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Astrology you can wear! ZC necklace

This is your personal birth chart transposed into a unique necklace. Each major planet is represented by a specifically chosen crystal. Your chart is mathematically calculated and then adapted into a bespoke item of jewelery. Individually hand made, beautiful and utterly personal.

Buy yourself a very special present!

Give a gift that’s truly personal!

Colour Chart A4 Poster

Colour Chart A4 Poster

To accompany the necklace you will receive a printed colour, A4 size, poster of your birth chart wheel with all the relevant astrological details for your reference and to frame if you wish. The poster is a copy of a hand drawn background with your chart overlaid. Designed specifically for Zodiac Crystal jewelry each one is personally prepared and signed by me.

With every Zodiac Crystal order I’m including a voucher entitling the owner to a 10% discount on their personal birth chart reading.



Marie at WorkThe Zodiac Crystal necklace is a collaboration between myself and Marie Pedroz. Marie makes stunning crystal jewelery which for those of you who have seen her work will know each hand crafted piece is not only beautiful but the carefully chosen stones also hold a high vibrational energy. More of her work can be seen on the Hummingbird Jewellery website or Facebook page.


Any event can be marked with a bespoke piece based on the astrological chart of that moment or day.

Birth of a child – Wedding – Coming of Age – Anniversary

If the exact time of the birth or event is not know the chart is calculated for midday on that date.


Zodiac Crystal necklaces are available to order locally through  Hummingbird Jewelery and through Etsy for international orders.




ZC Sepiachart

Sepia Chart A4 Poster

When you place an order you can choose an alternative sepia chart poster.

Your Zodiac Crystal necklace can also be carefully crafted with earthy and aromatic Indian sandalwood beads to create a more rustic feel.

Indian Sandalwood


Contact me, Astrologer Kate Arbon or Marie Pedroz at Hummingbird Jewelery for more information.

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Zodiac Crystal Jewelery  The Stones & the Planets  Astrology You Can Wear!

SunAmber is fossilised tree resin, containing the pure energy of the sun as it warmed the resin into liquid form. It’s energy is warm, bright & joyful bringing health & physical healing.

Astrological -The Sun is considered male, warm, & dry. It symbolizes the ego, the core of life, vitality (especially the heart), the concept of self-confidence as well as charismatic powers. The Sun finds its related power in the zodiac sign of Leo, the lion.

Moon Rainbow Moonstone An obvious choice, the ethereal & luminous qualities of Rainbow Moonstone perfectly reflect the receptive, feminine aspects of the moon. Bringing feminine intuition & lucid dreaming, the conscious & unconscious become one.

Astrological – The Moon represents cultural & ancestral aspects that shape your instinctive behavior & the way a person’s feelings vibrate with themselves & others. The Moon is considered female & is strongly associated with fertility & intuitive feelings. In the zodiac, the Moon is attached to Cancer.

Mercury Turquoise is a stone of communication for both the physical & spiritual worlds. It enables truth spoken from the heart, empowering the expression of creative energy. Ancient traditions speak of Turquoise as strengthening the connection between earth & heaven.

Astrological – Mercury is the messenger; with his mental briskness & his rhetorical abilities he is able to react accordingly to any given circumstance. Mercury symbolizes rational thought & intellect, the gift of mediation, common sense & the ability to verbalize. Zodiac ruler of Gemini & Virgo.

Venus Garnet Passionate & energising, Garnet represents love & devotion, commitment & desire. This is a fortifying stone to balance emotions, bringing strength & hope in times of crisis.

Astrological – Venus represents the feminine nature, the appreciation of love & harmony, as well as a sense for the arts. She can be amorous, & the sensual world of pleasure is often on the agenda. Zodiac ruler of Taurus & Libra.

Mars Red Tiger’s Eye is a power stone, bringing courage, protection & strength. Masculine in its energy, this is a wonderful crystal for women also to reclaim assertiveness & drive.

Astrological – Mars represents the life-force & physical energy that enables people to fight for survival & to accomplish tasks. Mars is the action & desire principle. Zodiac ruler of Aries & Scorpio

Jupiter Citrine is a stone of abundance & expansion; both attracting & maintaining wealth & prosperity. Raising self esteem, this crystal awakens the higher mind & promotes joy of life.

Astrological – Jupiter symbolizes expansiveness, optimism, generosity, a love of freedom, sense of justice & new experiences. Our relationship with the universe in the form of religion & philosophy is shown by Jupiter. Zodiac ruler of Sagittarius & Pisces

Saturn Smoky Quartz Grounding & stabilising, Smoky Quartz brings emotional calm & stillness, enabling one to do what needs doing with steadfastness & resolve. It brings a positive pragmatism to daily chores, promoting concentration & dissolving contradictions.

Astrological – Saturn represents experience, tradition, the course of time, structure & organisation as well as patience, endurance, restriction & limitation. Saturn also signifies long term gains & learning of life lessons. Zodiac ruler of Capricorn & Aquarius.

Uranus Labradorite is a highly mystical stone, containing a flash of iridescence which sparks connections with universal energy. This stone can help us tune in to our spiritual path, stimulating sudden changes of direction in life.

Astrological – Uranus represents electrifying energy, sudden changes, independence & the freedom to experience the new. Uranus symbolizes the changes in our lives which provides for unique experiences & spiritual purpose. Associated with the sign of Aquarius.

Neptune Lapis Lazuli A powerful stone for enhancing intuition & accessing the hidden messages in dreams, Lapis Lazuli works to open the Third Eye Chakra. It can facilitate spiritual journeying, bringing deep peace & understanding.

AstrologicalNeptune represents the psychic visionary gateway to higher realms, moving us beyond the limitations of the conscious mind. It diffuses reality inspiring fantasy or mystical experience. Neptune is associates with the sign of Pisces.

Pluto Black Obsidian is an uncompromising stone that forces us to face up to our shadow selves. Working quickly & without barriers, it enables us to assimilate, accept & heal our dysfunctions, ultimately bringing strength, protection & support.

Astrological – Pluto depicts the higher order of our spiritual evolution & a purifying element between dimensions. Pluto expresses a subconscious intent which throws back negative energy to its source for re-integration. Pluto is associated with the sign of Scorpio.

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