December 2008 Grand Cross

The month of December has an energetic start comparable to a whirlwind. Coinciding with the New Moon of November Uranus started to move forward again, allowing a sudden release of energy. This is quickly followed in December with both the fiery planets Mars and the Sun conjunct in the fire sign of Sagittarius on the 5th. Use this assertive energy to initiate plans or start a vigorous physical exercise routine. Be aware that this is a powerful and possibly volatile combination too and can cause heightened tempers, impatience, arrogance and impulsive behaviour. The trend continues when the Full Moon in Gemini opposite the Sun in Sagittarius forms a cross pattern with Saturn in Virgo opposite Uranus in Pisces on the 12th. This is a tense dynamic that brings issues highlighted over the last few weeks to a head. People who were born in early March, June, August and December, as well as people with personal planets around 21° of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces will be most strongly affected. On an individual level we can expect to sense the need for making adjustments in areas of our lives that are not flowing or no longer express our true selves. Personally and globally we are gearing up for the many changes that we need to make over the next few years. Mars takes two years to complete a full cycle and is a critical trigger for timing events as it makes its aspects to other planets. Mars moves into an exact square angle to Saturn mid month, keeping up the pressure. The danger for those who are pushing too hard to get what they want without consideration for others is that they are likely to come up against unmovable obstacles. This is compounded just after we turn the year at Solstice on 21st December as the Sun moves into Capricorn to start its journey back towards midsummer. Following the darkest day the Sun conjuncts Pluto on December 22nd. This is probably the first obvious expression of Pluto in Capricorn. This brings a strong constructive push towards cooperation and organisation, discipline and authority, responsibility and all the things that take you where you know you must go. But take care. If your vision is only for yourself, what you create can’t last as Pluto insists it must be for some greater good. Ambition, practicality, and achievement are admirable, but they are means to an end, not ends in themselves. With all this forceful energy flying around watch out for ruthless power plays and bullying actions as the destructive side of Pluto is activated by a conjunction with Mars on the 28th.

November Full Moon

The Moon waxes to Full on the 13th November and then wanes away to bring the darkest night on 27th November before re-emerging as the slimmest crescent of the New Moon which in turn waxes again to Full. For thousands of years Astrologers have observed the rhythm of the Moon and cyclic patterns of Planets as they wander through the heavens. Over the centuries stargazers have observed cosmic events and noted how they parallel mundane events of human affairs. The Astrologer’s art is the interpretation of these “as above, so below” parallels. This month’s cosmic events can leave no Astrologer in any doubt that we are truly embarking on a new era. Early November saw the first of five oppositions that Saturn will make to Uranus between now and July 2010. The last similar aspect of this kind was in the mid 1960’s when there was very real social disruption brought about by civil liberties groups, radical social reformers and anti Vietnam War protesters who challenged the status quo. Another current major shift is signified by Pluto finally moving into the sign of Capricorn where it will stay until 2023. We can expect Pluto to relentlessly undermine anything which is not ultimately beneficial to the greater good when it comes to the established authorities represented by Capricorn. Within financial institutions, political hierarchies and organisations who claim to be upholders of social ethics we will see an exposure of the corrupt and deceitful elements. The necessary breaking down of these outworn structures clears the way for a more enlightened inclusive and sustainable social order. The “get rich quick” theme and economic inequalities are replaced by longer term values built on real community needs. The effect of these planetary events takes many years to play out. Resistance to such thorough change is felt both personally and in the larger social arena but these reforms are essential for our long term well being. Remember that although these next few years may be uncomfortable they are but a mere blink of an eye in the greater cosmic scheme of things and the history of civilisation.

October New Moon in Scorpio

This Month the Full Moon lies in Aries opposite the Sun in Libra. This Sun Moon opposition occurs progressively through the zodiac signs each month. The theme for October highlights the polarity between the individual who is always looking for the challenge to their assertiveness (Mars rules Aries-conflict) and the shared human desire for social co-operation and meaningful relationships (Venus rules Libra-harmony). The emphasis this Full Moon though, is on taking the dynamic beyond the personal as selfless and compassionate Neptune in altruistic Aquarius makes a positive and nearly exact angle to both Sun and Moon. This suggests the opportunity to employ our courageous and determined warrior archetype to push for desirable situations which bring us together with others in a way that is beneficial to all.
The turn of the month marks the great fire festival of Samhain (Oíche Shamhna) or Halloween which signifies the end of summer and begins a new year. Astrologically the New Moon in Scorpio reflects this theme of a new phase as we enter the dark days of winter. On the 31st October fiery Mars makes a favourable aspect to both Saturn which represents the old established order, and Uranus signifying things new, liberated and definitely not conventional. These latter two planets come into exact opposition for the first time since 1965 on 4th November. Interesting to notice that this is the day scheduled for the presidential election in the USA and the two candidates clearly personify the old traditionalist (Saturn) vs the new progressive (Uranus). With Mars involved in this planetary opposition the dynamic is being tested, but in a positive way. Venus in Sagittarius desires the opportunity to move on to bigger, better and happier times and she makes a challenging square angle to both Saturn and Uranus on 3rd November. This forceful position can often indicate a point at which “a corner is turned” in a demanding situation. Whatever the exact outcomes of global affairs in the approaching weeks we can be assured that change is coming, but it may be a while before we can see a benevolent order emerging out of the chaos.

September 2008 Harvest Moon

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The Month of September brings us the Harvest Full Moon and the Autumn Equinox. This is traditionally the time for gathering in our crops. With long hours worked under the light of the Full Moon we reap the result of our investment made during the spring. Since April and May this year things have been tough going. Pluto and later, Jupiter started their apparent retrograde (backward) motion. During this time we have also seen the apparent backward slide in political relationships and the global economy. (Dare I even mention the weather!)If you’re still waiting on projects to get off the ground, plans to be solidified and progress to be noticed in your personal endeavors then this waxing September Moon might see the floodgates of change finally released. This is also true in mundane matters that affect the larger community. We will see a lot of fast and furious planetary activity early in the month with Jupiter changing direction and starting the ball rolling on the 8th. Jupiter then makes a challenging angle to Saturn on the 9th which is a prod to work on the practical reality of getting our hopes and plans into a feasible form. Taking responsibility for our growth and forward direction over the next few months is key to this planetary aspect. But this should help give a down to earth approach to reaching goals. Also on the 9th Pluto changes direction and slowly moves forward again gathering its momentum in the coming weeks as it heads into Sagittarius. This could bring a release of new and transformative energy needed for us to evolve. As the Moon approaches full it encounters Uranus which has just had a head on clash with the Sun. Uranus is a “wild card” and we never know how it will be played. The energy can be electrical and it can wake us up from any unconscious slumber we have fallen into particularly on the larger scale of maintaining the social status quo in favour of radical and necessary change.Both Venus and Mercury make an easy trine to Neptune around the 17th to 20th – a good time to imagine the very best and reach for the stars. Just don’t be fooled into believing all is good whilst actually being deceived, by your self or others!

The Autumn Equinox occurs on the 22nd as the Sun passes into Libra and feisty Mars connects to the oceanic Neptune giving you the chance to act on your wildest dreams. Remember that belief and deeds go hand in hand towards success. As a finale for the month Mercury goes retrograde (apparently turns backwards) which gives us the welcome chance to reflect on the changes we’ve just witnessed.

The next Full Moon is at 23° Pisces on the 15 September at 10:14 am and the next New Moon is at 7° Libra on the 29 September at 9:13 am


Although this Full Moon may seem to leave you between dream and hallucination, you can now perceive and commune with your inner self, something you might have neglected recently. The intensity in the air breaks internal barriers and allows you to heal wounds, now that they have come to light. In more mundane affairs take extra precautions that private plans don’t come into the light, unless you are fully ready to go public with them. Avoid confrontations right now, which will put you at a disadvantage, use subtler means to gain your ends when emotions run high.


You now have the sense of having lived and experienced something in life. Ideas about what’s really important may be flooding in, showing you clearly what is of value and what has spent its course. Community concerns, and altruism in general, may get an added boost during this time and your sharp perceptions make finding new solutions easy.Whilst your thoughts may be on improving and making the best of a current situation and you can always bring an unexpected twist or insight to anything you set your mind to. Remember though that not everyone is as ready to make changes as you might be.


This marks an end of a time of questioning and feeling your way. Now you can get a handle on it, secure your position, feel whatever limits there are, and move forward. This may be the perfect time to actualise career matters that have been under development for a while. Public relations have extra influence from this Full Moon so you can get a fuller, rosier picture of just where you stand in your profession and what people think of you. The buzz about you comes in a rising crescendo that peaks now, so decide how you can make it work to your benefit.


This Full Moon you are likely to feel like a born doer, with an incredible drive to accomplish and achieve in life. If you try hard now you can push on toward whatever goals you have in mind. Whilst you have all that store of energy to drive you it’s also a good time to philosophise and take a turn toward more lasting values. You are exploring and searching, linking things together, following up connections of all kinds and finding the limits. If you want to take the lead, just be prepared to take the responsibility that goes with it.


This Full Moon is a time when you can respond to new ideas and find a footing on which you can build a foundation. You may be gathering resources, materials and finances to further your future and the situation you’re in suggests you do some mental or physical housecleaning. You’ll have the courage to toss out those useless things you’ve been hoarding, and the burst of freedom will do you good. Your mind may take a more studious turn, questioning, exploring, and searching for answers as you find yourself thinking about your needs in relationship to the others in your life.


This Full Moon focus finds you wanting to take a fresh look at relationships and make this a time to let go of all that’s worn out and uninspiring. You may be torn between neglecting personal concerns to attend to group or social affairs whilst needing to turn away from the outer world towards more personal and inner changes. As new information emerges you may be in a better position to measure your own appearance and how others see you. Finding the beauty and value in yourself and those around you allows for more harmonious and rewarding partnerships.


The Full Moon brings a time of change that finds you examining your foundations, responsibilities, and basic security. Your business sense is enhanced, and you are able to really get down to what is important when it comes to making decisions affecting your material welfare. Things of lasting value appeal. You might have to put up with minor inconveniences and irritations for the sake of what is really important in your life. Sacrifices made now will be more than repaid by an increased ability on your part to make dreams real. Attend to nagging details, to get them out of the way.


Your tendency to compromise and settle for less than you dreamed can be a problem as tension results when you ignore your own desires. You’re inclined to choose the path of least resistance, willing to bypass some of the things you always wanted in favour of expediency. Others may urge you on toward a more self-confident and outgoing attitude. This Full Moon is time for resolutions, for attempting to put into practice your ambitions and dreams and you may feel moved to cooperate and work together with others on community and long-term projects to achieve this.


Circumstances may urge you to great effort and hard work however, don’t overdo and try to go too far too fast. Despite appearances things are working with rather than against you so don’t get overwhelmed. Let things take their natural course. Meanwhile the Full Moon accent is on your home and private life, which could be very rewarding now. Your feelings and sense of security may find you seeking seclusion for a time or losing yourself in past memories. A lot of personal and sensitive psychological material may be surfacing making it a good time to make some changes and reach new levels.


This Full Moon shows you how your sense of honesty and truth is something that others sense in you and appreciate. Self-sacrifice and an understanding attitude on your part could have far-reaching effects on your own life-path or career during this time period. You attempt to balance the needs of your close relationships with the demands of your idealism. Focus on the essence of your situation. This month you might find yourself teaching or guiding groups or being asked for your help and opinions on matters of religion or philosophy. Even expect an opportunity for some travel.


This Full Moon is a time for getting down to business, stripping away and discarding nonessentials, memories of things past, and moving on, concentrating on the important things. You’re likely to be less sentimental about this at the moment. You find that you are able to bring more imagination to bear on your goals and ambitions now and that you have the drive to improve your finances and material security. You are able to be at your most compassionate and understanding when it comes to accepting and dealing with other people so all your relationships benefit from this.


This Full Moon finds you feeling like getting together and enjoying the social scene. You may not get a lot of support for the way you express your basic energy and drive as you tend to go against the crowd and somehow manage to create reverberation in those around you. Some may even find you overbearing, as your intensity runs counter to whatever’s wanted by them. You find your ambitions are backed up by the will to get things done. If you can avoid a very personal and reactionary response you may find you’re appreciated & appear in a good light in any group project or social gathering.

August 2008 Eclipses

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo on Friday 1 August signifies a time of beginnings, new directions, finding a new way of operating in the world or the opportunity to re-invent our selves. Things, people, habits and beliefs that need to change can do so now. The seeds of the current phase of change were sown earlier this year when we saw the Solar eclipse in Leo’s opposite sign of Aquarius in February. Since then our awareness of the issues facing the global community has increased. The urge now, prompted by the August eclipse cycle, will be towards a more humanitarian or inclusive approach to these common issues. A new understanding of our social role and the effect we have on others shows us that we can no longer operate in isolation. The eclipse prompts us to let go of established outworn ways whilst we adjust to the demands of the future. As the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse of 16 August approaches we can establish the new pattern in a more tangible or practical way. Those feelings, ideas, inspirations or ideals that have been brewing over the last few weeks can now be put into action. By the time the second New Moon of August comes around on 30th we will have seen a turning of the tide as many old ways are washed “under the bridge” allowing for transformation and a fresh start in various areas of life.
In Astrology the eclipse path or locations of visibility have special significance for timing of events as these regions are often affected by the influence of the eclipse on a national level. Expect August to be quite a busy month as you watch international news headlines unfold. Traditionally an eclipse heralds a major political, economic or other momentous upheaval. The August Solar Eclipse is total but can only be seen from northern Canada, Russia and parts of China. There may be violent clashes of will when leadership is challenged as some individuals make a bid for freedom under the influence of Mars as it opposes Uranus on 6 August. The Lunar eclipse which can be seen from South America, Western Europe, West Africa, East Asia, Australia and New Zealand traditionally influences internal or domestic affairs. It coincides with several aspects to Pluto which brings hidden things to light, unblocks obstacles and transforms what it touches. Neptune is also involved which suggests, glamour but also deception whilst a trine angle between Jupiter and Venus is very fortunate, bringing luck, great gains and favourable outcomes!

The next New Moon is at 10° Leo on the 1st August at 11:32am. The August Full Moon is at 24° Aquarius on the 16th at 10:18pm and the second New Moon of August is on the 30th at 8:59pm at 8° Virgo.

July Moon Phase

This month the New Moon is at 12° Cancer on the 3rd July at 3:20 am with the next Full Moon at 26° Capricorn on the 18th July at 9:00 am

After what seems like a long haul, July should yield a bit more progress. Fiery Mars moving into level-headed Virgo on 1st July is a chance to strive for personal excellence. It is all too easy though, to expect that it’s others who should reach a high standard of behaviour. We are harsh critics when the warrior planet is under Virgo’s refined influence. Using the energy to focus on ourselves, significant personal progress can be made. New Moon is always the best time to clear out the old, detoxify, make plans and start anew. The Cancer Moon is in her home sign and represents the very foundations of our inner life. We may be drawn towards our roots and family. If there are outstanding issues from our past now is the time to do whatever is needed to move on. With gentle Venus challenged by generous Jupiter we might want to give a “whole lotta love” or equally be made painfully aware of where kindness and care is lacking in our lives. On the 9th July the Sun opposes Jupiter continuing the theme of enthusiasm and personal wishes. This can create a case of “a bridge too far”. Real needs and imagined desires can get mixed up so be aware that looking for easy gains and quick fixes can undermine morals. These next few days can feel tiresome as Mercury briefly opposes Pluto on 10th July. There are likely hidden agendas operating and it can seem like walking through a maze. Deep consideration and total honesty avoids serious problems. To add to the frustration, Mars, full of drive and passion meets up with sombre Saturn on the 10th. Ration your energy using only what you need to get the task done. Don’t let fear or insecurity be your motivation. There is an important lesson to be learned. Projects or ventures begun now can be long-term successes. The Full Moon in hard working Capricorn on the 18th shows us a glimpse of what we have begun to achieve. The beneficial aspect between Mars and Jupiter on 26th July proves that acceleration is now possible and an abundance of energy is available to drive new projects and new approaches. Necessary shifts will occur and the way will be cleared for greater things when we see the next New Moon eclipse of 1st August.

June 2008

When the Moon and the Sun line up with the Earth at New and Full Moon the combined gravitational influence can be seen and felt along our coastlines as extreme tides called spring tides. This June New Moon is at perigee (closest to the earth) at about 360,000 kilometres away. (The year’s most distant New Moon in December will be over 400,000 kilometres away.) The gravitational pull is at its greatest, producing rare and exceptionally high tides. These are called proxigean spring tides and occur about every one and a half years. Expect large tides for several days, and some possible flooding if the high tides are accompanied by low barometric pressure, strong onshore winds and with heavy rain. June is also the month of the Summer Solstice. The Solstice marks the longest day (and the shortest night!) of the year in the northern hemisphere and is also the day that the Sun rises and sets the farthest north on the horizon, and is highest in its path across the sky. The path of the apparent orbit of the sun around the earth is referred to as the Ecliptic and it is here that we find the Zodiac constellations and the Planets as they pass through them. This Month we have five Planets appearing to move backwards, or in retrograde motion, through the Zodiac. Astrologically this serves to pave the way for leaps forward later in the year. Jupiter, seeker of higher truth, turned retrograde in early May. For most of June Mercury is retrograde through Gemini which gives us the opportunity to make corrections and go over the details once more whilst plans are slow to move forward. From May 26 through to November 1 Neptune is also retrograde bringing a heightened sensitivity which can be both an asset and a liability. Our feelings are more honed to picking up and perceiving the illusive. It is easier to discover information about issues that have eluded us while Neptune was direct and we may realise where we have been duped. It is important to listen to the “inner voice,” so that you can see more of what is going on. Pluto moves back into Sagittarius on Friday the 13th for the last time in 240 years to oppose Gemini by sign. This is the final review of all the challenges and changes we’ve experienced since 1995 and important realisations made now allow us to put key resolutions into place. Uranus, planet of change and liberation, also turns retrograde on June 26, which provides more of the alternative perspective needed for us to view situations as they truly are and we should expect the unexpected. During this time, chaos may be present either externally in the outside world or internally within the individual. Use this time to look at and compare the old way to a new way. The recent information we have gathered gives us the opportunity to make different choices.
The next New Moon is at 14° Gemini on the 3rd June at 8:24 pm

Easter Astrology – Spring Equinox

The yearly Calendar that is so familiar to us now has been subject to many changes over the centuries. The keeping of time requires complicated calculations and has been the cause of many disputes. Yet the Lunar and Solar phases are as important today for timing events as they have been throughout the ages. The next Full Moon falls on the day following the Vernal (spring) equinox which is when the day length is equal to the night. It marks the tropical Astrological New Year as the Sun enters the first degree of the Zodiac, the Cardinal, Fire Sign of Aries the Ram. Aries is traditionally ruled by Mars, (hence the name of the month “March”). This year it happens on March 20 at 05:49 am GMT. The cycle of death and rebirth of the new have been celebrated since time immemorial, on or around the spring equinox, which is why we celebrate Easter at this time. The date on which our Easter falls is determined by a complicated formula which generally means it falls on the first Sunday after the Full Moon which follows the Spring Equinox. This year, following the lunar cycle, Equinox coincides with the festival of Easter which falls three days later on the 24th March. Thankfully Moon Phases and planetary motion are easily recognised and occur with reliable consistency!

The next Full Moon is at 2° Libra on the 21 March at 6:40 pm

Chinese New Year

The next New Moon of the year is the second after the winter Solstice and marks the Chinese New Year of the Rat. Traditionally this is a year of hard work, activity, and renewal. This is a good year to embark on something or make a fresh start. Being well prepared and resourceful is the key if you want to see your efforts yield a good return.
The Chinese calendar, like the Hebrew calendar is a combined solar/lunar calendar which calculates its years to coincide with the tropical year (approximately 365.24 days) and its months coincide with the lunar months (approximately every 29.5 days) At least a quarter of the worlds population follow a lunar calendar to mark their festivals, holidays and holy days.

This New Year New Moon is particularly significant as it coincides with an eclipse. A total solar eclipse is when the Moon is exactly between the Sun and the Earth and we see the Moon block out the light as it passes in front of the Sun. We see the shadow of the Earth pass across the Moon as it blocks out the Sun’s light during a total lunar eclipse. The partial solar eclipse of 7 February is only visible in Australia and Antarctica but the total lunar eclipse of 21 February should be visible in Western Europe. Even if we cant see it the effect is still felt globally.
Solar eclipses are very powerful New Moons and are known to herald significant endings and beginnings. With Pluto at 1 degree Capricorn, it promises the emergence of new power figures on the world stage, and a sense of authority as we assert ourselves in our world. The ancient rule is that the effect of a solar eclipse lasts as long as the eclipse itself lasts in hours. Events that are triggered usually take six months to unfold, so you can expect the process of change to continue to emerge for at least this long. Anyone with anything important in their natal chart around 18° of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius – especially Aquarius/Leo) might want to pay particular attention to this eclipse.
This New Moon in particular and all the eclipses of 2008 are strongly influenced by Neptune’s presence. Neptune brings the dissolution of structures and represents our idealistic drives. It can also signify the disillusion that comes from having unrealistic expectations or finding out you’ve been deceived. We find that the mundane world is not satisfying our deeper needs which can lead to confusion or disorientation until we find a new meaning in life. To overcome this we need to re-establish a firm basis founded on something more reliable or trustworthy before we can move on.
Traditionally eclipses shut old things down creating space for new things to appear. The Rat Year suggests a time of common sense frugality and innovation born of necessity so expect new rhythms of activity based on a broader vision of what is truly valuable, practical or a priority in years to come.

The next New Moon (Solar eclipse) is at 18° Aquarius on the 7 February at 3:45am and the next Full Moon (Lunar eclipse) is at 2° Pisces on the 21 February at 3:31am

New Year Astrology

The New Year emphasis is on creating better habits, making resolutions for an improved lifestyle or using our time more beneficially. Now we get a chance to feel our efforts are appreciated, at least the ones which are designed to benefit others will be! When the Moon opposes the Sun, Full Moon, this month it does it from the Sign of Leo whilst the Sun is in Aquarius. This contrasts the need for our personal and individual creative expression with the principles of teamwork, co-operation and group projects. This gives us a supportive environment for working towards goals that benefit our friends, social group or community (local and global). At the same time our individual genius and creative efforts are recognised and supported by the community around us. To further this theme, Venus, the planet of appreciation and personal values, moves into practical Capricorn on the 24th. With this influence we are likely to feel that things of lasting value and which take time to achieve are certainly worth striving for. The mood may be less romantic or glamorous and our focus is on self-improvement instead of self-indulgence. This entry into Capricorn is followed by Pluto on the 26th signifying the start of a 15 year cycle. During this phase we will see a restructuring of major institutions and a change in the balance of world power. On a personal level the changes will be through a process of breaking down those inner barriers which have prevented us from accessing the ability to take responsibility for our role in society. On the 28th Mercury turns (as observed from earth) to travel backwards until mid February. This happens in Aquarius which suggests we could experience technical hitches and delays in telecommunications. Whilst mercury is in this phase we should take the time to review our relationship to the society we live in and ask if our contribution is equal to what we expect back. On the 30th, Mars, the planet of action finally begins moving forward after back pedalling since November 15th. Projects that have been on hold may at last slowly begin to unfold. Yet whilst Mercury’s is retrograde, it may take another three weeks before the wheels are really rolling along smoothly and we get back up to speed.