Soul Helix Wisdom

Soul Helix Wisdom

(Work in Progress – exciting new project – watch out for updates! )

Soul Helix Wisdom is a development and support resource for anyone who is seeking to enhance their metaphysical connection.

Here you can

  • learn how to access your intuition
  • read articles to inspire and uplift you
  • join a development group
  • take a course in awareness development
  • sign up for a mentoring program

Through intuitive development, awareness and sensing, your metaphysical abilities are honed and like any skill, it becomes stronger and more highly attuned with practice.

Soul Helix Wisdom recognises that we exist beyond the experience of a physical human being.

The helix pattern is replicated throughout all creation.

Here it represents the evolutionary process in life that brings us closer to the experience of our soul.

Wisdom is more than knowledge. It is the ability to use knowledge to enhance our experience.

Knowledge understanding and experience takes you beyond the realm of physical senses to reveal a bigger picture and higher truth.

Metaphysical Mentoring for your personal development and spiritual evolution.

Metaphysical mentoring helps you connect to your non-physical existence.

Metaphysics examines the nature of reality, including the relationship between mind and matter, substance and attribute, possibility and actuality. It involves the study of the “first principle”

Dreams intuitive flashes and deep knowing are all routes in to greater awareness.

This work, because it does require focus and persistence so there is work involved, can enhance your physical life rather than take you out or away from this mundane world.