Astrology February 2015, Sun Jupiter opposition, Mars Venus conjunct & A Second New Moon in Aquarius!

SunStarDuring the first few days of February we have a cross quarter day, Imbolc, which marks the halfway point between winter solstice and spring equinox. With it we see a noticeable lengthening of the day that heralds the coming of spring in the northern hemisphere.

February has also become a time for romance and the expression of love with the modern celebrations associated with St Valentines day. This year the month certainly starts with a “feel good” boost as Venus the planet of love, attraction and beauty connects with Neptune in the sign of Pisces on February 1st. This combination gives a sense of well being in the area of relationships of all kinds. Any tension that has been ongoing during the past weeks, especially in close relationships, should experience a reprieve as the Neptune/Pisces influence encourages making those unions without the usual conditions or expectations about who we should, or shouldn’t, be for each other.

As the Moon becomes Full in Leo on the 3rd opposite the Sun in Aquarius they make a positive link to Uranus and the South node of the Moon. This Moon/Sun combination brings a bold statement and some welcome positive creative expression and the Uranus/Node connection adds the possibility of an unexpected chance to break out of past habits or situations for the better.

The Sun moves into line with the big planet Jupiter to form an opposition on the 6th. This yearly event puts Earth between the two creating a stressful energy combination in our solar system bringing strong weather patterns and additional volcanic activity. This year because Jupiter is closer than usual to earth it will be particularly bright in the night sky. Watch out for a good view as it rises in the East after Sunset and remains very visible all night.

The quicksilver planet Mercury has been slowed down by it’s apparent retrograde journey as it moves between earth and the Sun and resumes it’s forward motion, from earth’s perspective on the 11th. It should now be possible to resolve any communications, travel arrangements or transactions that were delayed, misplaced or problematic in the last few weeks.

A big feature of this months Astrology is the New Moon on the 18th. As the second New Moon in Aquarius this year it is unusual for that alone but it’s also falling on an especially potent degree on the very cusp of Aquarius and Pisces. Just a few seconds after the exact Sun Moon conjunction the Moon moves into Pisces followed a couple of minutes later by the Sun. This gives us the opportunity to focus on making a mental leap in our conscious understanding. Aquarius represents the wisdom of the unified, collective or divine mind. Using the potency of the New Moon as a “seed” moment we can attune to that level of knowledge to take us forward into the next phase as the Moon waxes to Full in the sign of Virgo next month.

If you still need to lift your spirits a little further a good view of Venus becoming brighter in the early evening sky just after sunset should help. Her beauty is enhanced by the first sliver of the crescent Moon as she moves into the assertive sign of Aries on 20th to pair up with Mars who entered Aries only hours earlier. Venus and Mars together are a passionate couple and Mars gets his way in his own sign, so expect some straightforward, unambiguous moves towards whatever is desired. The positive contact with Saturn during the last week of February will give a stabilising effect to these “love” planets so you can make the most of that feisty assertive energy without losing all common sense and natural caution.

This month the New Moon is at 29°59′ Aquarius on the 18th February at 11:48pm

Astrology February 2011

This month’s early New Moon on the 3rd is Chinese New Year. It also makes a conjunction to fiery Mars in Aquarius which gives rise to a forceful trend during the following lunar phase. We may already have experienced volatile situations as demands for new ideals are expressed during the first week of February. This Sun, Moon, Mars conjunction also includes the asteroid Ceres, named after the Goddess who represents agriculture and food crops. As the Moon waxes to Full during the first two weeks of February, it may bring to light the impending global food shortages and inevitable conflicts over essential resources. These issues along with our own domestic financial and personal struggles are a legacy of the Saturn opposite Uranus dynamic of the last few years. This month sees one of the major heralds of change occurring. The asteroid Chiron enters Pisces on the 8th for an eight year period. It last sojourned through this sign during the 1960’s. Chiron, discovered in 1977 takes the name of the centaur healer and represents the deep emotional, psychological or cultural scars that prevent us from fulfilling our potential. Chiron’s journey through our natal chart describes the recovery from these wounds. On a mundane level, Chiron in Pisces previously oversaw almost a decade of revolution which changed the aspirations of entire populations. The zodiac sign Pisces represents divine chaos or the absence of imposed order and definition. It dwells in the realm beyond materialism and draws its sense of self from mystical roots. Whilst Chiron was in Aquarius the emphasis has been on our social systems and discovering where there is a “healing” required within those structures. The next several years will inspire us to look beyond our physical existence for strength as we search for what will heal our ailing spirits.
Jupiter, growth and abundance, moves into a difficult square angle to Pluto, power and control, on the 25th. Expect to see a culmination of rising tensions. Situations will occur where conflicts of interest arise and agendas are at odds as one side wants to out do the other to gain advantage.
Uranus finally moves from Pisces into Aries early next month which marks an intensification of the critical dynamic of the next several years. This astrological sequence adds to the overall evolutionary pattern emerging during 2012 -2015 when revolutionary Uranus makes a challenging square to transformative Pluto. This occurs in the innovative Cardinal signs of Aries and Capricorn adding to the theme of a new era approaching.

The next Full Moon is at 29° Leo on 18 February at 8:36am and the next New Moon is at 14° Pisces on 4 March at 8:47pm

Chinese New Year

The next New Moon of the year is the second after the winter Solstice and marks the Chinese New Year of the Rat. Traditionally this is a year of hard work, activity, and renewal. This is a good year to embark on something or make a fresh start. Being well prepared and resourceful is the key if you want to see your efforts yield a good return.
The Chinese calendar, like the Hebrew calendar is a combined solar/lunar calendar which calculates its years to coincide with the tropical year (approximately 365.24 days) and its months coincide with the lunar months (approximately every 29.5 days) At least a quarter of the worlds population follow a lunar calendar to mark their festivals, holidays and holy days.

This New Year New Moon is particularly significant as it coincides with an eclipse. A total solar eclipse is when the Moon is exactly between the Sun and the Earth and we see the Moon block out the light as it passes in front of the Sun. We see the shadow of the Earth pass across the Moon as it blocks out the Sun’s light during a total lunar eclipse. The partial solar eclipse of 7 February is only visible in Australia and Antarctica but the total lunar eclipse of 21 February should be visible in Western Europe. Even if we cant see it the effect is still felt globally.
Solar eclipses are very powerful New Moons and are known to herald significant endings and beginnings. With Pluto at 1 degree Capricorn, it promises the emergence of new power figures on the world stage, and a sense of authority as we assert ourselves in our world. The ancient rule is that the effect of a solar eclipse lasts as long as the eclipse itself lasts in hours. Events that are triggered usually take six months to unfold, so you can expect the process of change to continue to emerge for at least this long. Anyone with anything important in their natal chart around 18° of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius – especially Aquarius/Leo) might want to pay particular attention to this eclipse.
This New Moon in particular and all the eclipses of 2008 are strongly influenced by Neptune’s presence. Neptune brings the dissolution of structures and represents our idealistic drives. It can also signify the disillusion that comes from having unrealistic expectations or finding out you’ve been deceived. We find that the mundane world is not satisfying our deeper needs which can lead to confusion or disorientation until we find a new meaning in life. To overcome this we need to re-establish a firm basis founded on something more reliable or trustworthy before we can move on.
Traditionally eclipses shut old things down creating space for new things to appear. The Rat Year suggests a time of common sense frugality and innovation born of necessity so expect new rhythms of activity based on a broader vision of what is truly valuable, practical or a priority in years to come.

The next New Moon (Solar eclipse) is at 18° Aquarius on the 7 February at 3:45am and the next Full Moon (Lunar eclipse) is at 2° Pisces on the 21 February at 3:31am

Moon Horoscope February

The Full Moon of February sees the culmination of events that grew out of the New Moon of January 19th and with fiery Mars continuing to move away from the conjunction with Pluto we should see some of the intensity of the last couple of weeks lessen in areas of conflict. As both the Sun and Moon make a contact with Mars and Uranus now, we can expect to feel the need to make sudden or abrupt changes, move on quickly or cover a lot of ground just to get out of the current situation. The question to ask though is “what changes are you making and will they really improve your life or is this just change for the sake of change?” With expansive Jupiter in contact with the Sun as well, it’s important to remember that it is often the modest plans that will succeed and that you can get just as far with many small coordinated steps as you can with great leaps forward. So be aware if you’re feeling agitated, uncertain and uncommitted for a few days. Wait until it passes to make major decisions rather than have to backtrack later, unless you are happy to take the gamble!
There might be quite a few changes or surprises in store this month with relationships taking unexpected turns and thoughts about what we really value uppermost. Mercury begins its retrograde motion once more on February 14 so expect thing to move slowly especially regarding communications, transport and establishing agreements. That delayed Valentine’s gift could cause a few upsets! Frustrating as it might be over the next few weeks, remember that events are, in fact, restructuring themselves behind the scenes and we may be in for some surprises when all is resolved. The best response is to make as few assumptions as possible and don’t bet on the same old horses coming home. Be especially open to your own intuitive hunches and be ready to jump aboard a different bandwagon when it suddenly materializes. What you are looking for may come from closer by than you think and from those you might have taken for granted. Keep all this in mind over the New Moon Phase around February 17. Usually the New Moon is the right time to start afresh and begin anew but this month the New Moon is “void of course” until it moves into Pisces two and a quarter hours later. “Void of course” Moons occur every few days as the Moon changes sign and can last from a few minutes to several hours after the Moon finishes its last strong contact (aspect) to other Planets in its current sign and before it moves to the next sign. It is highlighted on this occasion only because the last major aspect is conjunct the Sun: the moment of the New Moon. In traditional Astrology the void prevents events from coming to a close as energy dissipates and intended outcomes are unsuccessful. The Moon’s movement and rhythmic contact with other Planets provides an important continuity, so if there is a break i.e. “void of course” things cannot carry through to their natural conclusion. In a way it provides the “wild card” or a chance for alternative possibilities to occur. But on the whole it is a time to pause and reconsider. Wait rather than push on. Reflect, meditate and consider before getting back to full speed when the New Moon enters the next sign. This happening whilst Mercury is retrograde is surely telling us to slow down and turn inwards to sense what your intuition says rather than take what is happening around you as the reliable source of information. This is a valuable time when it’s possible to have perceptive insights and gain a spark of inspiration that will give you the energy boost needed to get things moving again and perhaps in a new direction, very soon.

The Full Moon is at 13° Leo on 2 February at 5:45 am and the next New Moon is at 29° Aquarius on 17 February at 4:15 pm.