Summer Solstice 2009

June is the month of our midsummer Solstice with the longest days and shortest nights. The Sun moves into the sign of Cancer on the 21st whilst it lingers at its most northerly position for a few days before beginning its return path towards the Winter Solstice point.
This month also sees a lot of planetary jostling as several of the outer planets change their course and some major aspects are formed. June kicks off with both Venus then Mars making a favourable angle to Pluto. The dwarf planet must not be underestimated when assessing its astrological impact. With Pluto we can rightly use the expression “the truth will out”. Since early April and through to September it’s in retrograde motion which means much necessary delving back into the past to expose what has been kept hidden until now. With Venus, our personal values, and Mars, our desire to act, both backing up the call “to come clean” we are likely to see more disreputable revelations surrounding our institutions and authority figures. Saturn, also known to some as “Lord of Karma” can signify our past deeds catching up with us. In late May he started his forward motion for the first time this year which starts the process of reckoning and utilising what we have learnt over these difficult few months. With the Full Moon on the 7th in a challenging 90 degree angle with Saturn there could be a general feeling of doubt or insecurity as things come to a head and what might have been considered trustworthy in the past is now seen as rather dubious yet we are still unsure as to how we should go forward. Neptune, master of illusion, deception and idealism started its apparent backward motion at the end of May. Mighty Jupiter also turns retrograde on the 15th continuing the conjunction with Neptune (as discussed last month). This planetary retracing of steps occurs until autumn, allowing us more time to reflect on what’s being highlighted, particularly around those in powerful public positions, ensuring a more lasting and long term consequence from what arises now.
The Month plays out with Uranus the bringer of change, revolution and innovation starting its backwards motion, traveling once more into an opposition to steady Saturn, ongoing during the past year and into 2010. As we struggle to find a balance between constancy and chaos the tension can be felt on a personal level and observed globally as social/political events unfold. Traditions and established attitudes left unchallenged leads to entrenchment in outmoded values whilst ill considered radical reform or divergence can create instability and confusion. Such are the challenges currently faced by us as individuals and as nations.

Neptune Jupiter conjunct Chiron in Aquarius May 2009

For Astrologers the headline news this month is the gathering together of Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron for a triple conjunction at 27 degrees of Aquarius on 27 May. This configuration has been building over the last several months and will continue in influence through to 2011. Strongly affecting people born between February 12 -16 who have their Sun placed there, it will also be particularly significant for anyone with planets at 27 degrees of Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio.
Chiron, discovered in 1977 is actually thought to be a comet on a long term visit to our corner of the universe but manages to play a powerful role in Astrology nonetheless. Mythical Chiron was a centaur. Wounded accidentally by his fellows and despite being a talented healer, much sought after by the Gods, he was unable to heal himself and suffered immense pain. To alleviate him the Gods allowed him to sacrifice his immortality and become human so he could die. He was then gifted new immortality by being placed amongst the stars. Chiron in our natal charts signifies a personal lesson which teaches compassion and empathy via suffering. It is often from our most deeply wounding experiences that we learn what it means to be human.
Jupiter combined with Neptune occurs roughly every 12 years and can feel like a gift from the Gods. Idealistic, visionary Neptune together with benevolent, expansive Jupiter sounds like a recipe for our wildest dreams to be realised. But there can be an impracticable delusory side to Neptune and optimistic Jupiter can have us overreaching our capabilities. Historically this pair joined with Chiron in 1114 and in 1881and most recently in Libra in September 1945. These were years of massive social change but only after much conflict and hardship. The end of the World War followed the detonation of two atomic bombs. Perhaps it is only when things get taken to their extremes (Jupiter) that we come to our senses (Neptune).
This time round the planets are lining up in the altruistic sign of the social reformer, Aquarius. Positioned here we can expect to see situations where individual needs have been sacrificed for the greater good but also that things have gone too far and lost integrity. When Chiron is involved it implies a need to sacrifice one thing so something greater can be received. The planets suggest that through an empathy brought about by shared suffering we will seek new opportunities to fulfil our dreams and visions for more socially equal common future.

The next Full Moon is at 19° Scorpio on the 9 May at 6:02 am and the New Moon is at 3° Gemini on the 24 May at 2:12 pm

Moon Horoscope

With the New Moon appearing in Leo, this month’s focus is on life’s creative cycle in all its forms. August is a traditional time for family holidays and that’s as much to do with the Astro-weather as with any enjoyment of long summer days. This time of year is good for relationships with children, exploring new hobbies and creative outlets, having more fun, taking things easy and adding a bit of spice and romance to your life. Leo energy brings an increased concern with having impact and influence in the world, of showing leadership and encouraging self-expression, and of developing creative projects. Work is the last thing on our minds during these next couple of weeks unless it fulfils the need to do great things and get recognised for our achievements. What we value personally is especially highlighted over the next few weeks. This Moon Phase is dominated by the retrograde motion of Venus. She started her journey backwards on July 27 at 3° Virgo. As Venus reverses, she conjuncts the Sun on August 17 and will then rise before the Sun as the “Morning Star”. (Becoming visible after about a week) She begins her forward journey once more on September 8 at 17° Leo. Venus, the goddess of love, rules feelings and emotion, social attitudes and behaviour, along with our aesthetic tastes and inclinations. She also rules fashions and all forms of desire, money and wealth. She governs romance, marriage and other partnerships, our capacity for humour, and the pursuit of pleasure. During this retrograde period the things Venus influences will be less apparent, or be of less concern to the world. So this is the ideal time to reflect on values, relationships, and why we like or dislike whatever or whoever, including our relationship to money, wealth, as well as why we value what we do in our relationships. We are urged to rethink our personal values to see if they still reflect who we truly are now. This influence is strengthened over the next few weeks as Venus will be conjunct Saturn the entire time, thus giving us the opportunity to make needed adjustments in those activities ruled by Saturn. These include long term commitments and responsibilities, or anything which takes time or effort to achieve. If we can get over useless worry, anxiety or tendencies to criticism, we can take this chance to be pragmatic and practical in updating our likes and dislikes. This will leave us with firm values and conditions free from all the old subconscious desires or fears that were no longer serving our current day to day relationships to people and things.

The next New Moon is at 19° Leo on the 12th August at 00:03 am

Moon Horoscope July

As we move into July we say goodbye to the year long Saturn opposition to Neptune, which has had us all struggling to resolve ambiguity and make rigid attitudes more flexible but we now find that Venus is caught up in the final throws. She forms a conjunction to Saturn over several weeks and this can be seen on the evening horizon after sunset (weather dependant of course!) Venus’s link to Saturn is prolonged by her going retrograde on July 27 until September 8. In all our relationships with others there might be an emphasis on the need for compromise and cooperation as we acknowledge the long term consequences and benefits of partnerships or alliances. If we continue to be inflexible or controlling we are likely to be left dealing with a stalemate or standoff. Also if we habitually resist accepting our responsibility to others due to a fear of being answerable for self-seeking deeds we might find that events during these next weeks makes the alternative become more desirable. As always with Saturn, it might not be an easy lesson to learn but it is always worth putting in the effort in the long term.
The New Moon in Cancer is the best time to do a little self reflection, taking care to have one’s own house in order and to take time to listen to our intuition and instincts. The natural rhythms of life, our roots, background, culture and family are all highlighted at this time and it is fertile ground for developing stronger ties and links with anyone or thing that provides nourishment, on all levels. From the exact time of the New Moon and whilst she is moving through the last few degrees of sensitive Cancer before she moves into fiery Leo at 3:45am July 15 she is ‘Void of Course’. This means that the Moon makes no aspects to other planets until her change of Zodiac sign. It is never advisable to start a new project or venture at this time as it is unlikely to come to fruition. So if you intend to take advantage of the New Moon energy to sow the seeds of your intentions its best to wait those few extra hours. The Full Moon which traditionally heralds the culmination of plans, projects or endeavours falls near the months end and the ancient festival of Lughnasa or Lughnassadh, which is a harvest festival, marking the end of the period of summer growth and the beginning of the autumn harvest and traditionally well worth a celebration.

The next New Moon is at 22° Cancer on the 14 July at 01:04 pm with the Full Moon on 30 July, 1:48am at 6° Aquarius.

Moon Horoscope April

This month we see the farthest Full Moon of the year on April 2, and the closest New Moon of the year on April 17. The April Full Moon will be about 50,000 kilometres (30,000 miles) further from the earth than the April New Moon. The New or Full Moon coincides with the Moon’s most extreme declination or furthest distance from the celestial equator once every 14 lunar months. We can expect particularly large tides and disturbed weather patterns during the week of April 14-21.
The New Moon in Aries is the first since the spring equinox which marks the beginning of the new Astrological year when the Sun moves into the sign of Aries. This is the beginning of a new phase and with a strong and harmonious fire trine to Pluto it suggests positive endings which are necessary to make way for a new lease of life. We all eventually have to let go of things belonging to the past which hold us back and keep us from enjoying our future. Pluto helps us with that process and we can be assured that whatever lies ahead is definitely for the greater good. Any endeavours begun with this in mind will be virtually bullet proof and a firm foundation is assured for those who choose to take a leap based on the faith that it will turn out all right in the end, whatever happens in the near future.
Venus in Gemini squares Mars in Pisces in this lunation chart so expect some stress between the male and female aspects. It manifests either directly between the sexes or within ourselves through differences between what we value and our drive to attain those desires. Venus in Gemini is overflowing with ideas and wants to communicate them at high speed, whereas Mars in Pisces tends to want to retreat and imagine something otherworldly.
Jupiter, the largest of our planets turned retrograde on April 6 which will bring a chance to review our philosophies and beliefs regarding our continual urge to expand and conquer new territory. This continues through until August. Saturn ceases his retrograde motion and goes direct at 18 degrees of Leo on April 19. Though appearing to be stationary before moving forwards once more this is another major turning point. Saturn in Leo brings lessons about maintaining worthy principles and ethics. This is a time where we are demanding transparency in all political and corporate affairs. Having learnt some hard lessons about leaders who fall too short in that department we are now ready to move forward again. The general feeling this New Moon is “out with the old and in with the new”, or at least a timely overhaul.

This months New Moon is at 27° Aries on the 17th April at 12:37 pm

Moon Horoscope February

The Full Moon of February sees the culmination of events that grew out of the New Moon of January 19th and with fiery Mars continuing to move away from the conjunction with Pluto we should see some of the intensity of the last couple of weeks lessen in areas of conflict. As both the Sun and Moon make a contact with Mars and Uranus now, we can expect to feel the need to make sudden or abrupt changes, move on quickly or cover a lot of ground just to get out of the current situation. The question to ask though is “what changes are you making and will they really improve your life or is this just change for the sake of change?” With expansive Jupiter in contact with the Sun as well, it’s important to remember that it is often the modest plans that will succeed and that you can get just as far with many small coordinated steps as you can with great leaps forward. So be aware if you’re feeling agitated, uncertain and uncommitted for a few days. Wait until it passes to make major decisions rather than have to backtrack later, unless you are happy to take the gamble!
There might be quite a few changes or surprises in store this month with relationships taking unexpected turns and thoughts about what we really value uppermost. Mercury begins its retrograde motion once more on February 14 so expect thing to move slowly especially regarding communications, transport and establishing agreements. That delayed Valentine’s gift could cause a few upsets! Frustrating as it might be over the next few weeks, remember that events are, in fact, restructuring themselves behind the scenes and we may be in for some surprises when all is resolved. The best response is to make as few assumptions as possible and don’t bet on the same old horses coming home. Be especially open to your own intuitive hunches and be ready to jump aboard a different bandwagon when it suddenly materializes. What you are looking for may come from closer by than you think and from those you might have taken for granted. Keep all this in mind over the New Moon Phase around February 17. Usually the New Moon is the right time to start afresh and begin anew but this month the New Moon is “void of course” until it moves into Pisces two and a quarter hours later. “Void of course” Moons occur every few days as the Moon changes sign and can last from a few minutes to several hours after the Moon finishes its last strong contact (aspect) to other Planets in its current sign and before it moves to the next sign. It is highlighted on this occasion only because the last major aspect is conjunct the Sun: the moment of the New Moon. In traditional Astrology the void prevents events from coming to a close as energy dissipates and intended outcomes are unsuccessful. The Moon’s movement and rhythmic contact with other Planets provides an important continuity, so if there is a break i.e. “void of course” things cannot carry through to their natural conclusion. In a way it provides the “wild card” or a chance for alternative possibilities to occur. But on the whole it is a time to pause and reconsider. Wait rather than push on. Reflect, meditate and consider before getting back to full speed when the New Moon enters the next sign. This happening whilst Mercury is retrograde is surely telling us to slow down and turn inwards to sense what your intuition says rather than take what is happening around you as the reliable source of information. This is a valuable time when it’s possible to have perceptive insights and gain a spark of inspiration that will give you the energy boost needed to get things moving again and perhaps in a new direction, very soon.

The Full Moon is at 13° Leo on 2 February at 5:45 am and the next New Moon is at 29° Aquarius on 17 February at 4:15 pm.

New Moon January 2007

The New Year is technically well under way now. The calendar starts us off on January 1st when we have those great plans to break old habits and introduce new healthier, more productive or beneficial ones. Astrologically the turn of the year was of course the Winter Solstice which occurred on December 22nd last year. This is the point when the Sun begins its return ascent towards its Summer Solstice peak and the days begin to draw out again. Well worth the celebration! If though you want to choose an astrologically auspicious day to make your resolutions for change and new starts then the ideal time would be the first New Moon after the Solstice. So if things got off to a poor start and you hadn’t quite finished enjoying the old bad habits on January 1st there’s still time for renewed motivation because that New Moon occurs on 19th January in the early morning hours.

With the Mars, Pluto, Galactic Centre alignment on the 13th, Venus Neptune conjunct at the New Moon on the 19th and the Venus-Saturn opposition, plus Jupiter-Uranus square on the 22nd there is plenty of interesting planetary activity around which might influence our good intentions.

The Galactic Centre is said to be the “gravitational energy” in our Milky Way Galaxy. A huge Black Hole is thought to be at the centre, about the size of a large star, but containing the mass of four million suns. The staggering amount of material being drawn into the black hole radiates energy at many frequencies. Astrologically it is considered to be a major source of motivation, aspiration, focus and contributes a sense of cosmic destiny. With this in mind consider the combination when Mars and Pluto pass over that same Zodiac degree in Sagittarius. Why hit a nail with a hammer when you can use a pile driver? That’s a clue to what we’re dealing with here. Forceful behaviour with an unwillingness to compromise or adjust one’s position, and attempts at using will power to dominate possibly in an effort to achieve far reaching goals. Pretty strong stuff as a global theme but put to good use on a personal level it could lend you a determination needed to quit smoking or any other ingrained habit. In contrast the Venus Neptune combination in Aquarius on the day of the Full Moon suggests a strong motivation to renew a harmonious balance in both your inner and outer world. A sense of deep spirituality and compassion with dreams, fantasies but possibly ambiguity, flavour the day. So it could at worst lead to a vague and unfocussed New Moon but it should nevertheless be very favourable for working together for common ideals and enjoyable socialising. A few days later on the 22nd Venus opposes Saturn which suggests delays in fulfilling our desires or getting what we want but gives a solid strength of mind to success one step at a time regardless of obstacles. Also on the 22nd and the first one in a series, Jupiter makes a 90 degree angle to Uranus. This is powerful innovative energy that favours renovation, innovation, change and transformation. We might experience unexpected awakenings or change that frees us from old ways or helps us feel more alive or opens up new possibilities where we can demonstrate our uniqueness or even genius. It brings in expansive and far reaching reforms, turning over the old order in favour of something very different. The only danger is that we make change for changes sake, too fast or without a good structure in place first. The Jupiter square Uranus will last through June 2007, and come back in full force in September and October 2007. So with all that just for starters, we could be in for an interesting year.

The next New Moon is at 29° Capricorn on the 19th January at 04:02 am