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I attend to each order personally. This is not an automated service. I usually try to have your report prepared and despatched within 48 hours. Often sooner! Unfortunately delays can sometimes occur. Unexpected or unavoidable circumstances can disrupt daily schedules. Astrologers are also known to take an occasional holiday break! An email message will be sent to advise you of any exceptional delays so you can choose to wait or to cancel your order.

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Personalised Astrology Reports



A printed Astrological profile is an ideal gift for someone.

If you are new to Astrology this is a great introduction that will give you insights into yourself or other significant person. Written by world famous and well respected astrologers, these computer-generated reports can be sent directly to your inbox as an email attachment. Reports can also be printed on A4 paper and presented in a personalised & bound booklet to be sent to your address by post.

Due to the time required to write a full astrological profile and analysis I can only offer reports written personally by me after discussing the total cost on an individual basis. Contact me.

Forecasts ~ Your Future


If you want to follow your daily transits and keep ahead of the Astrological "weather", the Day Watch Calendar might be what you need. See a sample page here »

A Birthday special is the Solar Return report which describes your year ahead.

The comprehensive SkyLog forecast doesn't leave much out!

Solar Return Logo

The exact time of one's solar return is a sacred annual event for each individual. It happens at only one specific moment each year. It is at that moment - and only that moment - in which the Earth/Sun relationship is exactly the same as when your were born. This is the basis for a horoscope that will describe the astrological factors in effect for a one-year cycle from the date of the solar return. The report includes interpretations based on the solar return chart and indicates the specific themes and issues in effect for any given year of your life. The second part of the program forecasts significant dates in effect for the year, based on the innovative prediction methods outlined in Ray Merriman’s book, Solar Return Book of Prediction. You get a thorough report on what to expect in the next year and exactly when. There's nothing like it! €25 Order Here»

Sky Log Logo

SkyLog report combines both transits and progressions into an extremely useful report, describing the relationship between your own birth chart and the current motion of the planets. Each report is divided into three sections: The Invitation, The Means, and The Details. Each of these sections is organized chronologically rather than by planet making the report flow more logical, intuitive and practical for the reader to use. You can look at your life ahead as a coming set of possible events, each one following the other – the kind of thing a calendar does for you. Or, you can look at what’s coming as an evolution, a personal tapestry whose threads weave the patterns.

Reports calculated for 6 months €20 or 12 months €30 Dated from the beginning of any calendar month. Order Here»

day watch logo

Personal Astrological Calendar. This practical calendar is a valuable yearly personal forecast which shows the transits of all the major planets to your own birth horoscope day by day in a familiar wall calendar style layout. Each month includes the daily transits and moon phases as well as personalised data for each day. You can also use Day Watch as your daily appointment book, easily adding your own appointments, special events, or holidays. Use this calendar as a log book or diary of what actually happens on a particular day; this can help you refine how you use the information that you receive and become more effective at taking advantage of opportunities. Order Here»

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Natal Astrology ~ your Birth Chart 

Sky Within Logo

This is an inspiring, comprehensive and beautifully written astrological interpretation by well-known author and astrologer, Steven Forrest. It examines the natal chart as a spiritual guide and takes you on a personal soul journey into your inner life. A beautifully simple and fluid report complete with the essential themes of planets, ascendant, and nodes by sign and house together with additional areas of heightened planetary activity. Highly recommend if you are seeking spiritual reassurance and guidance for personal integration. A Sky Within report is a rewarding experience. This report is by far the easiest natal report to read and averages about 16 pages. €25 Order Here»

Child Star Logo

Explores your child's astrological portrait. The Child*Star report is a personal horoscope written specifically for parents who want to understand their child through an astrological viewpoint. This report shows the astrological outlook and potential of the selected child. You'll read about your child's special skills and his or her relationship to you. It describes your child's world - family, educational inclinations, and emerging identity. Parents will be able to focus on their child's positive qualities as well as their challenging character traits. By spotting both talents and possible challenges in advance, parents can help their children lead fulfilling lives. Child*Star is perfect for newborns, but just as suitable for the young teen in your family. Many people also want this report for themselves to learn about their own "inner child." €25 Order Here»

Synastry ~ Relationships

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Are you really meant for each other? The Friends & Lovers Relationship Report may be a little too close for comfort! This 18-25 page report that takes the birth dates of two individuals' and explores the meaning of the astrological relationships between them. You actually get two personal horoscopes, compared in detail. Reports can be created in either romantic or platonic-styled text. With this report you can take a fascinating new look at your family and friendships... and your business contacts, too! Solar Return Predictive Horoscope. Use the time-honoured solar return method to peek into your future! The perfect birthday present for any astrology minded person. €25 Order Here»

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