Venus & Uranus retrograde, Saturn direct. Jupiter, Venus conjunct – A busy start to August!

principlesAstrologically August starts out with a few busy days. The last week of July has set the pace, when Venus turned to retrograde motion on 25th July and Uranus followed suit on the 26th. We now have five planets in retrograde which includes all the slower heavyweights, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. This is a clean up operation. Whilst going “backwards” a planet is re- treading past territory and this gives us the call to attend any loose ends, details or unfinished business with the issues that each planet represents. The slower – farther from earth – the planet is, the more thorough that process has to be. That’s quite a workload right now!

The second Full Moon of July on 31st in Aquarius put the focus on our relative position within the greater scheme of things. It may well have highlighted our role in the community or made us consider what we bring as an individual to contribute to the bigger picture as a whole. Where we aren’t satisfied, or remain unclear or just not matching up to our own ideals, will all be given an overhaul in the coming weeks and months.

As August gets under way, Saturn, known to some as the “Lord of Karma” reaches the point where he turns to go forward once more, having been retrograde since March. He has travelled back into Scorpio as far as his position last December, so there has likely been some harsh lessons and thwarted plans during this time. Saturn’s role is to constrain or provide structure, discipline and substance to our lives. It is through learning from experience, over time, that we really get the chance to develop our endurance and resilience and also we’re frequently compelled to yield to forces of time and the limits of physical reality whenever Saturn in involved. These experiences can be frustrating, but also potentially enlightening and ultimately liberating gifts to our lives. By November Saturn will reach the point he had progressed to before turning back. We can then start to really move away from the lessons of the last 2-3 years into a new phase with Saturn staying in Sagittarius during the next couple of years.

The main planetary activity is around 28 degrees of the fixed signs for the first week of August as this is where all the action takes place. Whilst Saturn is changing direction he is in a challenging aspect with both the “feel good” planets – Venus and Jupiter. Anyone born between 20th – 23rd of January, April, July or October will be strongly affected as will anyone with a late degree ascendant or personal planet in late Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius.

As Venus goes backwards she links up with Jupiter for the second time this summer on the 4th. This puts the focus on love, relationships and money but this time round with Saturn involved, it shows up where we feel things are less than satisfactory. This is the time to make adjustments, re-negotiate the contracts and ask how we are making boundaries or limitations that don’t do us any favours. It’s not all bad though. This is our opportunity to firm up where we let things slide or were a bit unclear to begin with. We can set out something more solid and reliable now. Maybe less exciting, romantic or adventurous but certainly more likely to withstand the test of time and serve us well in to the future.

The August New Moon is at 22° Leo on the 14th at 2:55pm with the following Full Moon at 7° Pisces on the 29th at 6:36pm (UT)

New Moon January 2007

The New Year is technically well under way now. The calendar starts us off on January 1st when we have those great plans to break old habits and introduce new healthier, more productive or beneficial ones. Astrologically the turn of the year was of course the Winter Solstice which occurred on December 22nd last year. This is the point when the Sun begins its return ascent towards its Summer Solstice peak and the days begin to draw out again. Well worth the celebration! If though you want to choose an astrologically auspicious day to make your resolutions for change and new starts then the ideal time would be the first New Moon after the Solstice. So if things got off to a poor start and you hadn’t quite finished enjoying the old bad habits on January 1st there’s still time for renewed motivation because that New Moon occurs on 19th January in the early morning hours.

With the Mars, Pluto, Galactic Centre alignment on the 13th, Venus Neptune conjunct at the New Moon on the 19th and the Venus-Saturn opposition, plus Jupiter-Uranus square on the 22nd there is plenty of interesting planetary activity around which might influence our good intentions.

The Galactic Centre is said to be the “gravitational energy” in our Milky Way Galaxy. A huge Black Hole is thought to be at the centre, about the size of a large star, but containing the mass of four million suns. The staggering amount of material being drawn into the black hole radiates energy at many frequencies. Astrologically it is considered to be a major source of motivation, aspiration, focus and contributes a sense of cosmic destiny. With this in mind consider the combination when Mars and Pluto pass over that same Zodiac degree in Sagittarius. Why hit a nail with a hammer when you can use a pile driver? That’s a clue to what we’re dealing with here. Forceful behaviour with an unwillingness to compromise or adjust one’s position, and attempts at using will power to dominate possibly in an effort to achieve far reaching goals. Pretty strong stuff as a global theme but put to good use on a personal level it could lend you a determination needed to quit smoking or any other ingrained habit. In contrast the Venus Neptune combination in Aquarius on the day of the Full Moon suggests a strong motivation to renew a harmonious balance in both your inner and outer world. A sense of deep spirituality and compassion with dreams, fantasies but possibly ambiguity, flavour the day. So it could at worst lead to a vague and unfocussed New Moon but it should nevertheless be very favourable for working together for common ideals and enjoyable socialising. A few days later on the 22nd Venus opposes Saturn which suggests delays in fulfilling our desires or getting what we want but gives a solid strength of mind to success one step at a time regardless of obstacles. Also on the 22nd and the first one in a series, Jupiter makes a 90 degree angle to Uranus. This is powerful innovative energy that favours renovation, innovation, change and transformation. We might experience unexpected awakenings or change that frees us from old ways or helps us feel more alive or opens up new possibilities where we can demonstrate our uniqueness or even genius. It brings in expansive and far reaching reforms, turning over the old order in favour of something very different. The only danger is that we make change for changes sake, too fast or without a good structure in place first. The Jupiter square Uranus will last through June 2007, and come back in full force in September and October 2007. So with all that just for starters, we could be in for an interesting year.

The next New Moon is at 29° Capricorn on the 19th January at 04:02 am