Time 02New Moon Horoscopes for June 2016

New Moon is at 15° Gemini on the 5th June at 3:01am & the Full Moon is at 29° Sagittarius on the 20th at 11:03am (UT)




New ideas and propositions come your way and either your opinion or your decision required. Your challenge will be sorting out the confusion that always abounds at New Moon. Keep your focus with multiple, smaller choices made wisely, rather than getting carried away with the grand scheme of things. You might want to expand you local knowledge or meet up with neighbours to discuss some mutual project. This is a great time for encouraging new acquaintances as the general air of goodwill makes for strong personal connections and breaks through the barriers of unfamiliarity.


For a day or so you may be under pressure to take on new work or support projects that require investing funds into them. It may appear quite urgent, but this New Moon is a time when everything seems more extreme. Stand back and take a second look before jumping in with both feet. Wise investments made at this time can bring good returns in the next couple of weeks, but over optimistic spending could drain you in the same time frame. Get clear, then go ahead but one option you won’t have is sitting on the fence or putting it all off until later.


You find yourself shot into the limelight this New Moon as all eyes turn toward you to see what you’re going to do next. This may be rather different to last month and you will need to stand up and display your self-confidence in a way that wasn’t called on before. In a volatile situation you will need to have your wits about you as you will have a particularly high profile. The trick is to handle it with grace and not let it go to your head, as this too shall pass and you’ll want to look back on a performance that maximised the opportunities dropped into your lap.


This New Moon you may experience flare-ups from your unconscious. Both difficulties and profound revelations are brought to the surface. Deeply personal issues that are usually kept a mystery to yourself as well as others might emerge. As hard as it might be, don’t just say the first thing that comes to mind, or you may have to answer to something regrettable later. You detect things happening behind the scenes and you may want to act on this. Hold off until things come out into the open when you can make conscious choices. It’s better to know what you are agreeing to before you promise anything.


Feelings run high among close friends and an enthusiasm is available right now that can renew the goodwill and enjoyment that first powered your relationships. Now is a time to really enjoy getting together with your preferred social group or meet up with a bunch of friends. Cross words now might be the result of things having grown out of proportion. It can be worth risking upset to get at what you are really feeling and share it with those that matter the most. An approach of disarming honesty can make you welcome in unexpected places and bring you valuable allies.


New developments in career matters may have you quite wound up for a couple of days and the pressure to produce can be intense. It is as important to listen at this time as to act. There is certainly plenty of opportunity to aim high and getting noticed might get you a step further up the ladder. Thinking big is the flavour of this New Moon. What people are saying to you and about you is a reflection of your personal and professional status and you will want to make sure that you are being represented honestly.


It’s a great time for planning, thinking up new schemes, or rearranging the way you look at things. Patterns you establish now do not need detailed follow-up until later, so you can stick to generalities until you’ve got it all properly roughed-out. Put on the finishing touches later. Avoid hasty commitments, however, as you don’t want to be held to something ill-considered or not fully thought out. The temptation is to go too fast too soon and new ideas and dreams are abundant so don’t get lost in fantasy. Remember to make some practical plans too.


You may find turning over a new leaf this month includes tossing out the old and bringing in the new, but you should take a second look before doing anything regrettable. With the emphasis on really getting down to the bare bones of the issue and giving it a complete overhaul you may find yourself losing patience especially as it might involve waiting for someone else to fall into line with you. It’s worth making the effort and looking forward to the turn of the month as this will surely look much brighter.


This is a particularly ripe couple of days for finding a new partner or turning over a few new leaves with an old partner. You may find a flood of emotional opportunities coming your way and how you utilize them could largely shape the direction of a significant relationship. The message underneath is sincere and needs to be taken seriously. Breakthroughs can occur now that you both might have kept a lid on otherwise, and you’ll be glad you achieved the new closeness, even though you may not be able to keep it going at that level of intensity all month.


Make sure you’re not demanding too much of yourself this New Moon. You may find yourself running around like crazy sorting out everyone else’s problems. It could seem like the phone doesn’t stop ringing and the pressure or work demands are mighty, but you don’t want to run out of steam because you can’t keep up with yourself. You will not always have this much drive. This month take extra care to be sure of your own motives as important relationships depend on honesty. Choose any new path well before you embark or it will be a flash in the pan.


Anything you do for enjoyment will seem twice as good right now. But there can be a fine line between joyous adventure and risky behaviour, so try not to throw all your natural caution to the wind. You might be tempted to completely disregard your inhibitions at most or at least just overindulge. A good time to engage, with others particularly the fun type but to use this energy to its best advantage consider what is truly deeply meaningful to you in the longer term. There is plenty of opportunity for new projects now so look towards the greener grass.


This may mark a day or so of raised tensions at home as moods run high and personal space seems harder to come by. However, used creatively, this can lead to new ways of sharing and arranging your home life so it doesn’t overlap that of others. It’s a good time to start new home-related projects as a way to utilise the extra energy in a constructive manner. If you have been considering home improvements or expansion then it could become a bigger project than you originally planned. Be sure that the dreams you conjure up now are what you really want because they may just happen to come true.


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