater sense of your personal & spiritual development.


Making an Appointment

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Please contact me using the contact form. I can then respond by phone or email to discuss your needs.

If you want to book any type of Astrological consultation or printed report I will need to have in advance: Your birth date, day/month/year format (to avoid confusion over USA & European dates) The name of the place you were born, town & country, if this was in a rural district then the nearest town must be given. The time you were born, to the nearest minute. If you don't know the time please try to get some clues, e.g. day or night, after lunch, during "the match" etc.

Appointments usually need to be arranged several days in advance and at busy times you may expect to wait at least two weeks. If the matter is particularly urgent I will see you at the earliest opportunity. I do try to arrange times to suit working people and those who have to make childcare arrangements etc. Your appointment can be arranged for evenings or a Sunday as well as weekdays.

Personal Appointments

I work from my home in a beautiful, relaxed and tranquil environment only a 30 minute drive from Bantry, West Cork.

To respect your privacy the appointment time is always given to allow any previous client time to leave before your arrival. For this reason please do not be late, or early! If you do have to cancel then allow me 24hrs notice or I may charge you a cancellation fee. I will always have paper & pen for you to make notes and you are welcome to bring a small dictation type of recording device for your own use during a consultation.

You will also receive an A4 booklet which includes your chart, details of your Horoscope and other relevant information relating to your reading. This will help to remind you of the issues we discussed as well as provide a lifelong personal astrological resource. The reading will take about 1.5 hours.

Phone & Skype Appointments

Phone or skype consultations are suitable for personal readings on any matter as well as for Horary questions. I will expect to have your payment confirmed in advance. You can pay online by credit card. I can then agree a suitable time to make the call. All the necessary charts are prepared beforehand and I send them by email in after our appointment. A reading by phone or skype takes 1 hour.

You make the call and pay your own call charges.

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