December 2014 – Uranus Square Pluto finale, Saturn moves into Sagittarius & New Moon first degree of Capricorn!

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Observing the Sun’s path as it moves through our skies is an ancient occupation which connects us to fellow beings who lived in our distant past. Stone alignments and monuments throughout the world were positioned to calculate these important celestial movements. The changing seasons of the Solar year form the basis of our tropical zodiac, used in what we call “western” astrology. The Sun’s movements are tracked as it crosses the equator to reach the tropic of Cancer at it’s most northerly and the tropic of Capricorn at the most southerly point. These crossings provide us with the cardinal points and four cardinal Zodiac signs. In December we’re on the countdown to the Winter Solstice, when the Sun will have reached it’s most southerly position, poised to begin it’s return journey north. Here in the northern hemisphere the days begin to lengthen once again and we take time out of daily routines to celebrate and enjoy traditional midwinter festivals.

The first week of December brings a Full Moon in Mercury ruled Gemini. The Sun is currently in Sagittarius with Mercury close by but hidden in it’s light. The pair make a comfortable trine aspect with unpredictable Uranus which adds to the hectic feel of this Moon phase. Most likely it will give a sense of restlessness or scattered energy for a few days. This is a fast paced time of making connections, getting in touch with friends and neighbours, sending out all kinds of communications and of course, another Mercury ruled activity, shopping!

The major astrological events this month include the close connection of Uranus and Pluto in the difficult square angle that has been around, on and off, since 2012. Now they will travel within “orb” of each other until finally parting company in late March. This is a grand finale for the energy that has brought us revolution and regime change. Tensions will be high during these months but there are other supportive and constructive planetary alignments beginning to step in now as we finish this unsettling phase in our evolution.

After 26 years, slow Saturn is about to take another turn in Sagittarius beginning on 23rd December. This will bring a very different and more positive way to experience the lessons that the “Lord of Time” provides. Since October 2012 Saturn has been in Scorpio, a sign which is looking for transformation and will undergo a purging to eliminate whatever obstacles hinder that process. Recent years have tested our ability to draw from an instinctual nature whilst also acting appropriately as the evolved person we are becoming. Many hard lessons have been taught to us about what happens when base urges take the lead. Sagittarius is a very different beast and is always seeking to refine it’s nature through intelligent understanding. This is a time when our beliefs, philosophical attitudes and spiritual orientation will be put to the test. What stands up under severe scrutiny is probably worth keeping, everything else is questionable.

The Solstice on the 21st is followed by the New Moon in the first degree of Capricorn, the sign of the sea goat. This mythical creature represents our dual drive of instinct and emotion alongside our innate ambition to rise up and become an honourable and civilised human being. Make time to consider what you’ve learned and achieved lately, the hard won lessons are the most worthwhile. Reflect on what you truly value and on what has served you well over time. Use these insights to bolster and sustain you now before you turn your attention to the year ahead and any plans you may have for the future.

Astrology for February 2010

Mars and Saturn are known as the two “malefics” in traditional astrology. This is partly because they are the planets most likely to cause us trouble. Both are currently in retrograde, or seeming to travel backwards. Mars changes to forward motion once more in early March whilst Saturn turns again at the end of May. This is a period when we have to stop trying to make “stuff happen” and review what has already occurred. If we try to push ahead with our projects, deals or enterprises, chances are we will have to return to the planning stage soon anyway. Saturn represents business generally, rules, plans, strategy, structure, “the system” and authority. This is our chance to press pause and take stock. Rethink your plans and renegotiate your contracts or commitments now. Rewrite rules and amend regulations. Repair structures etc. Mars as the planet of action, retrograde, means we can examine our past actions and reconsider the consequences. This gives us the benefit of hindsight whilst we can still do something about it. Personal energy is at a low point and our focus is inwards. If we don’t like the mess we find ourselves in or the restrictions that “bad” decisions have placed on us then these few weeks are our time to work out a new strategy so we can do it differently when Mars and Saturn start to move forward again.
Saturn and Mars act as a backdrop to this month whilst the highlights occur at the two major Moon phases. The Sun conjuncts Neptune at the New Moon on 14 February. This might add a romantic glow to St Valentines day. Neptune can blurr the edges of our perception for good or bad. Joined with the Sun which is our vitality and essence or identity we can become disorientated, confused or just a bit woolly. The New Moon is the start of a new cycle and a good time to set a new course but it might not bode well for clear forward direction. Yet Neptune can also blurr distinctions in a beneficial way, dissolving boundaries that set us apart form others. A great deal of compassion or empathy can be experienced now. Placed in altruistic Aquarius we could see people moved to various humanitarian acts of kindness. We can afford to be fairly optimistic with the great benefic Jupiter, now very happy in its own sign, Pisces. The Sun moves to join Jupiter at the Full Moon phase on 28 February. Expansive Jupiter conjoined with the brilliance of the Sun at a time which is a natural climax in the Sun-Moon cycle could mark a major moment. Expect it to be big and bold. Jupiter is intrepid in its determination to move into new territory and will sometimes be carried forward on a wave of righteous belief in its cause. The energy will be vibrant and expectations grand. It’s certainly a good moment to manifest some of your highest ideals.