Reality Shifts or Change of Perspective – Saturn & Neptune in Mutable Grand Cross

If you’ve been fePlanets cropeling like you’re just going around in circles looking for solutions during May then the month of June will bring a refreshing change to that frustration. There is definitely a lot of movement reflected in the planets this month. Some of this years most significant planetary alignments will be putting us through our paces during June.

The first few days of June is the time to put an end to any habits, projects or patterns of behaviour that belong to your past. Things are changing at quite a rate and so allowing some room in your life for the new ideas, relationships and way of being in the world will make the next few weeks a lot easier to navigate. As the Moon joins with the Sun and Venus the New Moon in Gemini on 5th there is an urge to become something more than you were before or to include more of something which has become quite precious over the last few weeks. Venus is on her most outer orbit the other side of the Sun from earth during the New Moon phase. The planet of love and abundance is really “out there” so let that be reflected with your hearts desires. Plant the seeds or state your intentions, either publicly or privately, let it be known that you’re reaching for your highest ideals or wildest dreams and expect them to become real for you as the month progresses.

Saturn, the sombre planet of limitation is due to make a tense aspect to the escapist planet Neptune. This is the second time in a series of three exact square angles. The first was in November last year and the final one will be in September. These two planets are so very different in their nature that when they combine they create a paradox where personal experience clashes with our dreams or we might get real insights into the virtual reality that we know as physical existence. It may be hard to determine what is fact and what is fiction during this time. Jupiter, the planet that represents our urge to become a bigger, better, more aware version of ourself, is also involved here and it demands that we get a broader perspective or higher vision. Together with the Sun Moon Venus combination a Grand Cross is formed in the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces during the first week of the month. This dynamic insists on change and it can seem like nothing is certain right now. Every aspect of life, personal or global is up for consideration as we adjust to a new phase in life. Do you adapt and flow with your intuition and instinct for renewal or do you resist and try to hold on to what is no longer relevant for the sake of stability or security? You could easily feel that life has just become a crazy whirl of events and keeping your balance may be the most you can manage for now.

As we move into the second week the communication planet Mercury makes a challenging aspect to assertive Mars on the 9th. If your patience has reached it’s limits or a boundary has been crossed beware of harsh words spoken in the heat of the moment as they may change a situation or relationship in a way that cannot be rectified when the heat has gone. The result will be for the good in the longer term but it may not be what you would have chosen right now if tempers hadn’t frayed.

By the 12th June life will feel like it’s running on fast forward as that quicksilver planet Mercury is traveling forward at double the pace we had in May. Talking, traveling, making plans and more talking. Contracts, deals, negotiations and trades are likely to happen in quick succession and all this whilst your life is changing as fast as you can speak about it.

Things reach a peak during the week of 19th to 26th as several astrological events coincide. Solstice is the halfway point in the Suns yearly journey when it moves into the sign of Cancer on 20th June, just after the Full Moon that day. The Grand Cross is reformed with fast paced Mercury taking the position that Sun Moon Venus had earlier. This is the chance to finally make the connections, join the dots and have the realisations that were so elusive in past weeks. There is a genuine call to action as the month draws to an end when Mars turns to it’s direct motion once more on 29th Those areas of difficulty, conflict and impossibility have to either get moved on or moved out. There is no more time to go around in another circle, solutions can be found and progress can be made. Whilst Mars moves forward through the late degrees of Scorpio and finally back into Sagittarius in early August all those deep and challenging issues that have been wearing you down since late February or early March will be revisited and brought out into the light They will need to be dealt with, one way or another, so we can all move on.

May New Moon in Taurus, Venus & Jupiter “Feel Good” Vibes


The first week of May brings the fire festival of Bealtaine and a refreshing relief from diversion, conflict and frustration experienced through April. The springtime energy is at a peak on May 5th as the Sun reaches it’s half way point between the March Equinox and Summer Solstice in June. With four planets in practical Taurus and the Moon making strong connections with both the “benevolent” planets, Venus and Jupiter, until the 11th this is the best time to make progress with important creative projects or in romantic liaisons. The New Moon on the 6th is especially potent in Taurus and has the support of Venus in her home sign. Use this as an auspicious moment to state your intent or initiate any activity, idea or relationship that you want to embark on. The big “feel good” planet, Jupiter turns to start it’s direct motion once more on the 9th after being retrograde since early January and then makes a constructive connection with Venus on the 10th Work done this week on anything that you hope will give back positive returns for your time and energy invested should find you pleased to see some results now.

As the month continues you will find the best enjoyment comes from pleasures and projects that are carried out behind the scenes and out of the public view. Venus represents all the lovely things, people and experiences that we desire to include in our life but she is traveling close to the Sun now and is increasingly hard to see in the morning sky. She will stay hidden until she returns into view as the evening star in late June. Don’t expect bold declarations of love or magnificent financial rewards during this time. It will be subtle or understated but equally valid and worthwhile

When we enter the third week in May there is a change in the astrological weather that could be unsettling if you aren’t forewarned to be cautious. The Full Moon on 21st is joined with a retrograde Mars. The few days around this time can produce heightened emotions, energy peaks or explosive outbursts. Destructive conflict is possible if the dynamics are allowed to get that far. Wait on making important decisions for a few days because your feelings and opinions are not likely to be a true indication of how things really are. Be aware that the “mood of the masses” can give a false sense of reality. Be careful not to get carried along with a wave of public outrage or reaction to an emotive event. World affairs will probably not directly affect the majority of people in a personal way. If you make them into something important by getting emotionally involved your reaction can cause conflicts in your private life as a result. In particular, people who have planets or significant points in early degrees of Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo or Pisces should be aware of. potential flash points that may trigger over reaction during the two days either side of the Full Moon.

Mercury, the planet of communication and ideas, changes from being retrograde to a direct motion once more on the 22nd which should help with making yourself clear and understood. If there are important topics that need discussion in your intimate relationships during this week the Venus opposition to Mars on the 24th can bring things to a head. There may be a need for a change in your current relationship status or a redirection in the way your romantic encounters move forward. Things need to change shape. Allow or enable this or you may get into some kind of deadlock or direct conflict of wills due to opposing desires. Areas of difficulty that may have seemed to have no apparent solution, can now be rearranged to better suit both people if you can allow this volatile energy to bring about new possibilities.

Sun conjunct Chiron & the South Node in Pisces – Leave the pain of the past behind and walk free!

22 the foolThe Sun is joined with Chiron & the South node at  22 degrees of Pisces. Use today’s energies to step out of your old story and walk a new path. Chiron represents our wounds and pains brought with us from the past. They are patterns of pain that seem to be ingrained and impossible to heal. Within this is our greatest gift if only we can access the wisdom it brings. The South Node of the Moon describes our past also, something that is familiar and “karmic” that we can begin to leave as we develop new ways of being in the world. People, habits, beliefs & old issues are left behind as we move towards our North Node goals. The Sun is our life energy and a guiding light – an expression of our personality that reflects out essence when we tap into it without conditioning.
Take full advantage of the synergy – take a leap of faith and let go of hurts that arise today and know that you so much more than the scars and pain from the events of your past. “Without your story who would you be?” Then step out and become that – try it today and you might find that you like who you are!

March Madness as everything changes, again! Solar Eclipse in Pisces, Equinox, Lunar Eclipse & more…

Hare MoonMarch, the month of “Mad Hares” is likely to bring with it a version of fairly crazy energy not unlike a roller coaster ride. These next few weeks could certainly leave you in a spin where you find it hard to know which way is up. Don’t be alarmed and don’t feel pressured into trying to make sense of things right now as confusion will be rife. There could well be times when you feel like your world has become very like the Alice in Wonderland story.

Early in the month two of the action planets, Mercury and Mars, change signs within twenty four hours. Mercury moves into Pisces on the 5th and Mars into Sagittarius on the 6th both are mutable (changeable) signs and both are ruled by Jupiter our great big planet that tends us towards exaggeration or increase in whatever he touches. As a benefic, he generally brings good things, but there is always the chance that too much, even of an apparently good thing, can become a problem especially when what one person considers as “good” can easily be someone else’s “bad”. You may need to suspend judgment on the whole good versus bad concept until things settle down.

Keeping with the theme, Jupiter has a leading role in the next significant event at the New Moon and total Solar eclipse on the 9th when the Pisces Moon & Sun are opposite Jupiter in Virgo, another mutable sign. Change is always associated with an eclipse and this is the first of two this month. The need to accept change as the only constant in life is highlighted again. Seeds of the new are planted now but it will be several months at least before the results of current actions are fully realised.

Mid month on the 19th Jupiter moves to make an exact challenging square aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius. These two planets operate like opposing forces, Jupiter as expansion and Saturn as contraction. In life we need to have a good measure of both and this can work well when the timing is right. For most of this month we are likely to experience the off beat effect as if something is out of step, not quite synchronised. Don’t try to push things forward if nothing seems to flow. Simply do a bit here then a bit there and come back to the first thing again so it all edges forwards slowly. Too much trying to put things in place or create a new order now just risks further frustration or setbacks.

The astrological New Year starts at the vernal Equinox when the Sun enters Aries on the 20th. This is the beginning of a new phase and is closely followed by the second eclipse of the month on the 23rd highlighting the theme of change and uncertainty once more. We can expect to sense that things that were once opposites now become unified and what seemed to be certain or unquestionable has now become a matter of dispute. Many leopards will change their spots this month, old dogs will learn new tricks and what was right is now wrong and vice versa. With both the troublesome planets Mars and Saturn now in Sagittarius our philosophies and beliefs will need to be scrutinised for hypocrisy or contradiction. If this months disarray and flux leave you confused or reeling from the pace of the turnarounds, try to cultivate an open mind and keep your focus on the simple things in life that have nothing to do with opinions, beliefs or sworn allegiance.

Venus joins with Pluto & all Six Traditional Planets Precede the Sun – February Planet News

Sunrise2-cropJanuary seems to have flown by and we are into the shortest month, albeit with an extra day! It’s been hard to make any real forward progress with both Mercury and Jupiter retrograde for the first few weeks of the year. Mercury is now going forward again but there is still a sense of things being slow to get going. The planet that rules time and keeps our feet firmly, and sometimes frustratingly, on the ground is Saturn which has been having a strong influence lately.

Venus and Mercury remain in Saturn ruled Capricorn through early February, so use this time to get the plan together, write it down or communicate your intent. Venus is all about what, or who we want or like, appreciate, value and wish to include in our lives. She joins with Pluto on the 6th whilst making a hard angle to Uranus. Things could be intense in our relationships. Issues of money or personal resources can dredge up insecurity or the fear of lack.  But this is a day when we want the truth even if it takes us out of our comfort zone. This can be an honest self appraisal that gives the chance to break away from destructive habits. It’s a desire to hear the worst even if it shatters an idealistic dream so we can begin to build something more solid. This is just more of the “getting real” theme that weaves through our lives this year.

The early days of the month are also the best time, clouds permitting, to get a good view of all the traditional planets as they spread from East to West across the pre dawn sky. This is ongoing into the last week of February. The waning moon joins in the show until it passes to follow the Sun after the 8th. Visible, all at the same time, are Jupiter Mars, Saturn, Venus and Mercury.

Spread over several signs the planets don’t make any major connections to each other so its not especially significant on a personal level but it’s worth trying to spot them in the sky if you get the chance. On a more mundane level in traditional Astrology there is some significance that all the planets are rising ahead of the Sun, as if clearing the way for its appearance. The Sun would naturally represent the “king” or prominent ruler in world affairs, more commonly a politician in current times. Several significant world leaders are fighting to gain or regain political authority this year so this could reflect the rise of a leader on a path to power. In mystical terms the Sun or “king” can represent our own source of spiritual power or internal guiding force that is being given the focus now as it rises into a more dominant position in our awareness.

These first two weeks of the month gives us time to work out the details of any contracts or deals with Mercury’s help and get other people on board if they are showing willing. Take the opportunity to put it all together or at least get the outlines drawn out because the energy should shift by mid month when some real progress can be made at last. The Sun is currently in Aquarius and although this is still Saturn ruled it’s definitely a future oriented sign that wants to bring some really beneficial, and sometimes quite unique and original ideas into the world. When both Venus and Mercury move into Aquarius around mid month we could see some interesting possibilities being put forward and some of them might be worth going out on a limb for.

With several major planets mid sign this month the angles between them are easy and supportive. These lesser aspects can be helpful to give a boost even to the most challenging planets and so the second half of the month has this lighter, more flowing feel. The Sun moves in to Pisces on 19th  – a Jupiter ruled sign. Yes, we can finally breathe deeply and stretch out once more. We can look up and out for inspiration with the sense that clouds are lifting away and the horizon is widening at long last.

Mercury, Pluto Full Moon in Leo

PhoenixMoonThis Full Moon in Leo suggests the need for a bit of shameless self expression! A hearty outpouring from your creative muse or a dazzling display of your true colours.

With a retrograde Mercury, nearly at a standstill just before turning to go forward again, joined with Pluto this a  moment to really go deep with your thinking or get right down to the root of the issue. Focus on what really matters to you. Meditate on letting go of whatever stops that free flow to being the person that is uniquely you!



Saturn Neptune Square 2015 -2016 (Part 2) Resolving a Paradox?

Neptune Read Part 1

Saturn is currently in Sagittarius whilst Neptune is in Pisces, and both these signs are ruled by Jupiter, the “feel good” planet. Jupiter seeks happiness, meaning, something beyond the mundane and ultimately, a sense of joy. Sagittarius is philosophical, a truth seeker whilst Pisces is merging with mystical realms. The challenge indicated by this square angle will bring up issues of moral or spiritual significance as we are encouraged to expand and grow into something beyond our current experience.

With Neptune representing the metaphysical world of imagination, dreams and illusions, amongst other things of a fluid, hard to define nature and Saturn on the other end of the scale standing for physical structure, established systems and all that can be categorised by the five physical senses, we have two very opposite approaches to consider.

Where does the line come where we separate science from mysticism, or reality from illusion, or fact from fiction?

If you have taken an interest in research studies that look into the workings of the human brain, and specifically of memory, you’ll know that we can have false memories; recollection of things that didn’t happen. Experiments have shown that we can easily miss seeing things that are there and, if the suggestion is effective, we can be certain that we saw something that wasn’t there. This is a problem when relying on witness accounts but also brings in the question “what is a factual statement?” Quantum physicists show us that the behaviour of our “physical” stuff at particle level is determined by the person watching it!

When two planets make an aspect to each other we can understand it as if two people have come into contact, close enough to start a dialogue. The conversation quality depends on the type of aspect or angle that they form when they meet.

A square – 90 degrees, is hard, it’s challenging, these planetary characters do not easily fall into a discussion and are antagonistic. An argumentative exchange can be expected. But they have to work together somehow now that they are in “orb” of each other. It is this challenge that we experience with the Saturn Neptune square. How do we merge so called “flaky,” “woolly”, fantastical, unprovable spiritual beliefs with so called facts and scientifically proven experiences. Currently there are many divisive concepts taking a stand in daily life and global affairs – science versus religion, idealism versus pragmatism, fact versus lies and ultimately, right versus wrong.

During this first phase of the square (first exact November 2015 to second exact June 2016) we can expect to hear the argument increase from each side as it claims supremacy and we see the stand off as one faction finds cause to fight or resist the other. As Saturn and Neptune move into an exact angle for a second time in June these issues cannot be ignored and so by the time the third “hit” comes in September we cannot continue without some resolution. We can either insist on our personally sacrosanct position or find a way to resolve a paradox. The apparent contradiction between Saturn and Neptune can be solved by accepting that there is both a physical reality and a spiritual one, they are both facets in a bigger story. We can learn to express our idealism through practical solutions, accept that truth and falsehood are both subjective, and that scientific observations suggest similar findings to the mystical revelations of spiritual seekers!

The challenge now and over the next few years is to represent this recognition and expanded awareness in our social structures, political systems and financial organisations. It’s up to each one of us to imagine the life we want and then live it into reality.

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Capricorn New Moon, lets get physical – real world manifestation!

crescent moon

Let’s do something practical to really make the most of the Capricorn New Moon vibes. The New Moon is at 20° Capricorn on the 10th January at 1:31am (UT)

The first New Moon of the year falls in Capricorn, our sea goat sign, ruled by Saturn. New Moons are always a good starting point for any new initiative or direction and in Capricorn, a Cardinal earth sign, there’s the opportunity to really make some long term changes. When we decide we want to make life altering plans, or do our daily positive affirmations, or write lists of future intent, there has to be something more than just wishful hoping that it will simply all happen because we have declared it.

With the Sun Moon combination touching the Pluto Uranus square that still lingers with us, there is definitely the sense that so much more needs to shift if we are to live the life we prefer. Making changes isn’t an option – it’s essential! The first planet the Moon touches with its rays, after connecting with the Sun, is Jupiter in retrograde and next is that tricky Mercury also in retrograde. These two planets are re-treading old ground, renegotiating, redesigning and refining, making sure we have the full information and have definitely covered the details for when we finally discover that what we desire is coming in our direction.

Saturn, that planet that keeps our feet firmly on the ground, paired up with Venus for a couple of days, giving our Venusian desires a down to earth practicality. We want to include more of what’s both meaningful, and useful, now. Using the Capricorn way as an example, it’s time to reflect our desires in the physical world of stuff and things. Acting out our dreams, hopes or desires by doing something that represents the change we want to make, is very powerful. It doesn’t have to be the “big thing” all at once – just a gesture to the universe to say you mean it!

If you want world peace then take five minutes to sit or walk quietly without allowing the busy mind to interfere with you own inner peace. If it’s greater abundance you require then go around your house and count up the things you have already. If you want to kick a habit then just make a simple change, take a different route when you leave home.

Using the “making it real” energy that this January New Moon offers can really give your New Year optimism a very substantial and much needed boost.

New Year turbulence as Mercury retrograde squares Mars

Systema Solare et PlanetariumDuring the last week of 2015 and into very early January the planets have us in an upbeat and optimistic mood as we welcome all the good things to come in 2016 with fresh starts and new leaves turned.

Just when it seemed like some forward progress was made, the planets show us that there is a change of plan, or several. By the end of the first week of New Year we are left wondering what happened as the confusion and crisis roll back in like the recent storms.

Mars moves into Scorpio on 3rd January where he stays until early March. Very much in his home teritory here but Mars can use his forceful drive in a secretive manner in Scorpio and he is in a challenging square to Mercury which just entered Aquarius but is now turning retrograde for about three weeks. Any new year resolutions or ulturistic goals may yeild very little real substance.

Deals or agreements made this early in the year may come to nothing. At worst there may have been deliberate lies or trickery within generous promises, especially those made on the world stage. Hasty descisions and impulsive responses may create unwelcome conflicts. On a personal level there may be harsh words spoken, promises broken and threats to break away. All this done in the heat of the moment may have longer term repercussions but whilst Mercury is back in Capricorn and the retrograde zone up to mid February there will be opportunity to renegotiate and repair and even improve our connections for the better in the longer term.

With the Sun conjoining Pluto on 6th January whilst moving to square Uranus the energy of the Uranus Pluto square that described 2012 – 2105 is activated again. This triggers the collective unrest once more and brings further acts of terrorism and attempts to break free from oppresive domination.

Because Mercury is apparently moving backwards it passes over Pluto twice in a short space of time and is almost stationary in that position as it turns to move forward once more. Expect strong views and extreme attitudes to be expressed now. This attitude can lead to a strong polarisation and set one viewpoint against another. The desire to be right or hold the moral high ground is a strong motivation for some and Pluto will bring these issues to the forefront as they need to be resolved. This is a theme which will repeat throughout the year and until a more enlightened approach is taken.

With Jupiter currently in Virgo there’s a lot of attention to detail and the desire for really getting things sorted out is going to focus our energy, especially in areas of our health and natural environment. When Jupiter turns retrograde in early January until early May we can address these important areas and find solutions to resolve any problems that have become apparent since last August. The early year may be troublesome but with a lot of hard work put in to problem solving it can yield very satisfactory results in the coming months.


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But Seriously Folks! – Why Horoscopes Are Comforting

astrologers pointingWhy Horoscopes Are Comforting

“Neuroscience research indicates that predictions can alter perception and even modify brain activity in the direction of what is expected.”

Yes, and not a new concept for many.

This recent NY Times article points out that what you believe is what you get – well in it’s way. Suggesting that we love our horoscope columns and Astrological predictions so we can feel good and secure about our future – and whilst I’m currently writing the forecast for 2016 this is top of my mind.…/what…/why-horoscopes-are-comforting

My main message now (before I publish the overview of the year) is that it’s up to you to decide what future you want.
Don’t let your current situation make it seem unlikely.
Keep your focus totally on the good things in life.
Small things are easiest – just having a hot drink and some food – that’s a good thing to be celebrated!
Build on those small miracles and just keep that theme going. Know that the future holds so many more of those moments and then feel how good that will be to experience when you get there.
Yep, that’s your future!

That’s it for now – back to writing the future for me!

Oh yes – the “But Seriously Folks!” is an Album by Joe Walsh (1978)
Link to the track “Lifes Been Good to Me” smile emoticon Enjoy!