Astrology Workshops 2016

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Introduction  to Astrology  zodiac wheel

In this introduction any person with little or no knowledge of the subject will:

  • Become familiar with the language of Astrology.
  • Be able to start reading the glyphs, symbols and figures of a horoscope (chart)
  • Begin the interpretation of their own birth chart.

May 7th  Saturday

11am – 6pm Cost €50,

Venue  Kilcrohane, Co Cork

Chart Interpretation   ZodiacCrystalChart

Suitable for all levels but some experience of the basics is advisable.

This is run as a 2 part course over 2 days

During the course we will learn to:


  • Look at how each planet is modified by its placement in a zodiac sign.
  • Study the aspects between planets.
  • Identify the indicators for the main areas of life e.g. career, relationship etc.
  • Assess the balance of elements & qualities
  • Identify the main indicators in a chart and identify strengths, patterns, etc
  • Also discussed are Transits, life cycles and synastry.

June  4th & 5th Saturday & Sunday

11am – 6pm Cost €100,

Venue  Kilcrohane, Co Cork



The PlanetSolar_System_banners


The Wandering Stars are the main characters in Astrology and form the foundation to understanding any chart. Each planet has a distinct nature and expresses itself as a personality, adjusting itself to the current environment, situation and companions. The planet placement in your chart can be interpreted once you know it’s character and how it would behave in each Zodiac sign, house and in relationship (aspect) to the other planets.

These inner archetypes provide a way of understanding our own nature, preferences, talents, challenges and relationship dynamics.

Each workshop is focused on a planet and provides an intimate look at what it represents, what it corresponds to & how to interpret it’s placement in a chart.

We will also cover the meaning of retrograde motion and major planetary cycles.

The Workshops start at 2pm. After some brief introductions we make an in depth study of each planet. We break at about 4pm then for the remainder of the workshop you have the chance to explore & discuss it’s meaning in your own birth chart. Finish at 6pm.

  • March 20th             Sun
  • April 17th                Moon
  • May 15th                 Mercury
  • June 19th                Venus & Mars
  • July 17th                 Jupiter
  • August 21st            Saturn
  • September 18th      Uranus,Neptune & Pluto

Suitable for any level of experience – No previous knowledge required.

2pm – 6pm

Cost €30 each day

Venue Kilcrohane, West Cork.

All workshop and class places are limited to ensure a small group size so plenty of individual chart study is possible.

Light refreshments & hot drinks will be provided and you are welcome to bring your own food or something to share.

If you need to have your chart calculated and printed for the day please let me know in advance.

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*Refunds are available if the booking is canceled more than one week in advance of the workshop date. (If I can fill your place at short notice I will return pre-booked payments up to the day before the course)

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