October Astro Update – Relationship Focus, Mars & Venus join with Jupiter –

F&L 01The big Lunar eclipse of last month probably had you put your attention on relationships with it’s Aries and Libra focus. October will continue with this theme and it’s not just the relationship with your “soul mate” or “significant other” that’s being brought into view for consideration now.

Venus, the planet most closely associated with love and relationships is in Leo as we start this month and now that the Sun is in her zodiac sign Libra, she gets extra strength. Venus is also the planet which represents our values and what we want to include in our lives simply because it’s meaningful. She urges us towards social inclusion and harmonious connections. When she moves into Virgo, home sign of planet Mercury on the 8th she is once again strengthened because Mercury is currently in Libra (her sign). In Virgo, Venus wants to be discerning and practical and definitely wants to get it right. Venus goes on to make a challenging square aspect to Saturn on the 11th making us aware of any conflicting desire for equality and openness versus prudence and temperance. This is especially relevant now with Saturn, planet of boundaries and limits, firmly in Sagittarius, the sign of the truth seeker. We can expect to be confronted by issues of censure and exclusion during the next couple of years.

The strongest dynamic during October is the conjunction of Mars to Jupiter exact on 17th but can be felt for several days either side of that date. When all that action centred, physical drive energy of Mars is combined with the “let the good times roll” planet Jupiter it could bring on some crazy party vibes or the required thrust to get some adventurous project under way. This duo have a well earned reputation for taking risks or going to excess but with both these planets in conscientious Virgo the energy can be carefully directed and precision timed for best effect. While this forceful pair team up they are also connecting with powerful Pluto in a supportive trine aspect which gives an extra sense of determined focus to achieve something momentous.

Not to be left out of the limelight we have Venus following in the footsteps of Mars. Throughout the month she keeps our focus on personal values, social relationships and a desire for the beautiful things in life, ensuring we don’t lose sight of what’s most important to us. Venus also connects positively with Pluto, on 23rd giving us the boost we need to completely align ourselves with the very best “win win” situations. She goes on to join with upbeat Jupiter on 25th just in time for the Full Moon in her sign on 27th This line up gives a real sense of having something to celebrate and be grateful for. To finish off the month on a high note, the love goddess Venus catches up with her warrior consort Mars bringing the two archetypal aspects of human relationship together just in time for Samhain.

Saturn in Scorpio, Mercury in Sagittarius, Venus in Libra & a Taurus New Moon

The last Full Moon on 30th September was in action orientated Aries in conjunction with revolutionary Uranus which is a potentially volatile combination. The Moon in a mundane or “event” chart represents the mood of the people and combined with Uranus shows us that people want change and at almost any cost! As we move into October the theme continues and we can expect changes and at quite a pace too. The Sun changes sign each month around the 21st – 23rd and every Zodiac sign lends its different character to the month as the year unfolds. The Moon, which travels the same Zodiac journey thirteen times over the year, changes signs approximately every 2.5 days. In traditional astrology a planet moving into the next sign indicates a new phase of events. This month we have a total of seven of these ingress events, not including the Moon’s progress.
Venus planet of personal values and relationships moves from larger than life Leo into modest Virgo on the 3rd. This will bring an attitude of critical discrimination into our lives as we keep checking on how well our possessions and relationships match up to our desires. We will want to get it “right” especially as the Sun has its focus in Libra, the sign of harmony and balance in relationships, during this time. We start to go deeper when Mercury, governing our thoughts, moves into Scorpio on the 5th with Saturn following a few hours later. Planets in Scorpio always activate a release of tension from stored up energy. This contained pressure is often due to suppression of power or resources that have been kept under wraps out of fear or as a precaution.
Mars the planet of personal drive and competition moves into Sagittarius on the 7th. This is a fast paced combination where the sights are set to distance and long term goals. Also spiritual, ethical or religious aspiration can be the motivation towards improvements.
This intense planetary trend turns us towards our deepest, and darkest, inner life as the Sun also moves into Scorpio on the 23rd. This time of year lends itself to introspection and we draw from our depths to find valuable resources. Scorpio will keep what it doesn’t feel comfortable with hidden until it’s transformed it into a dynamic asset. Either that or the less refined instincts and emotions of this water sign will break out suddenly and sometimes destructively when the pent up energy is suddenly released.
The Sun joins with Saturn in this powerful sign on the 25th to illuminate the limitations and boundaries we have allowed to keep us in check. This is a time to release the behaviours that control us or others. Often these are habitual ways of being that we subscribe to unconsciously. This passing astrological dynamic might just highlight some of the imposed constraints within and without so we can assess their true purpose and value.
The last few days of the month sees Venus move into Libra where she is most happy as its ruler. Here the focus is on our social values and relationship harmony once more. We will want to get along and are prepared to make whatever moves are required. This is especially true with dashing Mercury slipping into optimistic Sagittarius on the 29th. Now is a time for high ideals and striving for a better, more positive way forward. Combined with the Full Moon in peace seeking Taurus there is plenty of opportunity to have some “feel good” moments.

Planet Update October 2011

As this month’s lunar phase reaches its culmination during the Full Moon in Aries it’s in opposition to Saturn. The following day our “Greater Luminary” the Sun passes over the “Lord of Time” Saturn, in Libra. This Lunar phase began with September’s New Moon in Libra beginning a process of evaluation under the sign of the scales as we’re prompted to find a balance between our personal needs, Aries, and our Libran need for relationships. Physical limitations and responsibilities come under the Sun’s spotlight as it passes over Saturn and we have to face up to some bare truths. Saturn teaches about the practical realities of life. You get the clarification needed to make a realistic plan of action for the future and by now you probably know who is on your side, and who isn’t. This is a solid place to be as we launch into the next phase of the Jupiter Pluto cycle, started in December 2007 and continuing into 2020. I wrote in this column back then of the impending “global changes in our faith and understanding regarding religious and financial authorities”. I also explained that as Pluto moved into the sign of Capricorn it “ushers in earth-shaking transformations of political structures, and the death of old political parties which have outlived their usefulness. We will likely see the collapse of outdated and decadent regimes as new systems of government rise from the ashes. In the business world many upheavals will take place as new business strategies replace the old economic views and business practices”. This month we are a third of the way through this 12 year cycle and we should have fully realised the futility of waiting for the fix that returns life to “normal”. If we haven’t already started to build an alternative lifestyle this is the final turning point and time to get on with the important work of creating something sustainable from the ground up. On October 28th Jupiter in Taurus makes a trine aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. This is the second of three exact “hits” this year. The first was during early July, the third in March 2012. The energies are positive and always easy to work with under a trine aspect. It’s an important time for us as we make the shift into a new paradigm. Pluto stays in Capricorn until 2024 and signifies a new order emerging. The sign of the sea goat represents our ambition and struggle to reach great heights of accomplishment within the limiting structure of a material world. Pluto brings about forced breakdown which ultimately results in a breakthrough into something more appropriate. Until June 2012 the Jupitarian impulse towards expanding and enhancing, expresses itself with the no-nonsense Taurean qualities of determination and purpose. In harmony with the transformative qualities of Pluto this is the time to make plans based on the reality of our circumstances. The message from the planets is that the old system doesn’t work, we have the proof now, so lets get to work and ensure that we have the essential resources we need to construct the new and improved way of organising ourselves.

The next Full Moon is at 19°Aries on the 12th October at 3:06am and the New Moon is at 4° Scorpio on the 26th at 8:57pm

Full Moon in Aries Jupiter turns direct October 2009

This month sees a change of focus after what has been a series of frustrations, delays and breakdown in communications experienced over the summer season. The Full Moon in Aries during the first week of October brings emotional tensions from last month’s difficult New Moon to a head. Be careful not to react to situations with “knee jerk” responses that might be regretted later. There will be an urge to press forward and start new ventures but it would be better to be patient and wait until more favorable influences are initiated during the third week of October. Mercury returned to its forward motion at the end of September, but continues to travel slowly for the next few weeks. Whilst Mercury and Venus remain in Virgo opposite Uranus, the touchy, prickly or argumentative responses likely at the moment could persist into the second week of the month. We will continue to find our attempts to get things moving a struggle until the New Moon phase. On the 10th Mercury moves into Libra quickly joined by Venus on the 14th followed by the New Moon on the 18th. This will ease some of the recent stresses as the sign of Libra brings relationships into focus with the emphasis on harmony and co-operation. Mars has been transiting through cautious Cancer and moves into Leo on the 16th where he will be more able to act effectively in the warmth of a fire sign. The “greater benefic” Jupiter has been in retrograde motion (appearing to travel backward) since mid June and finally turns forward again on the 13th. During this period we will have had cause to consider our personal integrity and honesty as righteous Jupiter has focussed its energy on our inner life. We may have re-evaluated our goals and questioned the significance of our closest associations. Now we can begin to turn that recent knowledge into positive action as we reclaim the essential relationships and values we need to progress. Although Jupiter will be moving slowly until it picks up speed in mid November this added energy release will be the beginning of the new phase for the autumn and winter months. The restrictions that have been felt over the last year and particularly the last few months can be loosened and some people will finally break free from emotional hindrances that have held them back until now. During the New Moon in Libra our attention is focussed on the quality of our social interactions and personal relation ships. With Venus in Libra making a very favorable aspect to both Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius later in the month we can expect some positive and welcome advances in the way we relate to those who are important to us as well as an easing of tensions in the wider community. This could bring opportunity for negotiations or collaborations which will be of benefit to all concerned.

This month’s Full Moon is at 12° Aries on the 4 October at 7:11 am and the New Moon is at 25° Libra on the 18 October at 6:34 am

October New Moon in Scorpio

This Month the Full Moon lies in Aries opposite the Sun in Libra. This Sun Moon opposition occurs progressively through the zodiac signs each month. The theme for October highlights the polarity between the individual who is always looking for the challenge to their assertiveness (Mars rules Aries-conflict) and the shared human desire for social co-operation and meaningful relationships (Venus rules Libra-harmony). The emphasis this Full Moon though, is on taking the dynamic beyond the personal as selfless and compassionate Neptune in altruistic Aquarius makes a positive and nearly exact angle to both Sun and Moon. This suggests the opportunity to employ our courageous and determined warrior archetype to push for desirable situations which bring us together with others in a way that is beneficial to all.
The turn of the month marks the great fire festival of Samhain (Oíche Shamhna) or Halloween which signifies the end of summer and begins a new year. Astrologically the New Moon in Scorpio reflects this theme of a new phase as we enter the dark days of winter. On the 31st October fiery Mars makes a favourable aspect to both Saturn which represents the old established order, and Uranus signifying things new, liberated and definitely not conventional. These latter two planets come into exact opposition for the first time since 1965 on 4th November. Interesting to notice that this is the day scheduled for the presidential election in the USA and the two candidates clearly personify the old traditionalist (Saturn) vs the new progressive (Uranus). With Mars involved in this planetary opposition the dynamic is being tested, but in a positive way. Venus in Sagittarius desires the opportunity to move on to bigger, better and happier times and she makes a challenging square angle to both Saturn and Uranus on 3rd November. This forceful position can often indicate a point at which “a corner is turned” in a demanding situation. Whatever the exact outcomes of global affairs in the approaching weeks we can be assured that change is coming, but it may be a while before we can see a benevolent order emerging out of the chaos.

October Moon Phases

With the Autumn Equinox now behind us we have entered the third quarter of the astrological year. Nights become longer than the days and if we choose to, we can follow natures rhythm as she begins to draw her energy inwards for the approaching Winter Solstice. We have only two more New Moons before the Midwinter Festival when the days begin to draw out again. Such are the cycles, rhythms and patterns of the astrological year. The solar cycle of around 365 days and the lunar cycle of about 28 days are the most commonly observed, but each of the planets has their own cycle and they intersect at regular and predictable points in time. Venus takes around 584 (1.6 years) to complete her synodic cycle. The much slower moving Saturn takes around 28 years to complete his journey through the Zodiac taking roughly 2.5 years in each sign. He entered Virgo in early September. Venus now enters Virgo again on October 8 and catches up with Saturn on October 14 forming a conjunction which happens in Virgo only every 28 years of course. This month it occurs within a few days of the New Moon in Venus ruled Libra creating a strong emphasis on the area of relationships. That’s our relationship with all that we value, not only with each other. Loving Venus has to face up to her responsibilities when she encounters stern Saturn. She can become fearful of commitment or seem cool and distant for a while. In Virgo especially she is aware of the smaller details and wants perfection so she could also seem critical. Give yourself and those around you the opportunity over the next few weeks to re-consider what your relationships are really about. Are we taking responsibility for our choices? Who we spend time with, what we strive for, the money that we earn, how we treat our environment, how we consider our neighbours, what gives us pleasure? These are all Venusian themes. Saturn teaches us what to truly value, sometimes by us having to let go of something for a while and sometimes by making it hard to win, but he always shows us what is actually worth the time and trouble if only we can make the effort. By the time the Moon has become full on October 26, Venus will have just opposed Uranus. This will give us the wake up or shake up we need to break away from any thing we hold dear for the wrong reasons. If you’ve been stuck in a rut or clinging to a habit through greed, fear or laziness then this is the time to move on to something more personally fulfilling and everyone will see the benefits as a result.