2023 Change & Refocus

2023 is a year of beginnings and new directions. A lot is happening in the Astro-sphere and it’s certainly not destined to be a dull or monotonous year ahead. We have finally put the challenging and frustrating Saturn, Uranus transits of the last few years behind us. We have endured the passage of Saturn through both… Continue reading 2023 Change & Refocus

Astrology 2022, what’s in & what’s out?

This year some areas of life continue to be very challenging and the frustrations are not over. Other planetary events will provide a real sense of progress with some rare moments of great significance to be experienced. In the wake of 2021 and on the back of previous years, we are looking forward to this… Continue reading Astrology 2022, what’s in & what’s out?

August Astrology

A true blue Moon, a culmination of the current Aquarius theme This month we have a true Blue Moon. It’s the second Full Moon in the sign of Aquarius. The first was on 24th July. This keeps the Aquarius theme, which has been prominent since late 2020, on the front burner. We also have further… Continue reading August Astrology

Astrology of 2021

Overview 2021 is not the endurance ordeal of 2020 but there is no point in pretending that 2021 is the reward for getting through the last year. This year has more positive highlights and things are moving along at a much faster pace now so we can get a better feel of what we have… Continue reading Astrology of 2021

Feed your Sun Sign

Tips on how to treat your Zodiac taste buds and make a Sun Sign meal match for sharing. This is a fun article that I wrote a few months ago. It was used in an advertising campaign by an international food company. I thought it would be fitting for the Venus Jupiter conjunction 24th November… Continue reading Feed your Sun Sign

Reality Shifts or Change of Perspective – Saturn & Neptune in Mutable Grand Cross

If you’ve been feeling like you’re just going around in circles looking for solutions during May then the month of June will bring a refreshing change to that frustration. There is definitely a lot of movement reflected in the planets this month. Some of this years most significant planetary alignments will be putting us through… Continue reading Reality Shifts or Change of Perspective – Saturn & Neptune in Mutable Grand Cross

May New Moon in Taurus, Venus & Jupiter “Feel Good” Vibes

The first week of May brings the fire festival of Bealtaine and a refreshing relief from diversion, conflict and frustration experienced through April. The springtime energy is at a peak on May 5th as the Sun reaches it’s half way point between the March Equinox and Summer Solstice in June. With four planets in practical… Continue reading May New Moon in Taurus, Venus & Jupiter “Feel Good” Vibes