Jupiter Conjunct Pluto

This month we experience an astrological event that won’t happen again until 2244. Jupiter orbits the Sun every 12-13 years, whilst Pluto’s journey through the Zodiac takes 246 years to complete. Consequently Jupiter catches up with Pluto approximately every 13th year and this conjunction will occur in the sign Sagittarius on 11th December.
Jupiter’s cycle shows the ebb and flow of ideological and financial power. Mass changes of consciousness occur at the start of each new cycle bringing new collective beliefs. There will often be enormous ideological power battles in society. When Jupiter, the beneficial planet of expansion, belief, faith and optimism combines with Pluto, planet of transformation, power, and regeneration we can expect global changes in our faith and understanding regarding religious and financial authorities. This is the beginning of the next 13 year Jupiter cycle and it combines with Pluto changing Zodiac signs, occurring only every 12 to 30 years.
Pluto has been travelling through Sagittarius since 1995 and has brought profound spiritual and religious transformations as humanity has been confronted with an uncertain future. The journey to find personal value and meaning in life leads eventually to a reform in beliefs and social values. This 13 year process is completing now as Pluto moves through the last degrees of Sagittarius into Capricorn, late January 2008, thus beginning the next process which continues until 2024. We can already begin to see the initial stages of this new phase as Pluto in the sign of Capricorn ushers in earth-shaking transformations of political structures, and the death of old political parties which have outlived their usefulness. We will likely see the collapse of outdated and decadent regimes as new systems of government rise from the ashes. In the business world many upheavals will take place as new business strategies replace the old economic views and business practices.
There seems to be plenty of auspicious signs for a joyous midwinter celebration even with widespread turmoil and devastation occurring around the globe. The Solstice moment, when the Sun moves into Capricorn and begins its return journey bringing the longer days once more, falls on December 22nd. The next day the Sun Conjuncts Jupiter bringing bounty and plenty and bright prospects are available to those who choose to tune in to it. Overstated enthusiasm may be the main problem when the Sun opposes Mars at the Full Moon on the 24th, as intentions and the ability to fulfil them are a bit at odds and it can be two steps forward, one step back for everyone. The resulting frustration can fuel disputes or engender discouragement. Rash moves, overblown feelings, emotional conflict, and anger can be lurking around the corner, so today’s the right day to take it easy and not push, or be pushed, too far. If you can take all this in your stride then there’s no reason for anything other than peace and goodwill this Christmas.

The next New Moon is at 17° Sagittarius on the 9th December at 5:42 pm with the next Full Moon at 2° Cancer on the 24th at 1:16 am

Moon Horoscope

Both Neptune and Mercury turn to move forward once more at the beginning of November. This can increase confused thinking with attempts to hide or conceal information for a few days. The fog should be clearing by the New Moon on the 9th and we have a week or so to recover lost items, missed messages and start new projects. The New Moon falls in Scorpio this month which can make everything seem quite intense and there many be several undercurrents that are hard to name but can be felt all the same. Do still be aware of the possibility of deliberate deception as the New Moon makes a difficult angle to Neptune before moving into “high-minded” Sagittarius on the 11th. There is a brief window of opportunity to be grabbed before Mars turns retrograde (appears to move backwards) on the 15th continuing through to the New Year. We then have plenty of time to reflect and reconsider our plans for reaching our goals or ambitions. It is wise to refrain from too much exertion now as there is not so much physical energy available and burnout is liable to occur if you push on too hard. Those people who try to force their ideas on others or insist on conflict rather than negotiation during this time may find their efforts thwarted or plans backfiring during the next two months. With Venus moving into her own sign, Libra on the 8th until early December, there is a general desire for goodwill, peace and harmonious relationships which can have the effect of pouring oil on troubled waters. Certainly things can take unexpected turns around the Full Moon on the 24th as Uranus, the planet that relates to eccentricity, surprises and the unusual, begins to move forward again. Generally be prepared for a few false starts before things settle down, as this month has the hallmarks of change and re-direction with all this planetary shuffling going on. Be patient though as it may be some weeks before the new direction is apparent.

The next New Moon is at 17° Scorpio on the 9th November at 11:04 pm and the Full Moon is at 2° Gemini on the 24th November at 2:30 pm

October Moon Phases

With the Autumn Equinox now behind us we have entered the third quarter of the astrological year. Nights become longer than the days and if we choose to, we can follow natures rhythm as she begins to draw her energy inwards for the approaching Winter Solstice. We have only two more New Moons before the Midwinter Festival when the days begin to draw out again. Such are the cycles, rhythms and patterns of the astrological year. The solar cycle of around 365 days and the lunar cycle of about 28 days are the most commonly observed, but each of the planets has their own cycle and they intersect at regular and predictable points in time. Venus takes around 584 (1.6 years) to complete her synodic cycle. The much slower moving Saturn takes around 28 years to complete his journey through the Zodiac taking roughly 2.5 years in each sign. He entered Virgo in early September. Venus now enters Virgo again on October 8 and catches up with Saturn on October 14 forming a conjunction which happens in Virgo only every 28 years of course. This month it occurs within a few days of the New Moon in Venus ruled Libra creating a strong emphasis on the area of relationships. That’s our relationship with all that we value, not only with each other. Loving Venus has to face up to her responsibilities when she encounters stern Saturn. She can become fearful of commitment or seem cool and distant for a while. In Virgo especially she is aware of the smaller details and wants perfection so she could also seem critical. Give yourself and those around you the opportunity over the next few weeks to re-consider what your relationships are really about. Are we taking responsibility for our choices? Who we spend time with, what we strive for, the money that we earn, how we treat our environment, how we consider our neighbours, what gives us pleasure? These are all Venusian themes. Saturn teaches us what to truly value, sometimes by us having to let go of something for a while and sometimes by making it hard to win, but he always shows us what is actually worth the time and trouble if only we can make the effort. By the time the Moon has become full on October 26, Venus will have just opposed Uranus. This will give us the wake up or shake up we need to break away from any thing we hold dear for the wrong reasons. If you’ve been stuck in a rut or clinging to a habit through greed, fear or laziness then this is the time to move on to something more personally fulfilling and everyone will see the benefits as a result.

Solar Lunar Eclipse

Eclipses happen every three months and always come in pairs. Last month we had the second Lunar Eclipse of 2007 at 5 degrees of Virgo-Pisces on August 28. On September 11 at 19 Pisces we experience the second Solar Eclipse of the year. Its visibility is confined to parts of South America, Antarctica, and the South Atlantic. Both eclipses will shut some old ways of life down forever (as all eclipses do), leaving us opportunity to embrace the new and everything that we’ve prepared for up to now. Although all Eclipses take things away, this one should be harmonizing and balancing. We’re all about to be educated on a practical level, learning through forms of “right actions”. Saturn’s entry into Virgo on September 2 coincides with a trine of Saturn to Pluto that helps to facilitate change and transformation. On an individual level Saturn in Virgo is ideal for you to review your daily life and determine if your life reflects who you are. Take a long, slow look at the way you organize your life, from thinking processes to daily habits. Increase health awareness, and generally clean up your act. Its critical faculty works best where organization, system and order are required, but not at the expense of your spirit. Adding to the picture, two planets will change direction during this month: Pluto turns direct at 27 degrees Sagittarius – one degree away from galatic center, on September 7; and Venus turns direct at 17 degrees Leo on September 8. Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld is the planet that most represents the eternal cycle of death and rebirth. Venus is the feminine aspect of the divine. She represents our values and the qualities of life that will make us happy. She describes our ability to be receptive and vulnerable. These two days represent the nexus for the most intense period during this month. Transformational events frequently happen during Pluto stationary times; Venus being stationary adds to the intensity of the pre-eclipse period.

The next New Moon is at 19° Virgo on the 11th September at 1:45 pm

Moon Horoscope

With the New Moon appearing in Leo, this month’s focus is on life’s creative cycle in all its forms. August is a traditional time for family holidays and that’s as much to do with the Astro-weather as with any enjoyment of long summer days. This time of year is good for relationships with children, exploring new hobbies and creative outlets, having more fun, taking things easy and adding a bit of spice and romance to your life. Leo energy brings an increased concern with having impact and influence in the world, of showing leadership and encouraging self-expression, and of developing creative projects. Work is the last thing on our minds during these next couple of weeks unless it fulfils the need to do great things and get recognised for our achievements. What we value personally is especially highlighted over the next few weeks. This Moon Phase is dominated by the retrograde motion of Venus. She started her journey backwards on July 27 at 3° Virgo. As Venus reverses, she conjuncts the Sun on August 17 and will then rise before the Sun as the “Morning Star”. (Becoming visible after about a week) She begins her forward journey once more on September 8 at 17° Leo. Venus, the goddess of love, rules feelings and emotion, social attitudes and behaviour, along with our aesthetic tastes and inclinations. She also rules fashions and all forms of desire, money and wealth. She governs romance, marriage and other partnerships, our capacity for humour, and the pursuit of pleasure. During this retrograde period the things Venus influences will be less apparent, or be of less concern to the world. So this is the ideal time to reflect on values, relationships, and why we like or dislike whatever or whoever, including our relationship to money, wealth, as well as why we value what we do in our relationships. We are urged to rethink our personal values to see if they still reflect who we truly are now. This influence is strengthened over the next few weeks as Venus will be conjunct Saturn the entire time, thus giving us the opportunity to make needed adjustments in those activities ruled by Saturn. These include long term commitments and responsibilities, or anything which takes time or effort to achieve. If we can get over useless worry, anxiety or tendencies to criticism, we can take this chance to be pragmatic and practical in updating our likes and dislikes. This will leave us with firm values and conditions free from all the old subconscious desires or fears that were no longer serving our current day to day relationships to people and things.

The next New Moon is at 19° Leo on the 12th August at 00:03 am

Moon Horoscope July

As we move into July we say goodbye to the year long Saturn opposition to Neptune, which has had us all struggling to resolve ambiguity and make rigid attitudes more flexible but we now find that Venus is caught up in the final throws. She forms a conjunction to Saturn over several weeks and this can be seen on the evening horizon after sunset (weather dependant of course!) Venus’s link to Saturn is prolonged by her going retrograde on July 27 until September 8. In all our relationships with others there might be an emphasis on the need for compromise and cooperation as we acknowledge the long term consequences and benefits of partnerships or alliances. If we continue to be inflexible or controlling we are likely to be left dealing with a stalemate or standoff. Also if we habitually resist accepting our responsibility to others due to a fear of being answerable for self-seeking deeds we might find that events during these next weeks makes the alternative become more desirable. As always with Saturn, it might not be an easy lesson to learn but it is always worth putting in the effort in the long term.
The New Moon in Cancer is the best time to do a little self reflection, taking care to have one’s own house in order and to take time to listen to our intuition and instincts. The natural rhythms of life, our roots, background, culture and family are all highlighted at this time and it is fertile ground for developing stronger ties and links with anyone or thing that provides nourishment, on all levels. From the exact time of the New Moon and whilst she is moving through the last few degrees of sensitive Cancer before she moves into fiery Leo at 3:45am July 15 she is ‘Void of Course’. This means that the Moon makes no aspects to other planets until her change of Zodiac sign. It is never advisable to start a new project or venture at this time as it is unlikely to come to fruition. So if you intend to take advantage of the New Moon energy to sow the seeds of your intentions its best to wait those few extra hours. The Full Moon which traditionally heralds the culmination of plans, projects or endeavours falls near the months end and the ancient festival of Lughnasa or Lughnassadh, which is a harvest festival, marking the end of the period of summer growth and the beginning of the autumn harvest and traditionally well worth a celebration.

The next New Moon is at 22° Cancer on the 14 July at 01:04 pm with the Full Moon on 30 July, 1:48am at 6° Aquarius.

Blue Moon

This Month boasts a second Full or “Blue” Moon and with the Summer Solstice fast approaching, June should be a Month of heightened vitality with plenty of cause for celebration. The Moon enters Sagittarius on May 31 just after 6am and becomes full less than 24 hours later when it combines positively with Jupiter and Mars. This promises to bring a high-spirited and enthusiastic influence with increased productivity, optimism for the future and a greater sense of opportunity on the horizon. With Uranus providing some provocation, be prepared to seize any unexpected or unusual possibilities to further your personal vision.
This calendar month we see two Full Moons and the second Full Moon has become known as a “Blue Moon”. Though if you are living in a different time zone like America you get your Blue Moon in May where the Moon becomes full before midnight and therefore falls on May 31! For a Blue Moon to occur, the first of the full Moons must appear at or near the beginning of the month so that the second will fall within the same month (the average span between two moons is 29.5 days).The more recent trend using a calendar month has taken over from an older tradition when two Full Moons would occur in the same Zodiac sign. The first Moon falls in the first few degrees and the second towards the last of the 30 degrees that make up a Zodiac sign. Over the next twenty years there will be a total of 17 Blue Moons, with an almost equal number of both types of Blue Moon occurring. No Blue Moon of any kind will occur in the years 2006, 2011, 2014, and 2017.
The older Blue Moon event happens when there are four, instead of the usual three, full Moons in a season, or quarter year. Since this type of Blue Moon is determined according to the seasons, it can only occur in February, May, August, or November, about a month before the equinox or the solstice. Occuring every three to five years or so, the last was June/July 2005 with two Full Moons in the Cancer/Capricorn axis.
The rare phenomenon of two Blue Moons (using the more recent calendar definitition) occurring in the same year happens approximately once every 19 years. 1999 was the last time a Blue Moon appeared twice, in January and March.

The Full Moon this month is at 10° Sagittarius on the 1st June at 2:05 am this is followed by the New Moon on 15th June in Gemini with a second Full “Blue Moon” on 30th June in Capricorn

Bealtaine May 2007

May traditionally heralds the start of summer with the festival of Bealtaine, a cross-quarter day, marking the midpoint in the Sun’s progress between the vernal (spring) equinox and the summer solstice. The date of this fire festival which followed both lunar and solar cycles would have been held on the nearest Full Moon rather than the more recent May 1st date. This year the May Full Moon was on the 2nd but it varies each year. It is also interesting to note that before the Gregorian calendar was introduced to Ireland in 1752, “May Day” would have occurred 11 days later than today.
This Lunar Month starts with several of the tense and difficult aspects that occurred in late April now easing off and the volatile Mars-Uranus conjunction of 29th also behind us. Take some time to re-orientate as Venus opposes Pluto on 7th and watch how people try to reach for their goals despite resistance. Expect frustration and don’t rely on deadlines being met as obstacles and thwarted efforts cause delay. On 8th Venus moves into the sign of Cancer evoking feelings of sympathy, a yearning to put down roots, and a fondness for things that have stood the test of time. This is a phase where well thought out values and things held dear can be encouraged into taking on a greater significance. Some of last months stresses could return as Jupiter Squares Uranus on the 11th requiring some rethinking as a necessary part of life’s progress. Mars makes a challenging square to Pluto on 13th creating another test to see if ‘might’ rules over ‘right’ and as always with Pluto if an action is not for the greater good there will be debts to settle later. The drive to challenge others and assert oneself will be forefront during this coming New Moon phase as Mars enters its home sign of Aries on the 15th. This could be the start of another round of action in several spheres of life so expect to be busy for a while. Neptune begins its retrograde motion on the 24th (until October), as Venus makes a positive connection to Uranus bringing some new, interesting and welcome changes in our personal lives. During this time, on a global and personal level we might see some re-evaluation of our future vision with a greater striving towards high ideals and the possibility of innovative or unexpected attempts to create some cohesion through common values.
Next month brings us a Blue Moon, the first Full Moon of the month on June 1st with the second on June 30th.

The next New Moon is at 25° Taurus on the 16 May at 8:28 pm

Moon Horoscope April

This month we see the farthest Full Moon of the year on April 2, and the closest New Moon of the year on April 17. The April Full Moon will be about 50,000 kilometres (30,000 miles) further from the earth than the April New Moon. The New or Full Moon coincides with the Moon’s most extreme declination or furthest distance from the celestial equator once every 14 lunar months. We can expect particularly large tides and disturbed weather patterns during the week of April 14-21.
The New Moon in Aries is the first since the spring equinox which marks the beginning of the new Astrological year when the Sun moves into the sign of Aries. This is the beginning of a new phase and with a strong and harmonious fire trine to Pluto it suggests positive endings which are necessary to make way for a new lease of life. We all eventually have to let go of things belonging to the past which hold us back and keep us from enjoying our future. Pluto helps us with that process and we can be assured that whatever lies ahead is definitely for the greater good. Any endeavours begun with this in mind will be virtually bullet proof and a firm foundation is assured for those who choose to take a leap based on the faith that it will turn out all right in the end, whatever happens in the near future.
Venus in Gemini squares Mars in Pisces in this lunation chart so expect some stress between the male and female aspects. It manifests either directly between the sexes or within ourselves through differences between what we value and our drive to attain those desires. Venus in Gemini is overflowing with ideas and wants to communicate them at high speed, whereas Mars in Pisces tends to want to retreat and imagine something otherworldly.
Jupiter, the largest of our planets turned retrograde on April 6 which will bring a chance to review our philosophies and beliefs regarding our continual urge to expand and conquer new territory. This continues through until August. Saturn ceases his retrograde motion and goes direct at 18 degrees of Leo on April 19. Though appearing to be stationary before moving forwards once more this is another major turning point. Saturn in Leo brings lessons about maintaining worthy principles and ethics. This is a time where we are demanding transparency in all political and corporate affairs. Having learnt some hard lessons about leaders who fall too short in that department we are now ready to move forward again. The general feeling this New Moon is “out with the old and in with the new”, or at least a timely overhaul.

This months New Moon is at 27° Aries on the 17th April at 12:37 pm

Eclipse March 2007

During this Full Moon in Virgo we see the first lunar eclipse of 2007. Depending on the local visibility that night we should be able to see the whole show. It begins at about 10:45pm as the shadow begins to pass across the Moon’s face and culminates at 11:20, finishing around midnight. The total event lasts 73 minutes which according to traditional astrology, means that its effect will continue for 73 months ahead, that’s until April 2013! Also interesting is, that it can be viewed from every continent around the world. An Astrologer will look at the eclipse path (where on the planet it can be viewed from) to see which countries are affected – so this one will have a global influence. The watery sign of Pisces is the setting for the March eclipses and we can expect to get wet, with high tides, more flooding and storms at sea all likely. Events are often triggered when a planet, especially Mercury or Mars moves across the eclipse point. Dates to watch are 30 March, 9 and 23 April, 13 May. At the Full Moon Eclipse we have revolutionary Uranus conjunct the Sun and North Node and expansive Jupiter forming tense squares to both the Sun and Moon. This can be a moment of great personal awakening. Potentially, events or ideas occurring now give us a new perspective or shake us up so we move beyond any limited thinking. Heads can no longer stay buried in sand. Expect rigid or fanatical religious and political beliefs in particular, to be challenged. The resistance to this need for change is what will be experienced in the coming months. Those who cannot embrace new possibilities and alternative solutions to current problems will try to hold on to what they value, sometimes resorting to force to uphold their convictions however outmoded or inappropriate. Collectively we are experiencing a crisis of confidence in our established social, religious and political structures. The March eclipses occur whilst the ongoing backdrop of Saturn opposite Neptune draws to exact for the 2nd time on 28 February. We can soon begin to search through the rubble of our old certainties to find a renewed faith in something more meaningful and sustaining to our weary spirits. The New Moon Solar eclipse on the 19th occurs just days before the Spring Equinox and heralds the start of a New Astrological Year. This Solar eclipse can only be viewed from eastern Asia and parts of northern Alaska and its effect lasts about 4 years. It occurs exactly in Square to Pluto, whilst Jupiter makes a favourable angle to Saturn suggesting there is much within our selves and others that will finally be released to be faced with honesty and non judgment if only we have the courage. Around us we will see more hidden truths coming to light and we wise up to those who are out for their own ends at all costs. Rather than leaving us with a sense of betrayal or despair we can use the insights and understanding gained to build a more solid foundation for the future where fair play and long term benefits are the underpin.

The next Full Moon is at 13° Virgo on the 3 March at 11:18 pm with the New Moon at 28° Pisces on the 19 March at 2:43 am