Capricorn New Moon, lets get physical – real world manifestation!

crescent moon

Let’s do something practical to really make the most of the Capricorn New Moon vibes. The New Moon is at 20° Capricorn on the 10th January at 1:31am (UT)

The first New Moon of the year falls in Capricorn, our sea goat sign, ruled by Saturn. New Moons are always a good starting point for any new initiative or direction and in Capricorn, a Cardinal earth sign, there’s the opportunity to really make some long term changes. When we decide we want to make life altering plans, or do our daily positive affirmations, or write lists of future intent, there has to be something more than just wishful hoping that it will simply all happen because we have declared it.

With the Sun Moon combination touching the Pluto Uranus square that still lingers with us, there is definitely the sense that so much more needs to shift if we are to live the life we prefer. Making changes isn’t an option – it’s essential! The first planet the Moon touches with its rays, after connecting with the Sun, is Jupiter in retrograde and next is that tricky Mercury also in retrograde. These two planets are re-treading old ground, renegotiating, redesigning and refining, making sure we have the full information and have definitely covered the details for when we finally discover that what we desire is coming in our direction.

Saturn, that planet that keeps our feet firmly on the ground, paired up with Venus for a couple of days, giving our Venusian desires a down to earth practicality. We want to include more of what’s both meaningful, and useful, now. Using the Capricorn way as an example, it’s time to reflect our desires in the physical world of stuff and things. Acting out our dreams, hopes or desires by doing something that represents the change we want to make, is very powerful. It doesn’t have to be the “big thing” all at once – just a gesture to the universe to say you mean it!

If you want world peace then take five minutes to sit or walk quietly without allowing the busy mind to interfere with you own inner peace. If it’s greater abundance you require then go around your house and count up the things you have already. If you want to kick a habit then just make a simple change, take a different route when you leave home.

Using the “making it real” energy that this January New Moon offers can really give your New Year optimism a very substantial and much needed boost.

January 2015 – Mars Conjunct Neptune & New Moon in Aquarius

celticdoorwayWe are just halfway through January and it’s been an eventful year already. The current planetary patterns speak of change and the need for renewal with the pressure on to move swiftly into our collective future. The recent Full Moon in Cancer was a potent force combined with the Sun Pluto conjunction whilst making a cross pattern with the lunar nodes. Those few days provided moments when the past and present seemed to collide.

Choices were made about which direction in life holds the most meaning now. Issues, events or a way of being that resulted from past actions came into full view and in the fresh light of an emerging new perspective it may have seemed tarnished, false or simply unacceptable to the “new you”!

Now as the pace of change continues through the second half of January and into February the focus is definitely future orientated and the critical question is – what part will you play in shaping it?

The New Moon mid month forms part of a rare event by falling in the very first degree of Aquarius. This allows for a second New Moon in Aquarius in February. With both the Sun and Moon having barely crossed the threshold of a sign when they coincide, the energy of that sign is significantly strengthened. Aquarius the water bearer, represents the inspired thoughts from the higher mind or collective consciousness. As an independent thinker the archetypal character of this sign is also highly civilised, humane and seeks to improve society for the good of all. These coming few weeks will show us where social structures, organisations, national and personal boundaries are in need of a radical review and restructuring to match with these altruistic ideals.

For some, attuning to this Moon phase can allow for a ‘stream of conciousness’ experience, visionary thinking or simply an unusually inclusive and sociable attitude. Expect an increased urge towards being true to one’s self and be prepared to step aside from the crowd if required. Standing up for truth and freedom are worthy aspirations but attaining them is not going to be straightforward. Knowing exactly what you are standing up for, or against, could become more complex and challenging than you had first imagined. The planetary dynamics occurring now mean it will be hard to tell what is truth and what is illusion or delusion.

Emphatic Mars combines with nebulous Neptune during this Moon phase whilst Mercury slows to a standstill before turning retrograde on the 21st. Trickery, deceit, or slight of hand may be intentional whilst misunderstandings may genuinely be the result of unreliable information. Whatever occurs now needs to be viewed with a cautious but open mind and many of the things you believed to be true about the world, other people and even yourself might need to be questioned. By being discerning during the next few weeks you may find many ideas and beliefs can be revised. You begin to get more information or see glimpses of the bigger picture. Remember that ‘enlightenment’ makes some previously desirable options look very unsuitable. But also be prepared to be surprised, inspired, amazed and delighted when you discover your ‘reality’ is not what it seemed.

Astrology January 2011

The potential for beneficial opportunities and great leaps forward were written in the sky with a partial Solar eclipse in Capricorn and the Jupiter Uranus conjunction in Pisces on 4 January. Astrologically the New Year got off to a flying start. The Capricorn theme of personal endeavour or duty and responsibility combined with an enthusiasm for change will be evident as the year unfolds. The full effects of an eclipse can take several weeks or months to materialise but are often triggered by a swift moving planet passing over the zodiac degree it was in at the time. The first possibility is when quicksilver messenger planet Mercury does so on the 23rd just after Jupiter enters the feisty sign of Aries. This could be the time to speak out against an affront to individual freedom or perhaps you get news of someone taking a stand in defiance against a perceived injustice. The Sun finally leaves the Capricorn sign of the sea goat just hours after it shines its full light on the Moon. The Full Moon represents a culmination and provides a release point, a letting go or time of completion and endings as we prepare to move into the next phase. Potentials that were set in motion during the previous New Moon can come to fruition. This is especially true now as it falls at 29 degrees of the nurturing sign of Cancer. The last degree of a sign is traditionally considered to be critical or a decisive turning point. At the same time the Moon, strong in her own sign makes a beneficial trine aspect to both abundant Jupiter and freedom loving Uranus. So we can expect some fresh starts or maybe even an unexpected turn of events which leads us in a new and positive direction. This maybe one of those “lucky accident” moments that unburdens us of something we didn’t know how to get out of on our own. The month ends as Capricorn’s ruling planet Saturn, turns to move backwards through Libra for the next several weeks. This is when we have the chance to revisit the responsibilities, ties and commitments we have made to others and reconsider or re-negotiate the terms so they are sustainable and can withstand the test of time.

Chinese New Year

The next New Moon of the year is the second after the winter Solstice and marks the Chinese New Year of the Rat. Traditionally this is a year of hard work, activity, and renewal. This is a good year to embark on something or make a fresh start. Being well prepared and resourceful is the key if you want to see your efforts yield a good return.
The Chinese calendar, like the Hebrew calendar is a combined solar/lunar calendar which calculates its years to coincide with the tropical year (approximately 365.24 days) and its months coincide with the lunar months (approximately every 29.5 days) At least a quarter of the worlds population follow a lunar calendar to mark their festivals, holidays and holy days.

This New Year New Moon is particularly significant as it coincides with an eclipse. A total solar eclipse is when the Moon is exactly between the Sun and the Earth and we see the Moon block out the light as it passes in front of the Sun. We see the shadow of the Earth pass across the Moon as it blocks out the Sun’s light during a total lunar eclipse. The partial solar eclipse of 7 February is only visible in Australia and Antarctica but the total lunar eclipse of 21 February should be visible in Western Europe. Even if we cant see it the effect is still felt globally.
Solar eclipses are very powerful New Moons and are known to herald significant endings and beginnings. With Pluto at 1 degree Capricorn, it promises the emergence of new power figures on the world stage, and a sense of authority as we assert ourselves in our world. The ancient rule is that the effect of a solar eclipse lasts as long as the eclipse itself lasts in hours. Events that are triggered usually take six months to unfold, so you can expect the process of change to continue to emerge for at least this long. Anyone with anything important in their natal chart around 18° of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius – especially Aquarius/Leo) might want to pay particular attention to this eclipse.
This New Moon in particular and all the eclipses of 2008 are strongly influenced by Neptune’s presence. Neptune brings the dissolution of structures and represents our idealistic drives. It can also signify the disillusion that comes from having unrealistic expectations or finding out you’ve been deceived. We find that the mundane world is not satisfying our deeper needs which can lead to confusion or disorientation until we find a new meaning in life. To overcome this we need to re-establish a firm basis founded on something more reliable or trustworthy before we can move on.
Traditionally eclipses shut old things down creating space for new things to appear. The Rat Year suggests a time of common sense frugality and innovation born of necessity so expect new rhythms of activity based on a broader vision of what is truly valuable, practical or a priority in years to come.

The next New Moon (Solar eclipse) is at 18° Aquarius on the 7 February at 3:45am and the next Full Moon (Lunar eclipse) is at 2° Pisces on the 21 February at 3:31am

New Moon January 2007

The New Year is technically well under way now. The calendar starts us off on January 1st when we have those great plans to break old habits and introduce new healthier, more productive or beneficial ones. Astrologically the turn of the year was of course the Winter Solstice which occurred on December 22nd last year. This is the point when the Sun begins its return ascent towards its Summer Solstice peak and the days begin to draw out again. Well worth the celebration! If though you want to choose an astrologically auspicious day to make your resolutions for change and new starts then the ideal time would be the first New Moon after the Solstice. So if things got off to a poor start and you hadn’t quite finished enjoying the old bad habits on January 1st there’s still time for renewed motivation because that New Moon occurs on 19th January in the early morning hours.

With the Mars, Pluto, Galactic Centre alignment on the 13th, Venus Neptune conjunct at the New Moon on the 19th and the Venus-Saturn opposition, plus Jupiter-Uranus square on the 22nd there is plenty of interesting planetary activity around which might influence our good intentions.

The Galactic Centre is said to be the “gravitational energy” in our Milky Way Galaxy. A huge Black Hole is thought to be at the centre, about the size of a large star, but containing the mass of four million suns. The staggering amount of material being drawn into the black hole radiates energy at many frequencies. Astrologically it is considered to be a major source of motivation, aspiration, focus and contributes a sense of cosmic destiny. With this in mind consider the combination when Mars and Pluto pass over that same Zodiac degree in Sagittarius. Why hit a nail with a hammer when you can use a pile driver? That’s a clue to what we’re dealing with here. Forceful behaviour with an unwillingness to compromise or adjust one’s position, and attempts at using will power to dominate possibly in an effort to achieve far reaching goals. Pretty strong stuff as a global theme but put to good use on a personal level it could lend you a determination needed to quit smoking or any other ingrained habit. In contrast the Venus Neptune combination in Aquarius on the day of the Full Moon suggests a strong motivation to renew a harmonious balance in both your inner and outer world. A sense of deep spirituality and compassion with dreams, fantasies but possibly ambiguity, flavour the day. So it could at worst lead to a vague and unfocussed New Moon but it should nevertheless be very favourable for working together for common ideals and enjoyable socialising. A few days later on the 22nd Venus opposes Saturn which suggests delays in fulfilling our desires or getting what we want but gives a solid strength of mind to success one step at a time regardless of obstacles. Also on the 22nd and the first one in a series, Jupiter makes a 90 degree angle to Uranus. This is powerful innovative energy that favours renovation, innovation, change and transformation. We might experience unexpected awakenings or change that frees us from old ways or helps us feel more alive or opens up new possibilities where we can demonstrate our uniqueness or even genius. It brings in expansive and far reaching reforms, turning over the old order in favour of something very different. The only danger is that we make change for changes sake, too fast or without a good structure in place first. The Jupiter square Uranus will last through June 2007, and come back in full force in September and October 2007. So with all that just for starters, we could be in for an interesting year.

The next New Moon is at 29° Capricorn on the 19th January at 04:02 am