Wishing on a star!

sun-star-winter-treeThe Full Moon in Cancer on the Morning of 25th is at 11.11am UT and the first Planet the Sun and Moon combination touch with their rays of stellar light is Neptune. What ever else is held in this moment, it is time to make a wish, feel the dream that springs from your heart and use the sweet magic of the day to nurture & nourish that worthy intent.
Blessings, Peace & Goodwill to all – enjoy the Holidays!
New year forecasts coming soon! xxx

Stepping through a doorway in space & time – Solar Eclipse on the Spring Equinox

tiwanakuMarch of 2015 may be a month to remember in years to come. Another corner is being turned during a very significant phase in our collective evolution. It may not become apparent in your personal life immediately but changes that take place over the coming weeks will have a big impact on the course of events into the future.

The first few days of the month set a positive trend to get us tuned into the possibilities as we build up to the Full Moon on the 5th and on into the second week before the Equinox and Solar eclipse.

The current freedom of personal expression theme is boosted by the big “feel good” planet Jupiter connecting favourably with liberating Uranus on the 3rd and assertive Mars joining with expansive Jupiter on the 10th

Both Venus and Mars are still travelling close together in early Aries and this gives a full steam ahead energy from Mars to reach out for what you want. Venus in this sign is less inclined to co-operation and wants to act in her own right, choosing what suits her rather than being compromising. They both combine strongly with Uranus and then move on to challenge Pluto. If you haven’t already made some bold moves to claim your independence then this will give you the required impulse to be true to yourself. This pattern will help to get a clear sense of what it is that you want for yourself without being prejudiced by others, your dependence on them or fears of losing their love or respect.

Uranus and Pluto have been in a tense square pattern since 2012 and after the 17th they begin to finally part company for at least a decade, having done their work The rebellious, liberating planet Uranus also represents our authentic self – the spirit of individual and unique self expression. Pluto always highlights a power struggle and signifies whatever has control over us. Pluto’s realm is our unconscious and our fears which are powerful forces that will divert us away from acting for the good of all, or even in our own best interests. We’ve been given a choice to either defer to a “higher authority” that we have ascribed power to, or, strike out with integrity and honour and take personal responsibility for our own lives.

The culmination of the Uranus Pluto theme mid month is followed by a combination of important and powerful astrological events. Just a few hours before the Sun enters Aries on the 20th at the Equinox it lines up with the Moon and Earth for a Solar eclipse. This is a New Moon event in the 29th degree of Pisces, the last degree of the Zodiac circle. Significant in itself as a completion of a Lunar and Solar cycle, it also combines with the 19 year eclipse cycle on the cusp of the most potent degree of the Zodiac. This is a very special and rare occurrence. The sign of Pisces is about surrendering to a greater force, letting go of trying to impose a self centred or “man made” order and trusting the apparent chaos of “natural”order to work it out – going with the flow. The final degree of this sign represents the last step in this process. The next step is into Aries as a new individual with nothing but the desire to experience oneself, no judgement or fear. Just faith and courage combined with innocence, excitement and passion.

The opportunity we have this month is to make real changes – on a personal level, in our relationships, identity, attitudes, and beliefs. Allowing the required inner changes to occur without having a pre-ordained goal is a challenge. The potential to become something beyond anything that your imagination can come up with is so strong now that getting very clear in your overall intent, then surrendering to the infinite possibilities that are available, seems like the very best way to make the most these circumstances.

Anyone who has a birthday in March, June, September, or December between 19th to 22nd may experience this potent eclipse more directly than others. Also if you have a  planet, Ascendant or Midheaven at 29 degrees of Pisces, Virgo, Gemini or Sagittarius you may feel the impact strongly.  A planet at 29  or 1 degree of any Zodiac sign in your birth chart may be triggered by this month’s solar events.

Also 14 &15 degrees of Aries and Capricorn are highlighted, so any planet or significant point there will be activated along with those same degrees in Cancer and Libra in particular.

If you want to know more about how this months events will impact on your personal birth chart please get in touch with me for a personal reading or arrange to consult another well known astrologer in your area.

Full Moon in Taurus, Mars Square Uranus – November Planet Update


As we approach the Full Moon phase this month it may be possible to detect some of the shifts and changes that occurred over the last couple of weeks and especially since the recent New Moon eclipse in Scorpio. Deep undercurrents of transformation can be seen as subtle ripples or felt as tumultuous waves of  revelation or recognition as it becomes impossible to conceal the reality or truth in many different areas of life.

There may be the sense that, despite the everyday challenges and ongoing difficulties, a corner has been turned and the road ahead looks like it holds a promise of something much more positive.

The Sun in Scorpio during the first three weeks of the month, keeps the focus on bringing the uncomfortable, unspeakable or unsavoury elements in our society out into the open for scrutiny and purging.

With the Full Moon in steadfast Taurus this month, our emotions can now stabilise as we consolidate the lessons we’ve had to learn about ourselves and how we relate to others over the last few months. It’s truly possible to experience some peace and acceptance during this phase.

The Sun’s journey is currently closely accompanied by Venus so there are gifts to be found amongst the ashes of the Phoenix, (another symbol of Scorpio) as the developments of the last several years reveal the potential for a creative and positive version of the future. November and early December lead us into the last, of seven difficult square angles between Uranus and Pluto which has been the signature planetary theme since 2012.

The fiery planet Mars has now entered the earth sign Capricorn and this brings all kinds of structures and establishments under review once more as it joins with Pluto on November 10th. As Mars moves forward it makes a challenging square angle to disruptive Uranus on the 13th . Mars takes two years to come full circle and the last time he was in this area of the Zodiac was November 2012. Many of the institutions, governments, corporations or social systems that were in the spotlight then could find it hard to survive this period intact.

In the midst of this testing planetary dynamic the benevolent Venus joins with the “time lord” Saturn in Scorpio on the 12th. As unstable structures are undermined those relationships and core values that have been tested, but held up well, should benefit from the renewed vows and reinforced resolve to follow through with something of true worth now.

Balance & Poise – Equinox 23rd September 2014

Equinox – Balance & Poise

Finding a place of inbalance yoga posener equilibrium is probably the greatest gift you can ever give to yourself!

As the Sun passes into the sign of Libra it tells us that we are half way between the midsummer/midwinter solstice points and night is equal to day! It is, as the sign of the scales represent, a point of balance. The waning Moon moves to join with the Sun for the New Moon phase the following day and becomes hidden to our view at 1 degree of Libra. Our attention is drawn to finding a place of balance and poise in our life. The next few days are the perfect time to initiate a new phase of harmony or peace in any activity or situation that has been out of balance. Is there more work than play, too much solitude or way more people around than you can attend to? Is your inner life a good reflection of your outer environment and visa versa? Where ever the early degree of Libra falls in your birth chart and the area of life this represents for you is a good place to start as this is always your personal equinox point.

The best news is, that without even making the effort to change any of the circumstances in your everyday life, you can begin by making peace with yourself.

Use the current solar and lunar energies to rid yourself of the concept of being either “a glass half full” or “a glass half empty” person and become both simultaneously!

For everything that you don’t have in your life that you may desperately want you can surely find other things that you really want to be gone from your life! For all the conflict in the world there is also so much peace – if you see evidence of greed you can also find displays of generosity.

This solar cycle shows us how the ever changing world around us moves through it’s phases and despite the seasonal extremes there is an overall harmony in the pattern as it always swings back to balance once more.

By adjusting your focus to recognise that all things return to being equal, despite the seeming disorder, can bring a peace of mind essential to your well being. From this perspective you can more easily attend to those areas of life that feel out of balance right now and develop something much more harmonious for yourself.

Go on – give yourself that gift!

Astrology Update July 2014 – Jupiter in Leo & Saturn turns direct

The recent New Moon in Cancer on 27th June set the trend for the next few weeks into July. This time period gives us the opportunity to really focus on matters that are close to home. The Cancerian themes centre around caring, nurturing and tending to anything in our lives which is still at the developmental stage. Reflecting a time of year in our Northern hemisphere when the seeds that have been sown are now at their strongest growing phase and also vulnerable to a range of influences that will determine the quality of what can be reaped during harvest. In our personal lives this is often a time of intense activity and the long days are filled with a mixture of work and pleasure. This particular Sun/Moon phase is closely associated with Pluto in Capricorn as the Sun passes over the same zodiac degree that was involved in the Grand Cardinal cross during April this year and tugs at the Uranus/Pluto square once more. By now there is the recognition that so much has come out into the open and we have had to deal with, admit to, or rid ourselves of so many things. People, habits or life styles have proved themselves to belong to our past and it has been required that we leave these aspects of our lives behind whilst we move into a new phase.

This month we can really get the sense that though so much has changed forever, unless we are still determined to hold on regardless, there is a feeling that something very positive is developing even if it’s still hard to know exactly what that is! Around the Full Moon phase mid month we might get a better idea of where we are going, and in particular, who is coming with us. Mars, the action orientated planet is in the social sign of Libra whilst making a very favorable aspect to inclusive Venus in the double sign, Gemini. We can expect to be making new connections with others or getting great pleasure from shared activity with more familiar friends.

The big planet, Jupiter changes sign this month and will travel through Leo now for about a year. This combination will be felt as a boost to all the fire signs especially. The “feel good” planet Jupiter brings us the opportunities for becoming something bigger, better and more positive. In regal Leo there is an emphasis on creativity, getting into our personal power as well as having more fun, enjoyment and experiencing the joys of life as children do. When serious and responsible Saturn turns to move forward once more later this month we can expect things to really come out from under the cloud so we can shake off some of the overwhelming burdens that have held us down lately. The general feeling of relief and a light heart will increase with the New Moon on 26th July as the Sun Moon combination joins with Jupiter in Leo over a few days marking another corner turned.