Astrology March 2013 – Mars in Aries-New Moon-Spring Equinox & the Comet

There are five planets and Chiron in Pisces at the start of this month. As the Moon conjoins Sun at the New Moon on 11th that makes seven in all and quite a watery line up. This strong Pisces energy suggests our attention is drawn away from worldly matters towards intangible realms. Considerations of a spiritual nature will be uppermost. It’s going to be difficult to focus on practical tasks, being organised, or anything that requires purely logical thinking. Until 17th March Mercury in Pisces, ruler of mental agility, is in its retrograde phase so it’s simply going to be more productive to “go with the flow” and use your heightened intuition to lead you. Relax and allow your dreams and non physical senses to guide you now as you’ll need to be rested and ready for action for when the planetary emphasis turns to Aries mid month.
Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and brings the potent vitality of youthfulness and the spring season. Aries has the fearlessness, yet some would say foolishness, of someone who hasn’t yet learnt from experience. Always ready to meet a challenge, the Aries nature can seem confrontational or aggressive to some. The Aries character is so full of eagerness to get on with life that any obstacle or competition it encounters might just be mowed down in the rush forward, often before there is a chance to consider the full consequences.
On the 12th planet Mars moves into Aries, its sign of rulership, and is joined there by the New Moon. Feelings could run high with passionate urges to act on impulse causing disruption and offence provoking further defensive retaliation. Events now could start a phase of determined action or outright conflict that may take months to resolve.

Along with the New Moon making its appearance on the 12th and 13th there is the potential for a special and possibly spectacular event. The comet Pan-STARRS might become visible just after sunset in the western sky. It’s due to pass around Sun on 10th March and whilst being so close it will be hard to see in the solar glare. But just as the new slither of a crescent moon makes its first show on the12th we may get to see it close by. It’s too early to know if it will give a good display and also until it becomes visible it’s not possible to give any reliable astrological interpretation.

People born whilst a comet is visible are said to be destined to play a significant role in making sweeping changes during their lifetime. As so many babies are born each day there would have to be several other indicators in a birth chart to support this for them to have a real impact. In ancient astrology comets have traditionally been associated with bad omens or great events that apparently alter the course of history. As this comet, if it survives it’s journey round our Sun, is likely to appear with the new crescent Moon, in the early degrees of Aries and in close proximity to the planet Mars the indications are that it will be accompanied by some assertive action and be the start of a phase that will bring great changes to the world. We are already in no doubt that the entire globe is in the midst of huge social, economic, political and spiritual renewal, so the appearance of a great comet to mark the occasion is not really much of a surprise!

If you have a good view of the Western horizon and it’s a clear sky about 30 minutes after sunset you may be able to spot the comet near the New crescent Moon.

2013 Astrology – Mars square Saturn & the Uranus Pluto theme

The year starts with Mars moving into a challenging square aspect to Saturn. So don’t expect to feel like throwing yourself into new projects until at least the second week of the month. Mars is commonly associated with all things “male” and is traditionally known as the god of war. We all have Mars featuring somewhere in our own birth chart and its placement will describe our personal relationship with the associated Martian characteristics. He is also the planet to look to for our physical drive, will power, courage and the ability to confront obstacles. The planet Saturn defines our boundaries as the furthest planet visible to the naked eye. He represents our restraint, limitations and keeps us bound to “reality”. In our birth charts Saturn describes how and where we feel inadequate and what we fear. When we see these two challenging each other it indicates that courage or fear, determination or doubt will take the lead. Will we be overwhelmed by a sense of inadequacy or find the will power to push on through? By the time of the New Moon on the 11th this difficult aspect will be waning but there is a lesson to be learned during the first few days of the month. Take note of where, or in what way, you may have felt the urge to strike out on a new course but perhaps drew back for various practical reasons or doubts about your ability to follow through. Over the coming year there will be plenty more opportunities to face your anxieties and vanquish them.
Many of us are looking into an uncertain future with further changes and disruption occurring throughout the social political and economic systems during the next few years. Events have been set in motion and we need to be flexible and resilient as our world shifts and individual lives are affected in greater or lesser ways. Being jostled out of your comfort zone is not unlikely this month as Venus, planet of pleasure and comfort makes a challenging aspect to unpredictable Uranus whilst joining with the small but mighty Pluto on the 17th Expect to be shown that something you considered necessary or desirable may need to be exchanged for an alternative option that will actually serve you better in the longer term. Messenger Mercury joins with our Sun on the 18th creating tension but also, potentially, illumination and clarity. Having choices between two options will come to the fore again as mighty Jupiter returns to a forward motion in Gemini on 30th
The background planetary patterns, involving freedom seeking Uranus and transformative Pluto, indicate that we are going through a momentous, inevitable and essential process which will take many years. The theme being played out, on a global and personal level, includes taking responsibility for our own wellbeing. It can be uncomfortable, or even shocking, to discover where we have failed to do this especially if we get let down by people or organizations we entrusted with the task. This is where those lessons learned about a false sense of inadequacy are put to use. We are all being forced to “grow up”. Knowing that beyond our doubts and fears we are in fact well able to rise to the next challenge is the reward.

Astrology News May 2011

This month we see a sequence of striking astrological events. The faster moving “inner” planets, Mercury, Venus and Mars take turns in making significant aspects to Jupiter early in the month. They then go on to make strong connections to both Neptune and Pluto in mid May. The month starts with six planets in Aries continuing on with the feisty and confrontational scenarios of April. Five of those planets form a close group, within ten degrees of each other, which creates a very strong focus of energy known as a stellium. Jupiter, as the slowest moving of the group, provides the central theme. Also known as the “greater benefic”, it moves us towards becoming something bigger and better than we are now. It represents the adventurer, the opportunist, speculator, explorer, student, visionary and seeker of truth. As each of the faster moving planets catch up and overtake Jupiter, they start a new cycle which will take 1-2 years to fulfil. As Mercury makes contact it will bring new information and ideas, enhancing connections and communications. Venus attracts good things, social occasions and pleasant surroundings whilst Mars raises the energy to get things done and confront issues. Under the Aries influence this is the right time to initiate new projects and pioneer the next phase of your life. How it will affect an individual will depend on where all this activity takes place in a personal birth chart. As Mars, Mercury, and Venus in turn enter Taurus between 11th and 15th they make a sextile (sixty degree) angle to Neptune. This supportive aspect helps to bring about the positive and visionary side of Neptune and also acts to dissolve boundaries thus making it easier to access our dreams and intuition. The same three planets then move on to make a trine (120 degree) angle to Pluto during 19th and 20th May. This advantageous contact to the “Lord of the Underworld” brings things into the light in a favourable way. Use the time to focus your will power on achieving your deepest and heartfelt desires. There is no better time to practice a determined and unbending intent on getting what you want. Be sure it’s above reproach though as there is always a price to be paid with Pluto if you attempt to win at the expense of another.

April Astrology Update

The New Moon opposite Saturn sets the tone for this month whilst we get a strong dose of Aries energy to fire us up. This is going to feel like two very different forces at odds with each other and there will be plenty of frustration as a result. At New Moon both the Sun and Moon occupy the same Zodiac degree and on the 3rd they are sharing that space with expansive Jupiter. This new phase is the time to get things started and plan for the coming weeks. Jupiter exaggerates things and we could get carried away on a wave of optimism as we head off towards the “greener grass” even if it’s simply to have any experience of something beyond what we already know just for the sake of change. There are a total of six planets in feisty Aries this month. That forceful energy is all for new ventures and doesn’t linger to see what the drawbacks might be or look over its shoulder at the debris left in its wake. The impulsive warrior planet Mars enters its own sign, Aries on the 2nd and joins with erratic Uranus. This is another volatile combination that suggests the urge to break free of restraints is combined with force or aggression. The sixth planet in the mix is fast moving Mercury, now in retrograde motion until 23rd. As it travels backwards passing over Jupiter the Sun and Moon the messenger planet will bring news of the bold moves being taken and the inspiring ideas will spread like wildfire to those who are receptive. All this fresh momentum that is driving for change will be severely hampered by Saturn who is sitting in opposition in Libra. He is going to cause delays and setbacks as he puts the brakes on the impetuous planets in Aries. This is going to prove that what started as a decisive action is turning into a long and drawn out struggle against a mighty force. The influence of what has been in place over a considerable time is not to be underestimated and no amount of passionate rebellion or upsurge of energy is going to oust it without a struggle. We may have all the good intentions and an enthusiastic drive for change but this is going to be a long haul and deep seated and stubborn habits don’t give way that easily.

Astrology 2011

As we leave 2010 behind some of us may breathe a sigh of relief. It was a tough year all round. The tense cardinal T square that dominated the astrological pattern since 2008 has fulfilled its purpose. The financial, political and religious systems that we had in place have shown themselves to be broken, or at least in desperate need of an overhaul. Much of what we thought we were sure of in the world has to be redefined. We need to find new ways forward because going back isn’t an option. We start 2011 with an uncertain landscape. The astrology for this year reinforces the movement towards change and innovation with an absence of stressful aspects from the outer planets.

Jupiter, known as the great benefic, takes the leading role in the heavens this year. He represents our goals and aspirations, religion, philosophy, law, ideals and all that makes us bigger or better. The only negative side to the great planet is when under difficult planetary influences there is a tendency towards excess or too much of a good thing! This year though the theme is towards growth and increase in all that he touches. After a conjunction to Uranus in January, he makes a challenging square to Pluto in February, a difficult opposition to Saturn in March, an easy sextile to Neptune in June and a beneficial trine to Pluto in July and October. How these aspects affect you personally depends on where they fall in your own birth chart.

Using the 1949 chart (creation of the republic) for Ireland we see that this year the country is choosing or reaffirming its identity and path forward. This is a turning point, a time of transition and restructuring. Though the early year will be marked with changes, disruptions and adjustments as the months progress we can begin to see there are rewards for sacrifice, patience and perseverance.

A potent solar eclipse on January 4 marks the beginning of a 14 year cycle as it brings the expansive planet Jupiter together with innovative Uranus together in Pisces for the third and final conjunction. The previous two occasions last year were in June and September whilst making stressful aspects to Saturn and Pluto creating disruptive and volatile situations. Now in January we experience a harmonious trine to beneficial Venus instead. This is likely to highlight our true values with an urge to make a leap of faith or take a risk to achieve ‘being true to ourselves’. For Ireland as a whole this falls in the area of the chart which represents our communications especially amongst neighbours and kinfolk. It also makes a challenging aspect to Uranus in the chart which represents the people’s individuality and sense of freedom. This is a time for breaking out of old patterns, structures and routines and for discovering the uniqueness of the nation. Expect occasional periods of emotional excitability, unrest and instability. We will see more demonstrations which express the values of the country and an increase in radical activities which voice the desire for reform or revolution.

During February there is a need to look closely at the problems in the property market as Jupiter challenges Pluto on 25th and causes stresses in the global economy. Also with pressure from big finance the nation could feel the burden as Saturn opposes Ireland’s Sun. There may be a departure or break in leadership as politicians face up to individual responsibilities.
March is the time to get a shoulder behind the obstacle and give it a gentle shove. We are at another new cycle point indicating social and political change. On the 28th Jupiter is opposite Saturn which represents the established status quo. This half way mark in the great Jupiter Saturn cycle coincides with the Mars in Ireland’s chart. Successful action can be achieved if there is enough determination. This is an excellent business period, or time for initiating enterprises and starting new projects. It is also one of the best transits possible for making decisions and negotiating deals, just be sure to avoid the “get-rich-quick schemes”. A strong and assertive effort to put ideals into action is called for.

During April or by the end of May we could well have taken that leap of faith. We certainly will have turned a corner and found new leadership. Also there is sense of invigoration as exciting potentials for enterprise emerge. Priorities are decided. Old contracts are torn up either metaphorically or literally and there seems to be hope on the horizon now. This is a quiet period astrologically but things are still happening in our daily lives and this is a chance to feel that some good work has been done.

June and July bring two more solar eclipses. On June 1 there is a positive aspect to Saturn which provides realism and stability and this is reflected in Ireland’s chart. On July1 the eclipse is followed on 7th by Jupiter making the first of three harmonious aspects to Pluto. This suggests the beginning of a phase in which a new style of business ventures or projects can prosper. These are likely to be successful when built on sound sustainable principles. During this time it is important to guard against any over speculation or false optimism. Non material gains are highlighted during these summer months with a reforming of social, spiritual and moral ideals.

Towards the end of July we may see some more unrest as the need to assert the individuality of the nation becomes an issue. There could be power struggles in several countries worldwide during August as the fight for control of resources reaches a peak. There maybe some hints of the issues we will have to face over the next few years as Uranus moves closer to making a difficult square aspect to Pluto. These undercurrents herald the movement towards a new social political balance globally.

The autumn months of the year don’t bring any major astrological events and the job of reforming our civil organisations continues. The mood is generally one of patience and perseverance with a good amount of constructive optimism thrown in. Ireland will continue to adjust to its new position in life and refine its vision for the future. Jupiter makes its third trine to Pluto on October 28 and the process of revitalising the social, financial and welfare systems towards their new potential has been firmly established.

The fourth solar eclipse of the year occurs in Sagittarius on November 25 and signals another ending of an era as it makes way for the next phase. Ireland has been through the first stages of re-inventing itself and has a clearer idea of the way forward. The next few years will see many other countries taking their own steps towards reclaiming their identity and integrity as the rebalancing process continues into 2012.

April 2010 Pluto retrograde

This month sees two planets turn retrograde. A planet is said to be in retrograde motion when it appears to travel backwards from our earthly perspective. All the planets do this periodically and the faster moving bodies do it more frequently. The Sun and Moon, also known as the Luminaries are the exception and always move in a direct or forward motion. Astrologically a planet in retrograde will express itself in a more inward and personal way.
Mercury will be in a retro phase from 18 April through to 11 May. Mercury is the planet of communication, acting like quicksilver, fast and hard to pin down. It also rules local travel and our thinking process. Although it has become popular to expect everything to go wrong during a Mercury retro phase this is far from the truth of the event. The slowing down and backward motion provides us with an important chance to re-evaluate, re-negotiate or re-consider where we might otherwise have pressed ahead only to have to return to it later. Use this phase to catch up with the paperwork.
The slow moving Pluto is also about to turn retrograde, 7 April through to 14 September. The nature of this heavyweight ‘planet’ is to purify and transform all that’s not working towards our best interests. It does this from within and will often bring to light previously unrecognised problems that have been blocking our progress. Pluto acts as a purging agent and can sometimes feel uncomfortable. We are often quite attached to the things, habits, beliefs, relationships or structures that need to be cleared out to make way for a new and improved version! This is a great time to undertake any kind of psychological therapy, diet cleanse or detox programme. Pluto turning retrograde in Capricorn will remind us that our outer world is only as good as our inner world and that there is work to be done. Specifically it will show us where things are not working within our social systems, governments, financial and other institutions as a result of our collective human failings. Though we may have already seen the result of failures in our social structures we may not have seen much change in their way of operating. This important retrograde period is a big ‘reality check’ and will initiate a deep reconsideration about the long term sustainability of these organisations. Attention will have to be given to our personal social responsibilities and obligations to the wider community. During this Pluto retrograde phase we will see the beginnings of necessary change at the very grass roots of our society.

Astrology for March 2010

The Month starts in the wake of the “full on” Full Moon of February. With the Sun conjunct mighty Jupiter there was the feeling of it all being a bit extreme. Big events grabbed our attention and seemed to bowl us along as the high energy reached a peak. The rest of the month looks like it will be quite eventful too. A whole new wave of energy is released as Mars begins its forward motion again on the 10th. This fiery planet represents our drive towards our goals, desires and achievement. Whilst Mars, our warrior energy has been moving backwards there has been the need to postpone things or wait with some impatience. There maybe reason to be pleased that you didn’t push forward as the chance to re assess situations now proves its usefulness. Try to use the days around the 10th when Mars is at a standstill to gather your resources and don’t allow frustrations to turn into confrontations. People with planets in the first degree of the fixed signs, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus are particularly affected. As we move towards the New Moon on the 15th life might seem to be buzzing with news, ideas, conversation and revelation. Both Mercury and Uranus join up with the Sun Moon combination to form a very sparky dynamic in mystical Pisces. Mercury is quicksilver and always flitting from one thing to another, making connections and bringing new information whilst Uranus can act like a lightning bolt and give “eureka” moments. Expect fast witty exchanges as the whirlwind energy whips up new thoughts and exciting future plans. More new beginnings are possible as the Sun makes its annual entry into the first cardinal sign of Aries at the Spring Equinox on 20 March. The start of the new season is marked by a tense combination of planets that echo the transforming qualities of the whole year. Both Mercury and Uranus together with the Sun receive strong challenging aspects from Pluto and Saturn. To get the best from these powerful influences remain centred and avoid being drawn into arguments of ideology or conflicts of interest. Use the energy to tap into a creative stream of inspired thought whilst testing insights with sound reason. If you can reach up to embrace the “bigger picture” rather than focus on personal trivia, then you have achieved something worthwhile.

Astrology for February 2010

Mars and Saturn are known as the two “malefics” in traditional astrology. This is partly because they are the planets most likely to cause us trouble. Both are currently in retrograde, or seeming to travel backwards. Mars changes to forward motion once more in early March whilst Saturn turns again at the end of May. This is a period when we have to stop trying to make “stuff happen” and review what has already occurred. If we try to push ahead with our projects, deals or enterprises, chances are we will have to return to the planning stage soon anyway. Saturn represents business generally, rules, plans, strategy, structure, “the system” and authority. This is our chance to press pause and take stock. Rethink your plans and renegotiate your contracts or commitments now. Rewrite rules and amend regulations. Repair structures etc. Mars as the planet of action, retrograde, means we can examine our past actions and reconsider the consequences. This gives us the benefit of hindsight whilst we can still do something about it. Personal energy is at a low point and our focus is inwards. If we don’t like the mess we find ourselves in or the restrictions that “bad” decisions have placed on us then these few weeks are our time to work out a new strategy so we can do it differently when Mars and Saturn start to move forward again.
Saturn and Mars act as a backdrop to this month whilst the highlights occur at the two major Moon phases. The Sun conjuncts Neptune at the New Moon on 14 February. This might add a romantic glow to St Valentines day. Neptune can blurr the edges of our perception for good or bad. Joined with the Sun which is our vitality and essence or identity we can become disorientated, confused or just a bit woolly. The New Moon is the start of a new cycle and a good time to set a new course but it might not bode well for clear forward direction. Yet Neptune can also blurr distinctions in a beneficial way, dissolving boundaries that set us apart form others. A great deal of compassion or empathy can be experienced now. Placed in altruistic Aquarius we could see people moved to various humanitarian acts of kindness. We can afford to be fairly optimistic with the great benefic Jupiter, now very happy in its own sign, Pisces. The Sun moves to join Jupiter at the Full Moon phase on 28 February. Expansive Jupiter conjoined with the brilliance of the Sun at a time which is a natural climax in the Sun-Moon cycle could mark a major moment. Expect it to be big and bold. Jupiter is intrepid in its determination to move into new territory and will sometimes be carried forward on a wave of righteous belief in its cause. The energy will be vibrant and expectations grand. It’s certainly a good moment to manifest some of your highest ideals.

Planet news for November 2009

The month of November starts with the Full Moon in Taurus on the 2nd. The Taurean is a creature of earthy sensuality and taking time to share a leisurely meal with friends and loved ones is a worthwhile occupation this week. The gentle energy brought in by the Moon will be a welcome reprieve from the fraught and tense dynamic felt since the last week in October. Feisty Mars in Leo has been in a stressful aspect to the Sun in intense Scorpio bringing frustration and challenges to our personal efforts. This influence continues to ease and will have passed by the time of the New Moon. By then we should be beginning to enjoy the beneficial effect of Mars in Leo which continues until early June 2010. Energetic Mars is at his best in an enthusiastic fire sign and in Leo is extrovert and playful. This is a good time to put your energy into new projects that are self promoting, providing the opportunity for greater self respect or much needed appreciation from others. Both Mars and Saturn are usually considered to be the most potentially destructive planets, known as the two malefics in traditional Astrology. During the next months they are both behaving well. Whilst Mars is easy in Leo, Saturn is at his happiest in Libra. He will be transiting this sign from now until October 2012. In Libra, Saturn, known as Lord of Karma, becomes his most dignified self. This is an opening to clear up old karmic debts and make great personal progress in our life lessons through the way we cooperate with others. The sign of Libra emphasises our relationships and the way we include others as equals in our lives. All dealings with another involves some form of contract even if it’s unspoken or unconscious. We always have an agreement to play a certain role or fulfil certain needs in our social interactions whether as an employer/ employee a business association or an intimate partnership. During this time we will need to take greater personal responsibility in all of life’s contracts. This includes the “contracts” we make with our self as we re evaluate our personal position in the world. Use the Scorpio New Moon to dig deep into your inner world and reveal what needs your attention now.

August Astrology Lunar Eclipse 2009

With the strong Astrological influences of the last several weeks it would be hard to find anyone who has not experienced some significant change or upheaval. Now August sees the third in a series of eclipses this summer. Visible from Europe this is a penumbral eclipse, which means that just the edge of the earth’s shadow will be crossing the Moon. Expect some instability as the change in the electromagnetic energy surrounding the earth during a Full Moon affects us mentally and neurologically. Full Moon always heightens human emotions making us more openly expressive. It also brings matters to fulfilment and hidden or unconscious issues are brought into the light. The Lunar eclipse further accentuates our emotional responses. This Moon will be in freedom loving Aquarius whilst the Sun is in courageous Leo suggesting we might take a bold step towards greater personal freedom. We may need to explore the critical balance between intimacy and personal space or individual identity and our role alongside others. We may have recently chosen to claim our autonomy at the expense of a close relationship or compromised our sense of personal expression to be part of a group. Whatever the circumstances this Full Moon will show up the failings in those choices, with the chance to review or re-negotiate. Eclipses help correct the course of your life as one phase ends and a new one begins, remember that this is all good and a necessary part of your growth. Any aspect of your life that is not in line with your true life’s purpose will see the most significant change. Where the eclipse falls in your personal chart will show this. Aquarians and Leos are strongly affected. As resistance finally begins to give way you will experience a greater sense of integrity. New and untapped creative possibilities will be revealed as you let go of beliefs that don’t match up with your present version of reality. Redundant ideals or dreams may need to be relinquished. This can sometimes be painful but is necessary. You might experience the feeling of coming to your senses as you realise that what was true for you yesterday is no longer valid and the present is seen in a new light. This is the time to redefine your personality and re-create your self image.