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Personal Consultations

Please contact me to arrange a personal visit for your one to one consultation. Your appointment takes about 90 minutes. Cost €100 Payment can be made in person at the time of your visit or you can pay with your card here.


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Please ensure your payment is received at least 24 hours in advance to confirm your phone or skype appointment. Readings may have to be rescheduled if payment is not cleared in advance

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Additional Charts

For relationships which include more than two people i.e. family, work or group members, please add €45 payment for each additional chart to be read in your consultation. Your appointment may take up to 2 hours when additional charts are included.

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Horary  Questions

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The options below are for computer generated personalised reports. Please email me for costs if you require a personally written report

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Other Payments, Alternative Options & Personally Written Reports

If the popular options available above don't suit your unique situation or circumstances please enquire. Additional or alternative arrangements can sometimes be made to suit you. Personally written reports are priced on the time they take to compose which can be anything from several hours work to several days so please ask me for a quote.

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