Astrology March 2013 – Mars in Aries-New Moon-Spring Equinox & the Comet

There are five planets and Chiron in Pisces at the start of this month. As the Moon conjoins Sun at the New Moon on 11th that makes seven in all and quite a watery line up. This strong Pisces energy suggests our attention is drawn away from worldly matters towards intangible realms. Considerations of a spiritual nature will be uppermost. It’s going to be difficult to focus on practical tasks, being organised, or anything that requires purely logical thinking. Until 17th March Mercury in Pisces, ruler of mental agility, is in its retrograde phase so it’s simply going to be more productive to “go with the flow” and use your heightened intuition to lead you. Relax and allow your dreams and non physical senses to guide you now as you’ll need to be rested and ready for action for when the planetary emphasis turns to Aries mid month.
Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and brings the potent vitality of youthfulness and the spring season. Aries has the fearlessness, yet some would say foolishness, of someone who hasn’t yet learnt from experience. Always ready to meet a challenge, the Aries nature can seem confrontational or aggressive to some. The Aries character is so full of eagerness to get on with life that any obstacle or competition it encounters might just be mowed down in the rush forward, often before there is a chance to consider the full consequences.
On the 12th planet Mars moves into Aries, its sign of rulership, and is joined there by the New Moon. Feelings could run high with passionate urges to act on impulse causing disruption and offence provoking further defensive retaliation. Events now could start a phase of determined action or outright conflict that may take months to resolve.

Along with the New Moon making its appearance on the 12th and 13th there is the potential for a special and possibly spectacular event. The comet Pan-STARRS might become visible just after sunset in the western sky. It’s due to pass around Sun on 10th March and whilst being so close it will be hard to see in the solar glare. But just as the new slither of a crescent moon makes its first show on the12th we may get to see it close by. It’s too early to know if it will give a good display and also until it becomes visible it’s not possible to give any reliable astrological interpretation.

People born whilst a comet is visible are said to be destined to play a significant role in making sweeping changes during their lifetime. As so many babies are born each day there would have to be several other indicators in a birth chart to support this for them to have a real impact. In ancient astrology comets have traditionally been associated with bad omens or great events that apparently alter the course of history. As this comet, if it survives it’s journey round our Sun, is likely to appear with the new crescent Moon, in the early degrees of Aries and in close proximity to the planet Mars the indications are that it will be accompanied by some assertive action and be the start of a phase that will bring great changes to the world. We are already in no doubt that the entire globe is in the midst of huge social, economic, political and spiritual renewal, so the appearance of a great comet to mark the occasion is not really much of a surprise!

If you have a good view of the Western horizon and it’s a clear sky about 30 minutes after sunset you may be able to spot the comet near the New crescent Moon.

2013 – The Astrological Highlights

The Astrology of 2013

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Saturn – Pluto

Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn will make three exact sextile aspects between December 2012 and September 2013. This pair are in mutual reception, (Saturn rules Capricorn and Pluto co-rules Scorpio) creating a supportive basis for the hard work involved in making necessary changes. This brings out the best qualities of these heavy duty planets providing some stability and allowing the use of will power to get through the more disruptive times.


The major astrological influence of our current time continues to be the square aspect between Uranus and Pluto. It first became exact during late June 2011 and will continue its influence until early 2016. I wrote extensively on this pair in the 2012 forecast and we’ll see more of the same effects throughout this year as it makes an exact angle twice, first on 20th May and again 1st November. This challenging dynamic brings revolution and power struggles which cause us to undergo a major shift of focus. Some people will have begun the shift already for others it will come later. “If we want to have freedom from material restraints (Uranus) we have to be purged of self importance and become honourable (Pluto). The struggle will be acted out on many levels as we are forced to face ourselves. We have to question what is really true and appropriate and what have we blindly accepted as a convenient or comfortable assertion.” Slowly as we become more conscious of ourselves and our motivations we will begin to see that whatever occurs in our world is a direct result of our own inner state of being. There will continue to be conflict and struggle in the world only whilst we are in conflict within ourselves. The peace and comfort we seek in the world will develop naturally as we cultivate a peaceful relationship with ourselves.

Saturn – Neptune – Jupiter

During the summer months we will see a series of trine aspects that culminate in a Grand water trine. This type of aspect is considered the most harmonious or beneficial and allows the planets involved to work easily together. Saturn in Scorpio made the first trine aspect to Neptune in Pisces in October 2012, the second is on 11th June and again on 19th July. On the 17th July Jupiter in Cancer moves into range to complete a triangular pattern known as a Grand Trine, in water signs. With Saturn representing “reality” and Neptune as the dream or illusory world ,we can bring the two together with ease. Be careful what you wish for! With Jupiter in Cancer adding to the mix expect an increased ability to manifest your desires and reach for the stars. Emotional responses can be exaggerated during this time but if you have honed your senses to be spiritually orientated this could even be a mystical experience. It’s important though not to let your imagination run wild as you may find you can be convinced of something that actually has no substance. At worst this could bring a spate of over zealous idealism.

Comets – Signs & Portents

This year we are told to expect two comets to pass close by and even be visible during the day light. The first should arrive by late February and remain visible during March whilst the second should be visible in the Northern hemisphere from October through to December. In traditional astrology a comet was considered a herald of major disruption to government or the fall of empires and kings. Until the comet makes itself visible it’s hard to predict it’s significance on a mundane level. We already know that this is likely to be a game changing year and the chances of there being major political upheaval is certainly on the cards. Meanwhile, we will have to, literally, watch this space!