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Your Questions, Answered.....

Horary is a branch of Traditional Astrology that addresses a specific question and in most cases, gives a definite answer. This is a very useful and practical form of Astrology which doesn't require your birth details.

It differs from a Natal or Birth chart reading because the time used to calculate the chart is taken at the moment when the question is asked or clarified and understood by the Astrologer. This becomes the "birth" time for the chart.

A study of the Horary chart will usually provide a "yes" or "no" answer. In addition it will often give background details to the issue asked about and an indication of the events most likely to unfold.

Example Horary Questions:

Example Horary Questions:
Will he marry me?
Will I get the job?
Will the house sale go through?
Is moving to France going to work out for me?
Where are my keys?
Should I sign the contract?
Does she want to commit to a serious relationship?
Is my son safe?
Am I going to lose my job?
Is the price too high?
Is my Aunts health going to improve?
Will we get back together?
Where is the cat?
Should I buy this property?
Where is my missing daughter?
Should I invest in this business?

Some questions are not suitable for Horary readings.

For example:

What should I do as a career? This is best looked at in your Birth Chart

Will I be a success? This is too general; you need to define “success”

Should I go to China or to the USA?  This is two questions so a preference must be given or it will require two charts.

Please ask me if you are not sure how to ask your question.

Very occasionally there are other reasons why a Horary question can’t be answered and this is shown by the chart. In these instances I will let you know that I am unable to answer your question and you can choose to take a refund or ask a different question.


What Horary Astrology can or can’t do Armarillary

A Horary chart gives information that relates to a specific issue that is of sincere concern to the querent (person asking the question). It doesn’t take away your responsibility to deal with the important issues in your life but it does give the opportunity to access unbiased counsel.

The chart will frequently give a definitive “yes” or “no” answer to the matter enquired about.

Horary Astrology does not give general advice on life direction, spiritual path or future trends. A Birth chart reading is more appropriate for these topics.

The quality of the information obtained from the Horary chart is dependent on the quality of the question asked. A sincere question regarding issues or circumstances which are of great importance to the querent offers the best result.

Horary is most suited to situations where the answer or outcome has a genuine significance or impact on the life of the querent or those asked about.

Casting a Horary chart should be undertaken when there is a real need for advice or guidance on an issue. A good indication is when the querent finds it difficult to focus on other matters, needs to move on, feels stuck in a situation or is in some kind of anguish over the issue. It is tempting, out of impatience or curiosity, to want to know answers or outcomes to all manner of situation. A frivolous or superficial interest or one which amounts to prying into someone else’s business will not yield a satisfactory result. For example: what is my ex partner doing now? Also the Horary chart will often show the misplaced intentions of the querent rather than answer the question.

The person who requests a Horary chart reading should do so with a willingness to receive an answer that may not be their preferred outcome.

Horary readings will often yield a detailed description of the circumstances as well as form the basis for advice or guidance on a course of action. This may also include suggestions for an alternative course of action to avoid an unwanted result.

I don’t use Horary to provide the time to buy a winning lottery ticket or whether to bet on a  particular horse or your home team winning.

A Cautionthe seeker

Gaining an insight into current circumstances or future possibilities through taking counsel from an Astrologer does not take away your free will or exempt you from responsibility.

A Horary chart reading can be very precise and accurate but only you can decide what you do about the information you get.

You may not like what you hear or it may be difficult to accept certain situations and their outcomes. Taking action or changing your viewpoint can affect the future which in turn can change a previously predicted outcome for better or worse depending on your perspective.

I always do my best to ensure that you have a positive experience using Astrology and will help you to understand the meaning of any answers the chart gives.

Only you can know what is true for you and only you can make decisions about how you respond to life’s circumstances. If answers, advice or guidance doesn’t “feel” right for you then you must disregard the information in the Horary chart or at least wait until it does “feel” appropriate before you act on anything that has been suggested.

If you choose to act on what you have learned from your Horary chart remember that any result of that action is still your responsibility.

When is the right time to ask a Horary question?

The best time to ask your question is when it becomes so pressing that you feel you have to seek some definitive information before you can proceed. Orrery

The time that you ask the question is the right time.

Astrologers understand that the timing of a Horary question has proved to be a matter of “cosmic perfection”. This is a principle that puts people in the right (or wrong!) place at the right time. Earthly events parallel cosmic rhythms and we get inner promptings, often quite unconsciously, that urge us to act at the right moment.

Any attempt to manipulate the timing of a Horary chart to get the “right” answer will yield unsatisfactory results. The effort to control the issue is often reflected in the chart or it indicates that the chart is unreadable. 

Sometimes the chart will show other information which indicates that the matter has already resolved itself or that it is too soon to obtain a reliable answer.

What to expect from your Horary reading

When I undertake your Horary reading I will have first confirmed that it is a suitable question and secured your payment.* We then agree an appointment time, unless you are receiving an email report.
*Cash or cheque payment is accepted at personal consultations.

I then calculate the chart and prepare my report. This can take 1-4 days depending on my workload. If the matter is particularly urgent I will do my best to help you in good time. I will advise you of any prolonged delays and you can choose to wait or I can return your payment.

You have the choice of receiving your answer in a written email report, by telephone appointment, or during a personal appointment with me.

Email Report.

This option gives you a written analysis of the information given in the chart. The amount of detail and length of report varies with each question but I will endeavour to answer your query fully.
Included is the additional option of a follow up email, if necessary, to clarify anything contained in the report.

Phone Appointment.

We arrange a mutually suitable time for you to phone, me at your cost. I’ll then discuss the chart with you over the phone, giving you the chance to clarify the details as we talk. I can email you the chart image if you would like a copy. Allow 45 minutes. You are welcome to record the conversation. Payable in advance.

Personal Consultation. blue astro

If you are in my area this option gives you the opportunity of a one to one appointment. I will discuss your Horary chart and clarify any details with you as we talk. I can provide a copy of the chart image if you wish. Allow an hour. You are welcome to record the conversation.

If you have an understanding of Astrological terms I can include these in your report if you request it.


How to order your Horary reading

I usually respond to emails within 24 hours but very occasionally I am away from my computer for longer. 

When I have understood the question I will send you an invoice to pay by credit card using PAYPAL unless you have a personal appointment.

You can also use my online Shop to pay for your Horary reading.

I may email you if I need a few more details from you first.

Having received your payment I will undertake your Horary chart reading.

The process usually takes 1-3 days.


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Consultation Costs


Email. Written report. Includes optional follow up for clarification.  €60

Telephone Appointment. Up to 45 minutes. No written report. €50

Personal Appointment. Up to an hour. No written report. €60

Telephone call charges are paid by the client.


Payment details:wealth

For email and telephone appointments I require advance payment.
This can be done conveniently with a credit card via PAYPAL. Use my Shop facility

I will also accept a euro cheque from clients within ROI.
Only cash or cheque payment is accepted at personal consultations.

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Paypal is a very simple, secure and trusted method of transferring funds over the internet. I will send you an invoice by email, which provides a link so that you go straight to the Paypal site to make a secure payment, either using your existing Paypal account or through the option of using your credit card.

This method also has the advantage of allowing instant payment for readings thus ensuring a swift response.

Payments are taken in euro. Paypal will make the necessary currency transfer for you and indicate the exact cost to you in your own currency.

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