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An open group meets on the first Sunday each month (October - April) to discuss astrological topics and related issues. Anyone with a keen interest is welcome, although some familiarity with the basics will enable you to understand the more technical points!

Bring your chart with you if you want to refer to it. This is the chance to learn from and with each other.

Courses, Classes & Workshops


Astrologer TeachingNew for 2016

The Planets  

The Wandering Stars are the Main Characters in Astrology

Learn their meaning in a series of workshops.

Get to know the Planets for the best foundation to understanding your birth chart.

Each workshop provides an intimate look at what that planet represents, what it

corresponds to & how to interpret it's placement in a chart.

Suitable for any level of experience - No previous knowledge required. Cost €30

After an in depth study of each planet you have the chance to explore & discuss it's

meaning in your own birth chart.   More information & Booking  here

Sun                                     20th March

Moon                                 17th April

Mercury                             15th May

Venus & Mars                    19th June

Jupiter                                 17th July

Saturn                                 21st August

Uranus, Neptune & Pluto 18th September

An Introduction to Astrology - Day workshop

Saturday May 7th 11am - 6pm,

Venue Kilcrohane Co Cork, Cost €50 (advance booking essential)

We will look at the 12 Zodiac signs, their qualities & elements, the Planets and the Houses.

In this introduction any person with little or no knowledge of the subject will:

Beginners Classes.

3 One-Day classes.

Topics covered include:


Astrologers studying the cosmos

Chart Interpretation

Next dates Saturday & Sunday June  4th & 5th 2016  11am - 6pm

Venue Kilcrohane Co Cork, Cost €100

For students with some experience of the basics.

This is run as a 2 part course over 2 days


6 weeks course of 2hr classes

During the course we will learn to:


Other workshops, talks and classes include these topics:


Booking Workshops & Classes

If you are interested in any of the upcoming events please pre-book. I need to know numbers in advance and places are limited. Please telephone or email me with your details & to arrange payment. If you have to cancel there will be a small admin fee. There are no refunds once the class or workshop day commences.

For all the classes’ workshops or events with an Astrology theme I recommend you to have a copy of your own Horoscope (Birth Chart) to work with. This is the very best way of learning astrology as you can relate it directly to your own experience, and there's nothing more convincing than that! If you would like to have a copy prepared for you in advance please contact me with your details.


If you are interested in any of the courses or workshops and would like to be notified of the next available dates, please contact me »


2016 Calendar


May 7th 11am - 6pm - Introduction  to Astrology 

15th May - Mercury                           

June  4th & 5th - Chart Interpretation 

June 19th - Venus & Mars                   

July 17th - Jupiter                                

August 21st - Saturn                                

September 18th - Uranus, Neptune & Pluto


Course venue, cost & times are shown below



Please contact me for more information »



Course Details

Please ask for dates Chart Interpretation for Beginners (See details below)



Co Cork

Saturday & Sunday

11am - 6pm

Cost €100

Advance Booking Only

Book Your Place & Pay Here »


Chart Interpretation  Part 1

This is a two part course held over two days.

This course is an ideal foundation for anyone who wants to use their own birth chart for further study as well as begin to look at other charts in a meaningful way.

Understanding how the various planets, houses and aspects come together to describe a person or event is a skill which can take years to perfect. All Astrologers have to start somewhere and this course is a great opportunity to get some experience in putting it all together.

Working with a small informal group there is plenty of time to discuss your own chart and get answers to any technical questions you may have.

On the first day we will learn how to:

Assess the balance of elements & qualities
Identify the main indicators in a chart and identify strengths, patterns, etc
Look at how each planet is modified by its placement in a zodiac sign.

A copy of your birth chart is required so please ask me if you need one printed for the day.

Some basic Astrology knowledge is an advantage



Day 2

Chart Interpretation  Part 2

This is the second day of a two day course. See part 1 for full details.

Today we will learn how to:

Study the aspects between planets.
Identify the indicators for the main areas of life e.g. career, relationship etc.
Also discussed are transits, life cycles and synastry.

Date to be confirmed

Transits:  The Astrology of your Future

Understand how the movement of the planets affect your year ahead.

We look at the movement of the slower moving planets and their relationship with your own birth chart

You will need a copy of your birth chart for this workshop. 

Some basic Astrology knowledge required


Date to be confirmed

The Astrology of Relationships

What are the significations of our ability to relate?
How does compatibility between two people show up in their birth charts?
What to look for, what works and what doesn’t.
We use our own birth chart to explore relating potential.

The day will include plenty of time for discussion and mutual learning.

A copy of your birth chart is required so please ask me if you need one printed for the day.

At least a basic level of Astrology will be helpful for this workshop

Date to be confirmed

Astrology - Your Personal Horoscope Chart & How to Read It

This is a great opportunity to get you started if you’ve always wanted to know more but didn’t know where to start.

This is an informal & relaxed day and we cover all the basic elements that make up your birth chart.
At the end of the day you will be able to understand your chart and begin interpretation by referring to available books or online texts.

A copy of your birth chart is required so please ask me if you need one printed for the day.

No previous astrology knowledge required.




All Courses are held in Cork City or Kilcrohane, Co Cork. Unless stated otherwise.

Kilcrohane, Sheep's Head, West Cork.


10.30am – 5.30pm


€50 per full day. Unless otherwise stated


All courses must be booked in advance as numbers are limited.
Use the online payment facility to secure your place

Book Your Place & Pay Here »

Other Details

We break for an hour for lunch at about 1pm.

Tea & Coffee is available throughout the day.

In the Kilcrohane venue a light refreshments are provided at no extra charge.

Please bring something for your lunch.

Local accommdation with an evening meal is available for residential courses and should be booked separately. There is a small village shop open Weekdays, Saturdays and Sunday morning.

In Cork city there are several places to buy hot meals nearby and the local supermarket is open all day.

Please arrive promptly so we can start on time.



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